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FFXIV Mining

A player mining in Final Fantasy XIV.

Gathering, also known as Harvesting, is a recurring activity in the series. It allows players to find appropriate resource nodes and typically, using the correct tool, acquire materials and items generally used for Synthesis.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy XI Edit

Players can level up the fishing craft, as well as partake in the harvesting, excavation, logging and mining hobbies, allowing them to gain new items for Crystal Synthesis. Additionally, it's possible to acquire items on the islands off the coast of Bibiki Bay via clamming, and dig buried treasure while riding a chocobo.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Edit

Conceptually, scavenging is quite similar to gathering, in that the player must find certain points to extract materials used for equipment synthesis from. The main difference is simply that it takes place in battle instead of out of it.

Final Fantasy XIV Edit

Gathering has an important role and has three gathering classes, the Miner from Ul'dah, the Botanist from Gridania, and the Fisher from Limsa Lominsa. These classes all gather items to be used in Synthesis, and in many cases, the items gathered cannot be acquired through other means. Gathering is incredibly important if the player wishes to level crafting classes further.

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