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FFMQ Giant Tree

The Giant Tree on the world map.

The Giant Tree (きょだいろうぼく, Kyodai Rouboku?) resides in Alive Forest from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, it is both a dungeon and a character. He does nothing when Benjamin and Tristam demand to be allowed to pass through the forest.

Only when Benjamin brings Kaeli along does the tree allow them to enter itself, where they must defeat the monsters inside. At the top of the tree's insides, they encounter and defeat the Gidrah. The tree rewards them by carrying them across the forest, allowing them to proceed to Windia.


  • 24x Cure Potion
  • 27x Heal Potion
  • 6x Refreshers
  • 20x Explosives
  • Meteor spell




  • After defeating Gidrah, the Giant Tree will carry Benjamin and Kaeli across Alive Forest. During the scene where they are standing on the branch outside the tree, there is a message writing in the trees in the background that says: "Go on Kid!!" referring to Benjamin.

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