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FF4PSPBattle Fusoya

Final Fantasy IVEdit


Ability Bless FFIVPSP

Bless in The Complete Collection.

Fusoya has a unique death animation in which he withers into his cloak, leaving it spread on the ground with only his head and beard visible, and in the 3D releases he fades away leaving only his cloak behind.

Fusoya's stats are low and are weighted towards magic. When Fusoya gains a level, his stats will not increase until he reaches level 70. His limited MP of 190 limits the number of spells he can cast before his MP needs to be replenished.


Fusoya has access to both Black and White Magic and knows every available spell, but his 190 MP pales in comparison to the party's other spellcasters and limits his efficiency. Fusoya can use Regen, which prevents him from acting over a period of time during which he restores a a small amount of HP to each party member.

In the 3D remake releases, Regen is replaced with Bless, which grants a Regen-like status to the party that restores a small amount of MP over time. Unlike Regen, Bless does not prevent Fusoya from acting while it is in effect. Bless can be obtained as an Augment ability.


Fusoya's equipment is limited to rods, staves, hats, and robes.

Rods Staves
Head Body Arms

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

FFIVTAY Fusoya's stats, aside from HP, do not increase as he levels up, and he caps at level 40.

Fusoya still casts Black Magic and White Magic and knows all spells. His Bless ability functions similarly to a combination of Regen and the 3D release's Bless, causing Fusoya to skip his next three turns to restore a small amount of HP and MP to the party each turn, equal to 1% of their max MP and 5% of their max HP. This makes Fusoya a good choice to use a Soma Drop on if the player plans to use Bless, as a Soma Drop will raise his max MP to 200, doubling the MP recovery from Bless to 2 MP each round.

He has one Band ability, Double Black Magic, with Golbez. It allows them to randomly cast Twin Firaga, Twin Thundaga, Twin Blizzaga, Twin Flare, or Twin Meteor.


Fusoya's equipment is limited to rods, staves, hats, and robes. However, as he is used in one tale, his usable equipment is limited to just what can be acquired in that tale, much of which can only be acquired as random drops from monsters.

Rods Staves


  • Healing Staff
  • Rune Staff
  • Protect Staff
  • Aura Staff
  • Master's Staff
Head Body Arms
  • Sage's Miter
  • Sage's Surplice
  • Luminous Robe
  • White Robe
  • Ruby Ring
  • Rune Armlet
  • Power Armlet
  • Diamond Armlet
  • Silver Armlet
  • Rare Band
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