Galdes is a boss from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates.

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This first battle is fairly easy at this point in the story. Galdes may start the battle using a red laser that travels horizontally. This attack can be avoided simply by jumping, failing to do so will leave the player Poisoned, Blinded, and Cursed. This is especially dangerous if he uses the laser again. He also lowers the cape on his back to fire two lasers that aim at the player's current position.

The damage can be pretty high if both connect and may send players off the temple. Do not jump on Galdes because he will scratch the player twice; the first one stuns and damages, the second one knocks players off and damages. Lilties can stun him before this happens however at a high enough level. He will create a rotating barrier for a few seconds as damage adds up making him immune to all attacks.

Red crystals will drop and after a while start flashing. Destroy them if low on Magicites or avoid them and let the barrier wear off. Occasionally, he either approaches players to scratch them or picks them up and throws them off the temple roof.

His final attack also doubles as a weakness: he will throw his crescent cape skyward, then it flashes red. This is treated as a red crystal weakness. While it may be tempting to just slash him, unless he has one more hit to go, run to the edge of the field. The cape will crash down, stunning the player and allowing him to use the horizontal laser.

Often the player may resist it only to get thrown off. His cape will remain stuck in the ground unless he warps it back on his back. The cape can be destroyed for more Magicites and if it comes down at the same time as Galdes is defeated, it will not be destroyed. Be careful with the final hit, because if he is defeated near the edge most of the spoils will fall off the temple.

Galdes is weak to Holy-elemental attacks.

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