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Gaea's Cliff.

Gaea's Cliff (ガイアの絶壁, Gaia no Zeppeki?) is a location in Final Fantasy VII. From the ground, it seems to be a mountain, but is actually the side of the North Crater. Due to its height and location past the frigid wastes of the Great Glacier, the cliff is so cold few can survive the climb-up. There is a large system of caves that connect in and out from the cliff, which must be explored in order to the reach the top. Gaea's Cliff can only be explored once.

Mr. Holzoff and a friend of his attempted to climb Gaea's Cliff only to have his friend killed. Holzoff decided to wait in a cabin just at the base of the cliff to help out potential climbers. Cloud Strife and his party climb Gaea's Cliff in order to reach Sephiroth at the Whirlwind Maze.


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First AscentEdit

Archway CaveEdit

First cave.

Boulder CaveEdit

There's an ice rock that can be pushed.

Second AscentEdit

Water Level CaveEdit

Dropping icicles into this room raises the water level that leads to an exit.

Icicle CaveEdit

This area is in two parts. At the top icicles are fought, cracked, and dropped.

Mountain PathsEdit

Left Mountain Path
Right Mountain Path

Third AscentEdit

Healing SpringEdit

Spring heals HP and MP, and despite not saying it removes status effects too.

Ice TunnelEdit

Schizo fought in here.

Final AscentEdit

Short ascent before an FMV starts.


Keeping Body Temperature UpEdit


Cloud keeping warm.

While climbing up the sides, the player must keep the party's temperature above 30° Celsius by repeatedly tapping Square to increase the temperature. This cannot be done while climbing. Cloud's body temperature can assume values between 26 and 38°C, and Cloud will pass out at 26°C. If Cloud passes out he will wake up at Holzoff's hut; there is no Game Over. While Cloud's body temperature is above 32°C it takes 5.7s for it to drop a degree, but at below 33°C it only takes 3.7s to drop.

This part of the game was more difficult in the game's original Japanese version where the player's temperature dropped much faster and few managed the climb on the first try. In the international release the difficulty was reduced.




Battle background.

Outside (All screens except the last)Edit


Battle background.

Inside (All screens)Edit

Schizo's Lair (Both screens)Edit

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Gaea's Cliff FFVII
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  • A pre-release shot shows an area that can never be accessed in the final game. This area is only seen in very old footage shown before the game's release.
  • Gaea's Cliff is home to one of few areas in the game where the player can encounter the Inescapable battles glitch, in the area in which Schizo is fought.

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