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The G Hetairos is a boss in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. It has a similar appearance to the G Regicide, another monstrous Genesis Copy.

This enemy has a number of powerful attacks at its disposal, including Stranglehold, Tri-Fire, and a deadly Claw attack. Timing does matter when fighting against it, so the player should time their attacks and dodges correctly. Zack is recommended to have a high Vitality rating to withstand its attacks. Aerial Drain is useful in this fight.


The Companions (Greek: ἑταῖροι, hetairoi) were the elite cavalry of the Macedonian army from the time of king Philip II of Macedon and achieved their greatest prestige under Alexander the Great, and have been regarded as the best cavalry in the ancient world and the first shock cavalry. Chosen Companions/Hetairoi formed the elite guard of the king (Somatophylakes).

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