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Funguar is a family of enemies in Final Fantasy XI.

Funguar are wandering mushrooms of animal intelligence who live in forests and caves. The aggresiveness of a funguar varies by species, and while many funguar are docile, there have been several reports of adventurers being attacked by angry funguar. It is important to note the three mushrooms on the funguar's head, each of which correspond to a specific attack. If that attack is used, that mushroom will not be obtained from the funguar.

Funguar FFXI Art

Concept art of a Funguar

Special AttacksEdit

  • Dark Spore: Cone Attack damage and Blind.
  • Frog Kick: Single target damage.
  • Numbshroom: Single target damage and Paralyze.
  • Queasyshroom: Single target damage and Poison.
  • Shakeshroom: Single target damage and Disease.
  • Silence Gas: Cone Attack damage and Silence.
  • Spore: Single target Paralyze.
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