Dig to your heart's content.
—Gippal gives advice to Yuna

Gippal is an Al Bhed and leader of the Machine Faction in Final Fantasy X-2.



Gippal in FFX-2

Gippal in Djose.

Gippal is 18 years old, cocky and self-assured by nature. Like the rest of the Al Bhed, Gippal has green eyes with spiral pupils, though an eye-patch covers his right eye. It isn't clarified whether he has lost his eye or it's just a fashion statement. He has short spiky blond hair, and wears clothes in blues and purples to contrast with Nooj who wears red, and Baralai who wears green. He wears armor over a blue jumpsuit and purple overalls and indigo boots. His wields a large machina mortar with a rounded saw blade on one end.


Gippal: "Never been this close to a celebrity before."
Yuna: "That's nice."
Gippal: "I could get used to this."
Yuna: "Let's not."
—Gippal flirting with Yuna

Gippal has a devil-may-care attitude, and is a ladies' man, joking about him and Rikku being "quite the couple". He prizes himself on his skill with machinery, telling his comrades no one can use a machina weapon like an Al Bhed.


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Gippal had always wanted to be a Crusader, the military branch of Bevelle, but being an Al Bhed, he was not eligible as Al Bhed are not followers of Yevon. When he heard the Crimson Squad accepted all comers he wasted no time in seizing the opportunity. On a training mission in the Sanubia Sands Gippal met his teammates: Nooj, an ex-Crusader; Baralai, a Yevonite, most likely an Acolyte; and their sphere recorder, Paine. Throughout their time as teammates the four learned much of each other, and shared many laughs and pondered over their futures.

Paine nooj baralai and gippal

The only survivors of the Crimson Squad.

On the final mission to become members of the Crimson Squad, they, and many other applicants, were sent to the Den of Woe to investigate a strange happening. Inside the aspirants turned against each other and Shuyin, a spirit who possessed the entrants to the cave, took over Nooj and he pulled his gun on Baralai. Gippal raised his weapon to Nooj's head and Baralai raised his to Gippal's head as they were taken over by the spirit.

Paine broke apart the triangle and Shuyin's spirit left Gippal and Baralai, but secretly lay low inside of Nooj. They exited the den and met up with the officials who told them they were official Crimson Squad members, their first mission being guard Maester Wen Kinoc during Operation Mi'ihen. As soon as they turned, however, the guards attempted to shoot them down.

They escaped and met up outside Rin's Travel Agency on the Mi'ihen Highroad and decided to split up. Paine, still recording, had her camera on as Nooj, again possessed, shot Baralai in the back. When Gippal heard the shot he turned and was shot in the chest. At last, Nooj turned fire on Paine. All survived but were separated thinking Nooj as a traitor.

When Gippal pays a visit to Home he is in the desert where he meets Auron and talks about rushing into the fight and being a "jackass". His partner gets radioed that the Guado are attacking Home, and they both run off. It is assumed Gippal evacuated on the Fahrenheit with the others.

After Yuna defeats Sin Gippal starts the Machine Faction in the abandoned Djose Temple with a connection on Bikanel Island where people can join and excavate in the desert. At the temple Gippal meets Yuna, Rikku and Paine who want to go digging at the desert, but Paine plays it off like they have never met. Nooj is now Meyvn of the Youth League, still under Shuyin's control, and Baralai is Praetor of New Yevon. Though he is neutral, Gippal provides his machines to both sides.


Gippal announcing the merger of the three conflicting factions in Spira.

Gippal goes to the Bevelle Underground to seek out Vegnagun and meets up with Nooj and Baralai, finding the hole where Vegnagun used to be. Shuyin's spirit leaves Nooj and enters Baralai who jumps into the hole and the two follow him. When Yuna enters a connecting hole she meets with Shuyin on the Farplane, who is actually Baralai, and Gippal and Nooj tell her to keep care of things topside.

Soon after Yuna's fall, Rikku and Paine throw a CommSphere into the hole finding out it was of no use, but when Yuna returns to Celsius Shinra reports the CommSphere has been fixed. The video footage shows Gippal who states that whoever made the CommSphere is a genius, and claims he is also a "genius" for fixing it, although communication through the sphere wasn't working.

After Gippal and Nooj reach Vegnagun, YRP and the Leblanc Syndicate catch up with them, and they take on Vegnagun and Shuyin together. Baralai is released as Lenne has Shuyin rest in the Farplane. Afterward, the three factions forget their differences.

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Party memberEdit

Gippal can be recruited as a party member in the International and HD Remaster versions of Final Fantasy X-2 through the Creature Creator system. To recruit Gippal, the player must defeat him in the Den of Woe and set up a Special Monster Pod in Djose Temple. Gippal wields his machina gun in battle and retains many of his moves from his boss battle. Like all monster allies, Gippal is controlled by the game's AI.


Gippal is fought as an illusion made by the pyreflies and Shuyin in the Den of Woe in Chapter 5, once all 10 Crimson Spheres are obtained during the previous chapters. Gippal can also be fought in the Fiend Arena in International and HD Remaster versions.

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Gippal's Japanese voice actor is Kenichi Suzumura, while his English voice actor is Rick Gomez. He shares both English and Japanese voice actors with Zack Fair of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

TCG Gippal appears as a card in the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. It features his in-game render.



  • In Paine's Sphere, Gippal refers to Paine as "Dr. P.", a nickname also used by Rikku, much to Paine's annoyance.
  • Although Rikku denies that she and Gippal were ever a couple, there are hints of a romantic pairing. She flirts with him in Chapter 1 when the party visits Djose. She suggests offering him a discount for helping get rid of the fiends in Chapter 3 (and orders everyone to fly there when the temple is overrun). They are also seen leaving the Farplane together at the end.