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Gilgamesh was an ancient Sumerian king who ruled Uruk, modern day Iraq around 2650 BC. He is the main character of the Epic of Gilgamesh, which is considered one of the earliest great works of literature, the most complete edition dating back to the 7th century BC, though earlier editions date back to about 2000 BC. The epic centers around the king and demigod Gilgamesh and the wild man Enkidu who was sent to kill him. After a fight between the two, in which neither Gilgamesh nor Enkidu prove themselves stronger, they become loyal friends and embark on several epic adventures.

Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy is often portrayed with additional arms, which parallels with the multiple arms the historical Gilgamesh is often portrayed with. Enkidu, in turn, appears alongside Gilgamesh in bestial form, which likely refers to the wild and formerly untamed nature of Enkidu.

Gilgamesh is also inspired by Saitō Musashibō Benkei, a famous Japanese warrior monk said to have posted himself at Gōjō Bridge in Kyoto and dueled every passing swordsman, defeating 999 opponents and claiming their weapons. On his 1,000th duel, however, Benkei was defeated by Minamoto no Yoshitsune. Benkei devoted himself to Yoshitsune and became his faithful retainer throughout the rest of his life.

From the story of Benkei, Gilgamesh takes his preference for the naginata (Benkei's traditional weapon as a monk), his penchant for fighting on bridges, his collecting of weapons from enemies he defeats, and his friendship with the player's characters who defeat him. Benkei's devotion to Yoshitsune is the basis for Gilgamesh's association with Genji equipment—the Minamoto Clan is also called the Genji Clan, using the alternate pronunciation for the Chinese characters for mina and moto, gen and uji, respectively. Gilgamesh's face paint is based on traditional kabuki actors, for which Benkei is a popular character to portray.

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