Ghidra, also known as Aquaus or Hydra, is an enemy in Final Fantasy V, found in the Ronka Ruins.




Battle Edit

Ghidra is undead and starts out with Auto-Reflect, which bounces back magic to the caster. It attacks with Lightning and Poison Breath. Poison Breath is dangerous as it deals high damage and poisons the party. It uses Level 4 Graviga as a finishing move before it dies.

Ghidra is a rare and lethal enemy, but a profitable encounter. It gives more experience than any enemy encountered in the Ronka Ruins and usually drops Phoenix Downs upon defeat, which can be used to kill it. It also has a rare steal in the Killer Bow, which is the strongest available bow at the point of the game the Ghidra is fought, and can instantly kill enemies. Ghidra is the first available monster that can use the Blue Magic spell Level 4 Graviga.

Strategy Edit

Ghidra's high health and permanent Reflect status means that it is unlikely that the battle will be won with physical attacks before Poison Breath and Lightning kill the party. As Ghidra is undead it can be instantly killed with revival items. Its high health can be lowered drastically by using the Blue Magic spells Missile or Death Claw. Additionally, Death Claw's paralysis effect will prevent Ghidra from casting Level 4 Graviga as a final attack.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

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Etymology Edit

Ghidra, also known as "King Ghidorah," is an enemy monster in the Godzilla series. Typically, Ghidra is Godzilla's fiercest opponent, and it usually fights against humanity. Like this monster, it is a dragon with many heads, and it fires out bolts of lightning.

It has also been known as Hydra. The Hydra was one of the spawn of Echidna, a many-headed serpentine monstrosity in Ancient Greek mythology. It could breathe poison, and indeed its very blood was deadly. The Hydra was killed as one of Heracles's Twelve Labors.

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