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See also: Giza Plains (Tactics Advance)

The Giza Plains during the Dry in Final Fantasy XII.

You seek Giza Plains. Speak with the Nomads there. You will find your Sunstone.

The Giza Plains (ギーザ草原, Gīza Sōgen?) is a location in Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. It is an area of large open plains with a unique weather cycle close to the Royal City of Rabanastre.

Sage KnowledgeEdit

A vast savannah spreading to the south of the Royal City of Rabanastre, the environs of which vary drastically between dry and rainy seasons. Large dark crystals lie scattered here and there across the savannah. During the dry, they absorb the suns radiance and glow with an auric brilliance. A village of nomadic herders is located near the middle of the grasslands. During the rains, the villagers relocate to the mountains. While the reside in the grasslands, the menfolk rarely return from their herding, leaving the women and children to their own devices in the village. These nomads know the art of capturing the energy of the dark crystals in chunks of magicite, called sunstone, which they then bring to market to sell. The animals by which they make their living are primarily of cockatrice stock.
Sage Knowledge piece 48


Final Fantasy XIIEdit

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Vaan and penelo at giza

Vaan meets Penelo in the nomad village.

Vaan needs a Sunstone to open the secret entrance to the Royal Palace of Rabanastre. Old Dalan guides him to the nomads in Giza Plains where he meets with Penelo, who helps Vaan with his quest. They help find a nomad boy left behind in the hot wilderness, and with his help they successfully charge a Sunstone.

Later, when they need to travel to Jahara, the party travels to Giza during the Rains to find the nomads have gone to the mountains. New paths are opened during the Rains while certain paths are closed.


Giza plains

The Giza Plains concept art from Final Fantasy XII.

The Giza Plains are located just to the south of Rabanastre, in the Dalmasca region. Further south is the Ozmone Plain, while access to the Westersand and Estersand can be found as well.


  • Throne Road (to Rabanastre)
  • Nomad Village
  • Warrior's Wash
  • Toam Hills
  • Starfall Field (to Dalmasca Westersand and Ozmone Plain)
  • Crystal Glade
  • Gizas South Bank (to Dalmasca Estersand)
  • Gizas North Bank
  • Tracks of the Beast (only available during the Wet)

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Weather CycleEdit

The Giza Plains have a unique weather cycle that affects the area's geography. The weather begins cycling when the player enters Eruyt Village and is tasked to find a lost viera Mjrn in Henne Mines. The weather cycles are based on the in-game clock: 1 hour of rain followed by 2 hours of dry.

Dry Season (aka "the Dry")Edit


The dark crystal.

While it's dry, the weather is always sunny, most of the plains are exposed, and weaker monsters come out. Because the area is of desert terrain, all Earth attacks are 20% more powerful than normal.

The Nomads come down from the mountains, and set up a camp while it's dry where they raise Cockatrice and make sunstones. The dark crystals scattered over the plains absorb sunlight during the Dry, which can then be drawn out to make sunstones.

In the storyline, Vaan visits Giza in order to find a sunstone. To do this, he receives a Shadestone from a boy named Jinn in the Crystal Glade and charges it up transforming it into a sunstone. The player can come back later and do it multiple times for 200 gil, two Potions, and a Holy Stone.


The plains have different treasures depending if it is the Dry of the Rains. During the Dry the items are nothing special, common items and low level equipment. While the Diamond Armlet is equipped the common item treasure is Knot of Rust and the "rare" treasure is Ether or Hi-Potion.

The player can find the Cotton Shirt in the Warrior's Wash area, the Escutcheon shield under the bridge in the Starfall Field area and a Broadsword in the southeastern corner of the Giza South Bank area.

Wet Season (aka "the Rains")Edit

During the wet season Giza Plains has three weather conditions:

  • Cloudy
  • Rain
  • Heavy Rain (lightning bolts seen in the horizon)

While it's wet, most of the plains are covered in water, and stronger monsters come out, especially during heavy rain and thunderstorms (Storm Elementals and Mardu Entites respectively). New areas open up, since bridges can be built of driftwood. Because the plains during the Rains is of water terrain, all Water and Lightning attacks deal 20% more damage than normal, and Earth damage is halved.

During rainy weather Fire damage is halved and Lightning damage is boosted, and during heavy rain, Water and Fire damage are both halved and Wind and Lightning attacks are both boosted.

"Withered trees" are found all over the Giza Plains in the wet season. When interacted with, the party leader will immediately strike the tree with their weapon and the tree will plunge into the river behind it.

The trees are found in most areas of the Giza Plains and after being chopped will flow down the river and come to a stop on some jagged rocks in the river. Once each tree has been chopped down, they will form a bridge leading to an area called the Tracks of the Beast, where the player can find several Silicon Tortoises, the Gil Snapper mark and an urn containing the "Feather of the Flock".


See also: Treasure (Final Fantasy XII)

The plains have better treasures during the rain. The treasure that spawns right near the exit to Rabanastre can contain a Longbow. The treasure in the easternmost bit of Warrior's Wash can have a Bronze Mace. The treasure nearest to the exit to the Nomad Village in the Toam Hills area can have the Main Gauche dagger.

The treasure nearest to the exit to Westersand can contain a Heavy Coat and the treasure in the southwestern dead-end bit can have a Rose Corsage. The dead-end on the other side of the area can contain a Chainmail.

In the Giza North Bank area, a treasure that spawns down and left when entering from the entrance nearest to Rabanastre can contain a Battle Bamboo. The northernmost treasure in the Giza South Bank can have a Rose Corsage and the treasure in the southern dead-end bit can have a Jade Collar.

The Tracks of the Beast area is only explorable during the Rains and all treasures contain either a Knot of Rust or a gambit or an accessory when they have items instead of gil. The player can obtain the Black Belt, Jackboots, Foe: Status = Disable and Foe: Thunder-Weak here. There is also an urn in the area that contains the Feather of the Flock, a Key Item that lets the player converse with Cockatrices.

If the Diamond Armlet is equipped, all treasures during the Rains contain Knot of Rust as the common item and a Mote as the rare item, unless the treasure is gil.

Weather EyeEdit

At Rabanastre's South Gate there is a seeq who knows when the weather is about to change on the plains. This is the only character in Final Fantasy XII who knows the weather cycle. Since the seasons only change after finishing a certain story event, he will not be able to predict the weather until that time.


Great Cockatrice Escape SidequestEdit


Chit is in Eruyt Village.


Renn is in Rabanastre.


Shurry is in Jahara.


Agytha is in Archades.

Start the QuestEdit

The player must fulfill the following criteria to start the sidequest:

If the player visits the Nomad Village during the Dry they find all the Cockatrices have run away. The player must locate each bird and send it back to the village.

Cockatrice LocationsEdit

  • Chit is in Eruyt Village. The player must collect Dewdrop Pebbles scattered around the village and give them to Mjrn.
  • Renn is at Rabanastre's North End, but will run away and the player must catch him. The player can hide by the pillars next to the shops and wait for him to walk past. The player can try to catch up with him when he is turning a corner, or approach him slowly as he goes past and choose: "Erm... no?". In addition, Chit must have returned to Giza before Renn will.
  • Shurry is in Lull of the Land area of Jahara. The player must speak to the garif next to her, then Shurry, then talk to the Garif again and tell him the bird comes from the Giza Plains. The Great-Chief will then give a gift to Shurry. The player must speak to the Garif next to Shurry again to get the reward.
  • Sassan is in Dalmasca Estersand South Bank Village. The player must talk to him and then talk to Tchigri, the boy on the boat, and take the wolf Nathyl across the river, next take Arryl across, and last, take Sassan across the river.
  • Agytha is in the Grand Arcade area in the Central area of Archades, looking for a husband. The player must have a Sandalwood Chop to access the area, by earning all the available chops and trading them in a shop. The player must speak to a male Cockatrice in the Alley of Low Whispers area in Old Archades, then tell Agytha where to look.
  • Moomer is in Sea Breeze Lane of Balfonheim. The player must talk to the Chocobo Wrangler by the chocobo pen and show her the Feather of the Flock, then talk to the Miffed Moogle, and then Gurdy.

After finding all the Cockatrices the player can come back to the Nomad Village during the Dry and talk to Terra to get two Hi-Ethers.


Throne RoadEdit

Name Status Level Season
Giza Rabbit Docile 1-2 Dry
Hyena Normal 2-3 (Dry), 18-19 (Rains) Both
Gigantoad Normal 19-20 Rains

Gizas North BankEdit

Name Status Level Season
Giza Rabbit Docile 1-2 Dry
Slaven Normal 4-5 Dry
Urstrix Normal 3-4 Dry
Hyena Normal 2-3 (Dry), 18-19 (Rains) Both
Gigantoad Normal 19-20 Rains
Ichthon Docile 18-21 Rains
Great Tortoise Normal 20-21 Rains
Storm Elemental Sensitive to Magic 25 Rains
Chickatrice Elite Mark 13 Dry
Cluckatrice Elite Mark 15 Dry

Gizas South BankEdit

Name Status Level Season
Giza Rabbit Docile 1-2 Dry
Hyena Normal 2-3 (Dry), 18-19 (Rains) Both
Gigantoad Normal 19-20 Rains
Great Tortoise Normal 20-21 Rains
Storm Elemental Sensitive to Magic 25 Rains
Rain Dancer Rare 23-24 Rains

Starfall FieldEdit

Name Status Level Season
Giza Rabbit Docile 1-2 Dry
Sleipnir Normal 5-6 Dry
Werewolf Normal 19-21 Dry
Hyena Normal 2-3 (Dry), 18-19 (Rains) Both
Gigantoad Normal 19-20 Rains
Ichthon Docile 18-21 Rains
Wooly Gator Docile 21-22 Rains
Nazarnir Trophy 45-46 Dry
Croakadile Mark 24 Rains

Toam HillsEdit

Name Status Level Season
Wildsnake Normal 3-4 Dry
Urstrix Normal 3-4 Dry
Slaven Normal 4-5 Dry
Hyena Normal 2-3 (Dry), 18-19 (Rains) Both
Alpha Hyena Normal 3-5 Dry
Gigantoad Normal 19-20 Rains
Ichthon Docile 18-21 Rains
Wooly Gator Docile 21-22 Rains
Mardu Entite Sensitive to Magic 45 Rains (Thunderstorm)
Rain Dancer Rare 23-24 Rains

Warrior's WashEdit

Name Status Level Season
Giza Rabbit Docile 1-2 Dry
Urstrix Normal 3-4 Dry
Slaven Normal 4-5 Dry
Hyena Normal 2-3 (Dry), 18-19 (Rains) Both
Gigantoad Normal 19-20 Rains
Great Tortoise Normal 20-21 Rains
Storm Elemental Sensitive to Magic 25 Rains
Rain Dancer Rare 23-24 Rains

Tracks of the BeastEdit

Name Status Level Season
Silicon Tortoise Normal 36-37 Rains
Gil Snapper Elite Mark 37 Rains (Thunderstorm)

Friendly NPCsEdit


Arjie's ShopEdit

Note: Arjie only appears during the dry season.


Weapon Cost
Broadsword 400 gil
Dagger 200 gil


Accessory Cost
Orrachea Armlet 250 gil
Bangle 500 gil


Item Cost
Potion 70 gil
Eye Drops 50 gil
Antidote 50 gil


A moogle named Nutsy, across from Arjie, will sell a map of Giza Plains for 30 Gil during the Dry.


The DryEdit

Giza Plains (The Dry)

The RainsEdit

(Notice the lack of some of the paths as well as the appearance of "Tracks of the Beast" to the southeast.)

Giza Plains (The Rains)

Musical ThemesEdit

"Giza Plains" from Final Fantasy XII
FFXII - Giza Plains
Trouble with the audio sample?

The music that plays in Giza Plains is the eponymous song "Giza Plains". This theme is also found in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy as a Field track.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit

Savannah to the south of the Royal City of Rabanastre, currently on the dry. Members of the Rabanastre watch have been dispatched to patrol the plains amid reports of Yarhi sightings.
—In-game description

The Giza Plains are a location from mainland Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. It is revisited by the party, as Ashe asks them to help out with the attacks of Sky Pirates and Yarhi occurring on Ivalice.

Main MissionsEdit

Mission 35: The SecludedEdit

The party's investigation into the origins of the Judge of Wings points to someone with a feverent interest in the sky pirates' legend of the sky continent, but her identity remains a mystery.

The player must seek out and talk to the Dalmascan Soldier that holds information about the Judge of Wings. Many soldiers wander the plains, and if any are felled by the roaming monsters, the battle ends in defeat. The correct soldier is in the northeast part of the map, and the player must reach this informant quickly as the Yarhi Titan will spawn very close to him.

Map Giza RW

Side MissionsEdit

Mission 73: Just for PeneloEdit

Penelo knows her way around a starfruit, and Giza is just the place to get them. It may seem a frivolous use of precious time, but a proper feast may give the party the edge it needs!
Map Giza RW


Goblin PouchEdit

  • Destrier Mane/Dragon Whisker

Monster MeleeEdit

Open battle against the area's indigenous beasts.
Map Giza RW

Other AppearancesEdit

Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit

The Giza Plains appears as the FMS for it's eponymous theme.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain CallEdit

Giza Plains

Giza Plains

The Giza Plains return as the FMS for its eponymous theme.



  • Jinn, from Giza Plains, can be found in Rabanastre's Southern Plaza once the Rains starts after the player proceeds far enough in the storyline. He disappears once the weather starts cycling.
  • Again, once the Rains start, travelers are to be found in the Nomad Village. They disappear once the weather starts cycling.
  • After completing the Croakadile hunt the player receives Ring of the Toad that can be given to the nomad elder during the Dry. The player can then return to the Nomad Village during the Rain and talk to Sadeen to give him the rest he seeks.

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