Ffxii wolf genus

Members from the Wolf class.

In the binomial nomenclature used worldwide, the name of an organism is composed of two parts: its genus name and a species modifier. In Final Fantasy XII the bestiary names monsters in a two part format: the genus and the classification, which functions as species.

The genera of monsters in Final Fantasy XII correspond with the monographs, which give additional loot drops. The monographs are bought at a shop's bazaar as "Forgotten Grimoire."

Hunter's MonographEdit

  • Cost: 18,000 gil
  • Complete the Thextera Hunt and speak with Gatsly in the Muthru Bazaar in Rabanastre.
  • Affects the Genera Avions and Beasts.


Class: CockatriceEdit

Class: ChocoboEdit

Class: DiverEdit

Class: SteelingEdit


Class: CoeurlEdit

Class: DreamhareEdit

Class: GatorEdit

Class: SerpentEdit

Class: SleipnirEdit

Class: ToadEdit

Class: TortoiseEdit

Class: UrstrixEdit

Class: WolfEdit

Knight's MonographEdit

  • Cost: 19,000 gil
  • Talk to the owner of a weapons shop 30 times.
  • Affects the Genera Giants and Insects.


Class: BehemothEdit

Class: HeadlessEdit

Class: SlavenEdit


Class: MantisEdit

Class: MimicEdit

Mage's MonographEdit

  • 21,000 gil
  • Talk to the owner of a magick shop 25 times.
  • Affects the Genera Fiends and Ichthians.


Class: BombEdit

Class: ChimeraEdit

Class: CrystalbugEdit

Class: GargoyleEdit

Class: NightmareEdit


Class: PiranhaEdit

Class: YensaEdit

Dragoon's MonographEdit

  • Cost: 22,000 gil
  • Check the Hunt board 40 times.
  • Affects the Genera Dragons and Plants.


Class: Fell WyrmEdit

Class: Plate WyrmEdit

Class: TyrantEdit



Class: CactusEdit

Class: GolemEdit

Class: MalboroEdit

Class: MandragoraEdit

Sage's MonographEdit

  • Cost: 25,000 gil
  • Talk to the owner of any shop 100 times.
  • Affects the Genus Elemental.


Type: EntiteEdit

Type: ElementalEdit

Warmage's MonographEdit

  • Cost: 20,000 gil
  • Check the Hunt board 20 times.
  • Affects the Genera Amorphs and Undead.


Class: FlanEdit


Class: GhostEdit

Class: Plate WyrmEdit

Class: ReaperEdit

Class: SkeletonEdit

Class: SleipnirEdit

Class: SteelingEdit

Class: WolfEdit

Class: ZombieEdit

Scholar's MonographEdit

  • Cost: 22,000 gil
  • Talk to the owner of an armor shop 15 times.
  • Affects the Genus Constructs.


Class: FacerEdit

Class: GolemEdit

Class: GuardianEdit