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Gentiana is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XV. She is the lady-in-waiting and caretaker of Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, and is said to play a vital role in the game's story,[1] being of a "special existence".[2]



Gentiana has long jet-black hair, straight fringe cut just above her eyebrows, and olive green eyes that are red around her pupils. She wears a formal black and gold dress. A unique facet about Gentiana is that, while she has been with Luna and met Noctis when they were both children, she has not physically aged over the passing twelve years. This, according to developers, is a facet of her special existence.[3]


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Brotherhood Final Fantasy XVEdit

Brotherhood FFXV - Gentiana

Gentiana agrees to help Lunafreya identify Prompto.

Gentiana agrees to help Luna discover Prompto's identity after Pryna returns home with a bandage on its leg that has the boy's name on it.

Final Fantasy XVEdit

Following Luna's escape from the attack on Insomnia, she awaits Luna at the city gates with Pyrna and Umbra. She guides on her journey to commune with the astrals and reach Altissia, while at times astrally projecting herself before Noctis's party to offer cryptic advice. While the party is walking around, Prompto asks if she is Noctis's fairy godmother.

Later in the story it is revealed that Gentiana is actually the human alter ego of the astral Shiva. Shiva is an astral who is sympathetic to humans, and acts as a foil to Ifrit. In M.E. 745, she awoke in the form of an ice giantess in the desert plains surrounding Gralea, the imperial capital. She lead an assault against the empire, but was ultimately felled by the magitek forces. This caused an environmental anomaly, turning the desert plains into vast snowlands under a perpetual storm that abruptly ends at the edge of the desert. The corpse of this incarnation of Shiva has since been left as a landmark in the fields that can be viewed on the train route to Gralea.

After Luna became the next oracle, Shiva awakened once more in the form of Gentiana, and remained in humanoid form for several years, guiding both Luna and Noctis on their journeys. This is not the first time she has assumed this form, and was easily recognized by Ardyn Izunia. Following the attack on Altissia, she intercepts Noctis on his trip to Gralea to ward off Ardyn's attack, revealing herself to be an Astral in the process, assuming a smaller, more fairy-like form. She then bestows upon Noctis Luna's trident, and from this point on she can be summoned in battle, appearing in both open air areas and dungeons.

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Creation and developmentEdit

Gentiana was designed by Roberto Ferrari, a sub-character designer for Final Fantasy XV.[4]


Gentiana is voiced by Sayaka Kinoshita in the Japanese version of Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV.



Gentiana is a genus of flowering plants named after the Illyrian king Gentius, who may have discovered its healing properties.


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