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Gentiana is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XV. She plays a vital role in the game's story,[1] is of a "special existence,"[2] and is Lunafreya Nox Fleuret's attendant.



Gentiana has long jet-black hair, straight fringe cut just above her eyebrows, and olive green eyes that are red around her pupils. She wears a formal black and gold dress.


Brotherhood Final Fantasy XVEdit

Episode 2: Dogged RunnerEdit

Brotherhood FFXV - Gentiana

Gentiana agrees to help Lunafreya identify Prompto.

Gentiana agrees to help Luna discover Prompto's identity after Pryna returns home with a bandage on its leg that has the boy's name on it.

Creation and developmentEdit

Gentiana was designed by Roberto Ferrari, a sub-character designer for Final Fantasy XV.[3]


Gentiana is voiced by Sayaka Kinoshita in the Japanese version of Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV.



Gentiana is a genus of flowering plants named after the Illyrian king Gentius, who may have discovered its healing properties.


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