The Gargoyle is an aerial stone enemy from Final Fantasy IX. It cannot attack until Agares uses the Rise ability on it. If the Agares is defeated before it gets the chance to use Rise on the Gargoyle, the Gargoyle is automatically defeated along with it. The Gargoyle can be immediately defeated at the start of the battle if the player uses a Soft on it, however, experience cannot be gained by using this method.


Tetra Master Edit

Tetra Master
Location: Black Mage N°56 (Black Mage Village cemetery), Treno Card Stadium

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Etymology Edit

Gargoyles were initially ordinary stone statues built on rooftops to let rainwater above flow down to the ground through certain paths. The statues were usually carved as monsters and strange creatures, which later spawned the belief that gargoyles are the guardians of the buildings they live in.