Gentiana is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XV. She is a mysterious dark-haired woman who usually stays by Lunafreya Nox Fleuret's side. She is kind and compassionate and has an ethereal presence.



Gentiana has long jet-black hair with a straight fringe cut just above her eyebrows, and olive green eyes that are red around her pupils. She wears a formal black and gold dress and a white shawl alongside long heels. While she has been with Luna and met Prince Noctis when they were both children, she has not physically aged over the passing twelve years.


Gentiana is calm and elegant. She sometimes keeps her eyes closed, even when interacting with the people around her, belying her clairvoyant nature. She stays by Luna's side, supporting her, but usually chooses to stand aside and observe rather than initiate action.


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She's a Messenger, a spirit faithful to the Oracle.
—Ignis Scientia

Gentiana is the counterpart of Luna's role as the Oracle, and thus stays by her side. An Oracle is the mankind's messenger to the gods, whereas Gentiana is the Messenger to the humans from the gods. Though there are twenty-four Messengers, Gentiana is their leader, known as the High Messenger. Due to her magical existence, she doesn't appear to age.

Gentiana is the alter ego of the Astral goddess Shiva. Shiva is sympathetic to humans, and acts as a foil to Ifrit. After Noctis Lucis Caelum was born, Gentiana met Lunafreya, and moved to the Fenestala Manor of House Nox Fleuret, the royalty of Tenebrae. Lunafreya's determination and benevolence warmed Gentiana, and her faith in mankind, damaged during the Great War of Old, was restored.

FFXV TGS Young Noctis and Gentiana

Gentiana with Young Noctis.

Gentiana guides both Luna and Noctis on their journeys, and it appears this is not the first time she has assumed this form, and is recognized by Ardyn Izunia. The eight-year-old Prince Noctis met Gentiana when he spent time with Luna during the time he was recuperating from an injury. He was mystified by her, but Gentiana spoke to him kindly. She was happy the future Oracle and the future king of Lucis would have a close relationship, but Luna and Noctis became estranged after Tenebrae was invaded by Niflheim.

In M.E. 745, Shiva awoke in the form of an giantess in the desert plains surrounding Gralea. She led an assault against the Niflheim Empire, but was felled by the magitek forces. This caused an environmental anomaly, turning the desert into a vast tundra under a perpetual storm that abruptly ends at the edge of the desert. The corpse of this incarnation of Shiva has been left as a landmark. Gentiana was living with the Nox Fleurets at the time, but Shiva can appear as multiple bodies simultaneously.

Brotherhood FFXV - Gentiana

Gentiana agrees to help Lunafreya identify Prompto.

As depicted in Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV, Gentiana agreed to help Luna discover Prompto's identity after Luna's dog Pryna returned with a bandage on her leg that has the boy's name on it. Luna later sent a thank you letter to him.

Following Luna's escape from the attack on Insomnia, Gentiana awaits her at the city gates with Luna's dogs Pryna and Umbra. She guides Luna on her journey to commune with the Astrals, and stays with Luna when Luna's brother Ravus Nox Fleuret sends an escort to them to get them out of Lucis. At times, Gentiana astrally projects herself before Prince Noctis's party to offer cryptic advice, leading Prompto to ask if she is Noctis's fairy godmother. Noctis learns Luna is helping him to forge covenants with the Six, and, in the stormy Duscae, is guided by Gentiana's voice to pass Ramuh's trials.

FINAL FANTASY XV Gentiana on train

Noctis meets Gentiana on a train.

Following the attack on Altissia where Luna died, Gentiana intercepts Noctis on his trip to Gralea to ward off Ardyn's attack. She reveals herself to be an Astral, assuming a smaller, more fairy-like form, and gives Noctis the Trident of the Oracle and her blessing. Gentiana had met a weeping Luna in Tenebrae, saddened with the knowledge she could not be with Noctis or convey her love for him. Gentiana had comforted her, and promised to deliver Luna's feelings to Noctis in time as the Messenger of the Oracle.

Noctis gains the ability summon Shiva in battle, and when they face Ifrit in the ruins of Insomnia ten years later, he calls upon Shiva to deliver the finishing blow. When Shiva answers Noctis's call, she appears as Gentiana before transforming.



An "immortal photobomb".

After Noctis has acquired Ramuh, there is a random chance that Gentiana will make appearances in photos that Prompto takes. While reviewing photos in camp, Noctis and the others will take puzzled note of her presence. The first time she appears in a photo, the player will earn the trophy/achievement "Immortal Photobomb".

Noctis forges a covenant with Gentiana's Astral form at the end of Chapter 12, and gains the means to summon Shiva in battle.

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Creation and developmentEdit

Gentiana was designed by Roberto Ferrari, a sub-character designer for Final Fantasy XV.[1] Compared to Ferrari's original concept, the developers changed Gentiana's clothes for script reasons, although the new dress kept much from the two versions Ferrari had drawn (a formal outfit and a party dress). The face remained unchanged. She originally had red-framed glasses and a white armor on the arm and a heavy sword at her side. Gentiana's original role for Final Fantasy Versus XIII was that of Stella's messenger, and a contact point between the countries of Tenebrae and Niflheim.[2]

A nude character model for Gentiana exists,[3] used for her transformation scene. She is viewed from the back so it's not explicit in-game.


Gentiana is voiced by Sayaka Kinoshita in the Japanese versions of Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy XV.

In English, she is voiced by Renee Faia.



Gentiana is a genus of flowering plants named after the Illyrian king Gentius, who may have discovered its healing properties. Sylleblossom is a blue flower native to the land of Tenebrae associated with Luna in Final Fantasy XV.



A Cosmogony illustration.

  • A winged Gentiana and what appear to be winged Umbra and Pryna appear on an illustration on a Cosmogony book the young Noctis had in Tenebrae.
  • Gentiana stands on a balcony in Moogle Chocobo Carnival. If the player uses the Armiger glitch to fly to her, and uses a Mega-Potion in her vicinity, she is healed for 3992 HP.[4]

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