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Final Fantasy III Boss
Big Rat
おおネズミ (Oonezumi)
Level HP
2 450
240 1,000
Elemental Affinities
Fire Cold Thunder
- - -
Wind Light Dark Swords
- - -
Location Nepto Shrine
Steal Potion
Item Dropped Nothing
Abilities Bolt2, Fire2, Ice2
Other Information None
Giant Rat
おおネズミ (Oonezumi)
#198#199 #200
Level HP
11 1150
Attack Defense
24 29
300 1,500
Elemental Affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
- - - -
Wind Light Dark Blades
- - -
Location Nepto Temple
Steal Potion, Bomb Fragment, Antarctic Wind, Zeus's Wrath
Common Drop Potion, Bomb Fragment, Antarctic Wind
Uncommon Drop Zeus's Wrath, Silence Seal
Rare Drop Tranquilizer, Angel's Sigh
Abilities Fire, Thunder
Other Information None

Giant Rat, also known as Big Rat, is a boss in Final Fantasy III. It is found in the last room of the Nepto Temple, and has stolen a ruby Nepto Eye from the statue of the Nepto Dragon.

Battle Edit

Giant Rat's bite causes poison which drains HP over time. The party will be in mini form, so the only members able to do major damage are the mages.

Strategy Edit

The player should have plenty of Antidotes on hand. The party should use level three spells, two of which should be enough to take out most of Giant Rat's health, then use two level one spells to kill him.

It is recommended to be above level 10. It would be ideal to have all four characters as mages, so they can all be on the offensive using Fira, Blizzara, and Thundara. The items Bomb Fragment, Zeus's Wrath and Antarctic Wind can also be used.

Other appearancesEdit

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit


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