A frozen ravine where the fallen Shiva lies, a solitary railroad carved through its unforgiving snowscape.
—Description, Final Fantasy XV

Ghorovas Rift is a location in Final Fantasy XV. Located within the region of Vogliupe in the imperial territory of Niflheim, it is a treacherous icy terrain enveloped in perpetual blizzard, with a single railway track crossing the valley between Tenebrae and the imperial capital Gralea.


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In M.E. 745, Niflheim slayed the awakened Astral Shiva, leaving her gigantic corpse lying in the gorge. A strange phenomenon turned part of the desert wasteland into a dark icy landscape.

Eleven years later, Noctis, Ignis and Gladiolus continue on their journey towards Gralea to reclaim the Kingdom of Lucis's stolen Crystal and save their friend Prompto. After stopping by Tenebrae, they board an imperial train driven by Biggs and Wedge. Noctis roams the train cars until the train stops at the Glacian's cadaver.


Noctis receives the Trident of the Oracle.

Daemons appear around the train. Noctis and his entourage battle the daemons before Ardyn reappears, with Ignis and Gladiolus passed out from the cold. Noctis's aid arrives in the form of Gentiana, who reveals herself as Shiva the Glacian. After freezing Ardyn, Shiva passes the Trident of the Oracle to Noctis and disappears. Noctis shatters the frozen Ardyn and wakes Ignis and Gladiolus. He orders them to check on their drivers. Ardyn reappears, declaring himself to be "immortal—a blessing and curse" before disappearing.

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