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Ghrah (FFXI)

Like Elementals and Empty, Ghrahs have an elemental alignment indicated by the color of their glowing core. Ghrahs appear in 4 different forms: Ball (Black Mage), Bird (Thief), Spider (Warrior), and Humanoid (Paladin). Ghrahs will still cast magic in any form, however. Most Ghrahs alternate between Ball and one other form particular to that Ghrah every 60-75 seconds. In the "Ball" form, Ghrahs are not aggressive. When not in Ball form, Ghrahs aggro by True Sound. Neither form links.

Species Edit

Ghrah FFXI Art

Concept art of a Ghrah.

  • Aw'ghrah
  • Eo'ghrah

Notorious Monsters Edit

  • Ix'ghrah
  • Jailer of Fortitude
  • Kf'ghrah
  • Temenos Ghrah

Special Attacks Edit

  • Actinic Burst: AoE Flash.
  • Core Meltdown: AoE self-destruct. Damage varies with remaining HP.
  • Damnation Dive: Cone attack damage, Stun, and Knockback. Used only in bird form.
  • Hexidiscs: Cone attack damage. Used only in ball form.
  • Sickle Slash: Single-target damage. Used only in spider form.
  • Vorpal Blade: Single-target four-hit damage. Used only in humanoid form.


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