Gijuk is one of Ba'Gamnan's henchmen from Final Fantasy XII, and one of his brothers. The quartet are fought as bosses twice in the main game, and once in the Zodiac versions' Trial Mode in Stage 58.

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Being a bangaa headhunter, intent on capturing the sky pirate Balthier. Vicious and cruel, he will do anything to claim a bounty, not hesitating for a moment to dirty his own hands. Though Ba'Gamnan is guilty of more than enough to deserve a price on his own head, his unofficial role as Judge Gabranth's dark hand ensures his good name with the law. His three henchmen are, if anything, crueler and more lacking in mores than he, were that possible.

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Big, strong, and never pushed aside until he's squeezed the last scream out of a captive is Gijuk. No less despicable is the shady Bwagi, a relentless and sadistic hunter of men. Lastly, Rinok gives a female touch to Ba'Gamnan's motley crew, yet if one were expecting to find a kind and gentle nature here, one would be sorely, nay, agonizingly disappointed.





The first battle can be dismissed if the player chooses to. If not, note that Gijuk and the rest of Ba'Gamnan's henchmen will target Balthier.

In the Belito hunt, Gijuk is vulnerable to most status ailments, it is best to use Nihopalaoa and then Remedy to inflict them. Dispel his support status, and if the player does not like him casting magic with the Fang items then he is best eliminated first.

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Gijuk is voiced by Phil LaMarr in the English version.

He is voiced by Chafurin.[1] in the Japanese version.

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Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit

Gijuk, along with Bwagi and Rinok, return as enemies. It seems that the group has been having some issues with Ba'Gamnan, and throughout the game they fight in certain Story missions after forming their own group. The first real battle with all four bangaa fighting the party is when Ba'Gamnan kidnaps Filo.

Rikken and his team help out to divert the three bangaa subordinates. Later on, after being forced back into Ba'Gamnan's side, the three treacherous bangaa attempt to keep Vaan from helping out Fran, who gets ambushed after the mission.

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  • In his bestiary entry and cutscenes, Gijuk wields the Aldebaran, but in-battle uses the Bowgun.
  • In the Piggyback guide released for the game, Gijuk's stats are swapped with Bwagi's. His description in the game's bestiary is also probably swapped with Bwagi's, since the latter is described as the shady hunter of men, while Gijuk is stated to be the big and strong one.


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