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For the location/puzzle in Final Fantasy X-2, see: Gaol From Afar!.
For the location in Final Fantasy XI, see: Mordion Gaol.

Gaol (ガオル, Gaoru?) is a hero mentioned in The Hero Gaol, a book from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. He is befriended by a Mog Knight named Lini, which could be recruited by having a unit request to join after completing a mission with the item The Hero Gaol selected for the mission. He is also known to wield two swords, the Ayuvir Red and the Ayuvir Blue. They are Blades, which implies that he is a Fighter. He also has a relationship with the Moon Maiden.

Etymology Edit

"Gaol" is an alternate spelling for "jail", used primarily in Old English. Pronunciation is the same as jail.

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