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Flag of Galbadia

The Flag of Galbadia.

Ruled under the military dictatorship of President Vinzer Deling, this country continues to expand its territory. Countless invasions of other countries are attempted, but most are deterred by SeeD. Deling City is its capital.
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Galbadia (ガルバディア共和国, Garubadia-kyouwakoku?, lit. Republic of Galbadia) is one of the biggest political powers in Final Fantasy VIII and a military dictatorship under the command of Vinzer Deling. Laguna, Kiros and Ward were Galbadian soldiers who appear in flashbacks.


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The present extent of Galbadia.

Galbadian territory spans through the whole of the western continent, but that was not always the case. 4000 years ago the civilization of Centra created two major empires: Dollet and Esthar. While Dollet, in the west, excelled in military force, Esthar, in the east, grew scientifically advanced.

80 years ago, after Centra's destruction, Dollet split into three countries: Dollet, Timber and Galbadia. Sorceress Adel, the ruler of Esthar, made a bid for world domination, but was opposed by Galbadia's growing military under the leadership of Vinzer Deling. To bolster its forces during the Sorceress War, Galbadia attempted to invade and conquer its neighbors and Galbadia became a totalitarian nation, as during the Sorceress War power was given to the government to fight against the technologically superior nation of Esthar. Vinzer Deling was inaugurated as the nation's lifelong president, and, in less than 20 years, Galbadia expanded into a force to be reckoned with due to politics of fear, Timber's occupation, and the imprisonment of political dissidents under the pretense of progress. The president's approach to diplomacy is mainly oppression.

Although Sorceress Adel was deposed by her own subjects, Vinzer Deling continued to conquer and the majority of the western continent came under the Galbadian flag although there are rebel factions fighting against the oppression, most notably in Timber. Galbadia attacks Dollet to capture their dormant communications tower. Dollet hires SeeD to secure the town center and drive the Galbadian forces out, but Galbadian forces fix the communications tower and Dollet agrees to let Galbadia have it, as long as the city is spared from further harm.


Vinzer Deling addresses the world in a television broadcast.

Using the communications tower for a worldwide broadcast, President Deling announces Sorceress Edea (secretly Ultimecia in disguise) is to become the new ambassador of Galbadia, and great unrest follows. Though the president broadcasts a message of peace, in truth he wants to use his new sorceress ally to intimidate his opponents into surrendering.

On the day of her inauguration Ultimecia kills President Deling, leaving Galbadia in disarray. She takes the reins of the nation and embarks on a quest to find a woman called Ellone, using Galbadia Garden as her base of operations. Her knight, Seifer Almasy, assumes much of the responsibility and assigns his friends Fujin and Raijin as high-ranking officers in the G-Army.

Ultimecia has a SeeD squad responsible for an assassination attempt on her host body, Edea's, life taken captive within the D-District Prison with Seifer to interrogate them to divulge the true purpose SeeD persecute sorceresses, but the SeeD escape. Under Ultimecia's orders, Galbadia launches missiles against Trabia and Balamb Gardens to snuff out the SeeD for good, but the Missile Base is destroyed in the process by sabotage from the escaped SeeD group. While Trabia is decimated by the missiles, Balamb Garden escapes as the escapee SeeD warned the Garden of the impending attack and activated its mobile functions, moving the Garden away from the spot the missiles were programmed to target. With Galbadia's main weapon gone, Ultimecia sets out to destroy Balamb Garden herself in a direct attack.

FFVIII SeeD Battle

G-Army battles Balamb Garden's SeeD forces.

As a Galbadian army regimen arrives in Fishermans Horizon on their quest to find Ellone, Balamb Town is occupied in an effort led by Fujin and Raijin. Both towns are liberated by SeeD. Galbadia and Balamb Gardens meet in the Battle of the Gardens where Seifer leads the G-Army while Squall leads his army of SeeD. Squall leads his team to infiltrate G-Garden and after a direct confrontation Ultimecia is banished from Edea's body into Rinoa's. Using Rinoa to deliver Seifer his final orders, Ultimecia tasks the G-Forces to salvage the Lunatic Pandora from the bottom of the ocean.

With Edea gone, Galbadia is left being led by Seifer, Fujin and Raijin. After salvaging the Lunatic Pandora the G-Army infiltrates Esthar City in the Siege of Esthar. Steering the Lunatic Pandora on the Tears' Point induces Lunar Cry and Esthar is overridden by monsters as Sorceress Adel's tomb falls from space to the Pandora to become Ultimecia's new host body.

At this point most of the Galbadian soldiers are unwilling to follow Seifer further and go AWOL, until even Fujin and Raijin abandon him. Seifer is defeated by the SeeD and appears to no longer be affiliated with Galbadia as he returns to Balamb with Fujin and Raijin for a more peaceful life. What becomes of Galbadia when it is left leaderless is unknown.


Some of the locations found in Galbadia include:


FF8 Paratrooper

The Galbadian military is powerful and even regular troops are highly trained and, according to the Final Fantasy VIII Ultimania, capable of using para-magic. Different colored uniforms signify rank and ability. Military personnel are trained in Galbadia Garden that focuses on weapon development. Regular Galbadian foot soldiers wield swords and para-magic, while higher ranking units wield machine guns alongside magic. Special force units also exist.

The G-Army utilizes both mechanized and biological weapons in the form of tanks and robots. Galbadia's most destructive weapon is its long-range missiles.





Transport and CraftEdit


A standard combat mobile used by the Galbadia Soldiers.

Other appearancesEdit

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Galbadia is present as a room for preset characters of the game's Multiplayer Mode Online Lobby.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

G-Soldier and Elite Soldier from the Galbadian military appear as enemies in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


  • The uniforms of the Galbadian soldiers all have "08" on them, possibly alluding to the game itself, Final Fantasy VIII.
  • According to Final Fantasy VIII Ultimania, the West Cactus, a wind cacti that resides in Galbadia's arid regions, is known as one of the Three Great Delicacies of the World, next to the Balamb Fish. What the third delicacy is, is unknown.

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