Fruit: The Town of Sweet Scent is the third episode of Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

Unlimited Episode 3

Fruit: The Town of Sweet Scent

Story DetailEdit


FFU Episode 3 - Day of Conjunction

Yu reads to Lisa, aboard the train

The episode opens aboard the subway, with Yu reading to Lisa from his parents' book. After Ai complains about the chocobo's liking for her hair, Yu explains that the feather in his hair allows him to understand the chocobo's emotions. Despite the chocobo's overwhelming contentment, Yu expresses his uneasiness of riding a train with no destination.


FFU Episode 3 - I'm the Only God

The Earl Tyrant, sits on his throne

Meanwhile, within the Earl's throne room, Oscha reports that they have successfully conquered another world. After the Earl expresses his satisfaction, Oscha mentions Kaze, suggesting he may be a powerful being known as "Unlimited". After Oscha suggests that the Unlimiteds may be more powerful than gods, the Earl quickly gets upset, claiming he is the only god.

As Herba requests permission to track Kaze down, a spore floats into the room, which reveals itself to be Fungus revived, but tiny. He informs the Earl that, true to the Earl's belief, he is indeed immortal, but it takes time for his body to rebuild.

Returning to the children, it is revealed that they have arrived in another unusual place; the buildings appear to be gigantic grapes, and cloaked men huddle in the streets muttering about being trapped here. Resolving to stay until the train departs, Ai spots Kaze on a bridge a short distance away.

FFU Episode 3 - They Sorta Look Like People

The new world

When Ai turns to tell the others of her sighting, Kaze vanishes, leaving Ai wondering if she imagined it. Unfazed, the chocobo eats a small part of one of the door ways, confirming that the buildings not only look like fruit, but are fruit. Ai sits down to try some of the fruit, when a short cloaked person snatches her bag and flees into the maze of bridges and buildings. Ai instantly gives chase, and though Yu and Lisa attempt to follow, they are soon cut off by a crowd of cloaked people.

The Guiding OneEdit

FFU Episode 3 - Alone in a Watermelon

Ai despairs over her solitude

Ai chases the thief into a bar, filled with cloaked people, and so she quickly looses him amongst the crowd. Unseen to her, Kaze sits in a corner, speaking to one of the cloaked men. After she asks the cloaked men if they saw the thief, many begin to weep, claiming that anything lost in Wonderland is lost forever.

Realizing she is lost, and tripping into an over sized watermelon, Ai quickly becomes upset. Hearing what seems to be the sound of waves, Ai is drawn to a strange light, where she comes across a giant clam, with many pearls hanging from the ceiling, and a woman standing in its centre, introducing herself as Fabula, "The Guiding One".

Fabula consoles Ai, and listens to her story. As Ai tours the pearls as she talks, she notices creatures inside them. As she leans forward to examine it, it displays an impressive array of teeth. After Ai calls it "scarily-cute" Fabula offers to give it to Ai, calling it PoshePocket.

With a few departing words, Ai hangs PoshePocket over her shoulder like a hand bag, and leaves to investigate a new sound; the sound of fans or propellers. After spotting the airship that was chasing them in the first episode, Ai turns back to Fabula to question her, but notices that she and her clam have disappeared.

Frozen FlowersEdit

FFU Episode 3 - Shooting at Flowers

Kaze opens fire

Aboard, Crux directs Herba toward Kaze, while Kaze watches from the ground. After Herba drops one of the crystal/bombs, Kaze draws a hand gun and shoots it in midair, shattering it. The dust causes many flower like creatures to sprout and attack Kaze, which he opens fire on without hesitation.

As he destroys the flower-people, their pollen spreads over the battlefield, which causes the cloaked people that breath it in to begin laughing hysterically. After Herba descends and taunts Kaze, he demands to know where the Earl is, and opens fire when Herba refuses to tell him.

Spotting Lisa and Yu on the edge of the battlefield, Herba fires a blast of pollen at them. Ai stumbles onto the battlefield, moments after Lisa, Yu and the chocobo are hit by the pollen, and Lisa warns Ai not to come any closer. As Kaze continues to shoot the flower-people, and thus the pollen continues to spread, Ai turns to her PoshePocket, asking it for help.

FFU Episode 3 - So Cold

Herba is defeated

After a moment, PoshePocket spits a watermelon seed from its mouth, which explodes moments later, clearing the pollen away. Just after the last of the pollen is cleared away, Kaze begins to prime the Magun. He loads and fires the Magun, summoning Shiva to the battle. Shiva instantly freezes both Herba and her flower-people, preventing their pollen from spreading.


Ai thanks Kaze briefly, before Yu and Lisa catch up to them and reunite with Ai. With the children's resolve now revitalized, the chocobo's watch chimes, but being so far away, they quickly panic over arriving in time. The episode closes with the train preparing to depart without them.


A single combination of soil was seen in this episode, and is detailed in following:

The cry of the dark spirit/The cry of a soul without light - Dark Green/Forest Green

The one that does not forgive creation/The soil that forbids the birth of life - Virgin White/Maiden White

The one that freezes everything/To freeze all things - Ice Blue

This summons Shiva, the Ice Queen.