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Sunken Gelinka
The Gelnika Plane.
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The Gelnika (ゲルニカ, Gerunika?) is a type of vehicle from the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. The Gelnika is a Shinra transport plane. Prior to being launched, the Gelnika can be seen at the airport in Junon.

The Gelnika (神羅飛空艇, Shinra Hikūtei?, lit. "Shinra Airship"), known alternatively as the Sunken Gelnika, or Crashed Gelnika, is an optional location in Final Fantasy VII. It lies on the Bottom of the Sea to the south of Costa del Sol. The plane can only be accessed after the player has acquired the submarine from the Junon Underwater Reactor. The Gelnika holds some of the game's most difficult enemies, and also some of its best treasures. It can be visited at any time after obtaining the Shinra Sub in Part 2 or Part 3, however if it is visited after the events of Midgar at the end of Part 2 then the boss battle will not take place.


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The Gelnika was held in Junon. During Shinra's plan to ram the Huge Materia into Meteor, the Gelnika is used to transport the Huge Materia to Rocket Town as well as some weapons and genetically engineered monsters designed to kill Sephiroth. After delivering the Huge Materia to Rocket Town, the Gelnika is shot down on its return trip to Junon by a Weapon, and crashes into the ocean. Even after sinking to the ocean floor, the plane's interior is able to keep from flooding, allowing for one to enter the sunken aircraft from the ocean. With the genetically engineered monsters now on the loose, the Gelnika still proves dangerous.

After stealing a submarine, Cloud and his group enter the Gelnika. On the Gelnika Cloud finds Reno and Rude of the Turks who are there to recover the weapons and Materia on the Gelnika, however Cloud and his party defeat them and they retreat.





The entrance can be entered after entering the Gelnika from the Bottom of the Sea world map. A ladder descends into the Gelnika. At the top of the screen is a door leading to the Research Room. A Save Point sits next to this door. On the far-left is a door leading to a second Hallway. By this door is a chest containing the Heaven's Cloud weapon. There are no encounters fought in this room.


Can be entered from the Entrance through a door at the bottom of the screen on the right hand side. At the top of the screen is a door that leads to the Cargo Room. If the player comes here before venturing to Midgar before the end of Part 2, Reno and Rude can be found here and a boss battle will occur.

Research RoomEdit

Research Room.
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The Research Room can be entered from a door from the south which links it to the Entrance. Straight ahead by the left wall is a slope that leads up to a raised platform. At the end of this is a chest containing a Megalixir item. Heading right from the entrance will lead to a box containing the Escort Guard armor.

In the top-left corner of the lower-level of the room is the Conformer, the ultimate weapon for Yuffie; and in the top-right corner is the Double Cut Materia. Though the Materia color is pink in the field, the Double Cut Materia is a yellow Command materia. If the chest containing the Megalixir is opened then the Double Cut Materia is hidden to the camera by the chest's lid.

Cargo RoomEdit

Sunken Gelnika Inside
Cargo Room.
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The Cargo Room is entered from the Hallway. Straight ahead is a chest containing a Megalixir item. Straight ahead and the whole way along the right leads to a chest containing the Spirit Lance weapon. A staircase leads to a lower level. On the right-hand side, the Hades Materia can be found in-between some wreckage.

In the bottom-right of the screen is a chest containing the Highwind manual, the manual to learn Cid's ultimate Limit Break. In the bottom-left of the screen is a chest containing the Outsider weapon.


Item Location
Megalixir Research Room
Escort Guard Research Room
Conformer Research Room
Double Cut Research Room
Megalixir Cargo Room
Spirit Lance Cargo Room
Hades Cargo Room
Highwind Cargo Room
Outsider Cargo Room

Enemy FormationsEdit

Battle background.
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Research RoomEdit

Cargo RoomEdit

Vehicle StatsEdit

Shinra Transportation unit Gelnika
Length Unknown
Width Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Load Capacity Unknown
Maximum Speed Unknown
Cruising Speed Unknown
Ascending Time Unknown
Ceiling Unknown
Range Unknown
Engine Oil-cooling RG24-f type Horizontal-facing 24 Cylinder Engine x4
Ascending Output 8,240 Horsepower



Gelnika may be a mistranslation of Guernica, a Spanish town that in 1937 was the site of Nazi Germany's first aerial bombings.


The Gelnika in the FMV.
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  • Occasionally, Emerald Weapon will appear just in front of the plane, forcing players to go around it or surface if they want to avoid fighting it. It is possible to collide with the Weapon at such an angle that the submarine will fly right into the Gelnika, triggering the player's entrance to it rather than a battle with the Weapon.
  • It is possible to explore Gelnika's sunken wreckage before watching it take off at Junon.
  • Another plane of this type appears in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, performing a bombing mission at the end of Chapter 3.
  • Almost every enemy in Gelnika can be morphed into stat plus items allowing the player to max out every stat.
  • The "Unknown" enemies may be a reference to the enemies found in the Great Sea Trench in Final Fantasy V, all of which were called Unknown and defied description.
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