The Gazer is an undead/reaper-type enemy from Final Fantasy XII found in the Lhusu Mines.

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Being a demon-reaper, said to sense the presence of sinful knowledge with the gleaming, baleful eye in the middle of its forehead. Look into its depths and there you will see the reflection of all your sins, a revelation which will drive you to madness. How many have stopped asudden, stricken by the accumulated weight of guilt, even as the cold, cruel claws of the gazer stripped their soul of its earthly husk?

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Gazer is one of the many enemies that spawn only when certain conditions are met. After the party enters either Shunia Twinspan, Site 2, or Site 3, the player must spend seven minutes in the area. Gazer will appear right next to the player's position. If the Gazer spawns in Site 3 or Shunia Twinspan it spawn under the Vanish status and the player cannot directly attack it.

If Gazer is Vanished, one can either wait for the status to wear off, hope for it to attack the party so Vanish is automatically removed, or reflect magick off the player characters so it bounces onto the Gazer. Gazer also only spawns once per visit, meaning in order to respawn it, the player must leave Lhusu Mines entirely, then return. To bypass this condition the player can try and kill the Gazer right next to an exit, and zone out during its death animation, before the LP and EXP values appear on screen.

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