Unspecialized fighters who can equip any armor or weapon.

The Freelancer, also known as Bare in the Anthology release, and Normal in the RPGe SNES translation, is the default job from Final Fantasy V that has no defining characteristics. It is the default class the party starts with.



The Freelancer job is the characters in their regular clothing. Bartz wears a blue tunic with white sleeves and leggings and a pair of boots. Lenna wears an orange dress. Faris wears a blue tunic with a green mantle. Galuf wears a long green coat and tan pants. Krile wears a blue dress.


What makes the Freelancer class special is that it has nearly every innate ability from every job the character has mastered, as well as the stat bonuses, but not the penalties (such as the boosted Magic of a mage with none of the reduced Strength). So while it starts off weak, by endgame Freelancer becomes the strongest job.

When a character has mastered every job the three "mastered" stars appear above the Freelancer on the Job Selection screen. The Freelancer can equip everything without needing the "Equip X" abilities. Finally, the Freelancer class has two ability slots instead of one.


The base stats are:

Support abilitiesEdit

Freelancer learns every innate ability from every job the character has mastered, except the Berserker's Berserk, the Gladiator's Lure and the Necromancer's Undead. This does not include HP +, MP +, Two-Handed, ABP Up, EXP Up, Read Ahead, or Long Reach.

The following table shows all the innate, equip and passive abilities of the twenty-six classes:

Crystal Job Max AP AP to Master Commands Innate ability Equip abilities Other passive abilities
0. Start Freelancer 0 12853 (SNES)
15328 (GBA)
15288 (Mobile)
(all) (all)
2.2. Water Mime 999 999 Mimic (all)
1. Wind Knight 350 690 Guard Cover Equip Shield, Armor, Sword Two-handed
1. Wind Monk 300 700 Focus, Chakra Counter Barehanded HP+10% +20% +30%
1. Wind Thief 300 635 Flee, Steal, Mug Find Passages, Sprint, Vigilance Artful-dodger
1. Wind White Mage 300 580 White Magic (1-6) MP+10%
1. Wind Blue Mage 250 350 Check, Blue Magic, Scan Learning
1. Wind Black Mage 450 730 Black Magic (1-6) MP+30%
2. Water Red Mage 999 1159 Red Magic (1-3), Dualcast
2. Water Time Mage 250 530 Time Magic (1-6) Equip Rods
2. Water Summoner 500 750 Summon (1-5), Call
2. Water Berserker 400 500 Equip Axes Berserk
2. Water Mystic Knight 400 680 Spellblade (1-6) Magic Shell
3. Fire Beastmaster 300 460 Calm, Control, Catch Equip Whips
3. Fire Geomancer 100 175 Gaia Find Pits, Light Step
3. Fire Ninja 450 690 Smoke, Image, Throw First Strike, Dual-Wield
3. Fire Ranger 405 600 Animals, Aim, Rapid Fire Equip Bows
3. Fire Bard 100 175 Hide, Sing Equip harp
4. Earth Dragoon 400 600 (SNES/GBA)
560 (Mobile)
Jump, Lance Equip Lances
4. Earth Dancer 325 400 Flirt, Dance Equip Ribbons
4. Earth Samurai 540 820 Mineuchi, Zeninage, Iainuki Shirahadori Equip katanas
4. Earth Chemist 405 630 Mix, Drink, Recover, Revive Pharmacology
5. Advance Cannoneer 300 500 Open Fire, Combine EXP Up
5. Advance Gladiator 450 700 Finisher, Bladeblitz Lure Long Range
5. Advance Oracle 300 525 Condemn, Predict ABP Up, Read Ahead
5.5. Advance Necromancer 300 750 Oath, Dark Arts (1-5) Undead

Other appearancesEdit

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit



Bartz's second alternate costume, called the "Freelancer", is based upon his Freelancer appearance. The player unlocks this costume in the PP Catalog.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Bartz, Faris, and Krile wear Freelancer attire by default. Lenna and Galuf can change their appearance to Freelancer costumes through the Wardrobe Record system.

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Triple TriadEdit

Freelancers appear on Triple Triad cards in the version available via Final Fantasy Portal App.