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Galdin Quay is a resort area in Final Fantasy XV, close to the Leide region. It has a spa, a restaurant and a hotel in a building suspended over the water, and a pier with the boat to Altissia. The resort's beach has a pier for fishing and a camp site and a caravan. The Galdin Quay hotel costs 10,000 gil to stay in.

Palm trees, bungalows, and the sea surround the area. The developers aimed to make it feel like exploring a floating hotel on the sea.[1]


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Prince Noctis and his friends arrive in Galdin Quay to board the ship to Altissia where Noctis is to marry Lady Lunafreya. However, when they arrive at the pier they find that the Niflheim Empire is stopping the ship from running. The party runs into Ardyn Izunia, whom the party doesn't recognize as the chancellor of Niflheim, although Ardyn knows who Noctis is, saying trying to board a ship to Altissia will be futile.

A reporter named Dino recognizes Noctis as the prince and offers to organize a ship for him if Noctis does him a favor by bringing him a certain a gem. The party appeases his request and stays at the hotel, but the morning papers bring grim news: Insomnia has fallen and been occupied by the empire. Disturbed, the party heads back.

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There are two fishing spots in the area: one at the beach overlooking the hotel building, and a secluded one at the north end of the beach.


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Cat questEdit


Noctis spots a hungry cat.

The party can find a hungry cat on the path to the main building. Interacting with it has Noctis promise to feed it with fish he has caught himself. The player can fish at the local fishing spots if they don't have any fish yet. The cat rejects the fish however, but talking to the woman at the restaurant has her cook the fish for the cat.

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  • If the player speaks to the masseuse Noctis can get a massage. If the player reads the sign for the spa, his party members suggest they should do it but Noctis will decline.

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