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Rinoa and Squall during an integrated FMV.

RW Basch Ashe FMV

Basch and Ashe in a FMV.

Full motion videos, or FMVs, are used in the Final Fantasy games from Final Fantasy VII onwards (although Pseudo-FMVS appeared earlier), and in the remakes of earlier games for PlayStation, PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS. These tend to be much longer than normal cutscenes, often involving entirely different models for the characters. FMVs are always used for the beginning and ending of a Final Fantasy game but are also used at important points in the games such as the climax.

FMVs were first used in Final Fantasy VII as part of an attempt to eliminate loading times between areas. Many smaller sequences, sometimes only a few seconds, were thus integrated into the game when moving from one area to another. Other scenes were much longer in length, and depicted scenes that would have been more difficult to show with lower-resolution renders.

In Final Fantasy VIII, FMVs were more common, and were also integrated directly into the background, allowing players to move their characters directly through FMV-quality backgrounds. An example of this is when Squall and Rinoa run through the foreground while SeeDs fight Galbadian soldiers in an FMV in the background.


An FMV in Final Fantasy VII in which the Weapons first come out of the North Crater.


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