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BDFF Freelancer
A jack-of-all-trades!
—D's Journal job description
Jacks-of-all-trades who can use all equipment fairly well, but have no special abilities.
—Official site's description

The Freelancer (すっぴん, Suppin?) is a Job class in Bravely Default. It is the default job class available at the beginning of the game, thus, the characters are represented in their original outfits. Its own main skillset is Miscellany.


Agnès wears a knee-length white dress with dark sleeves and black fur trimming at the hem and black embroidery at the bust. She also wears a black bolero, a black cinch belt, knee-high black boots with pom-poms and elbow-length black gloves. She has a blue pendant.

Edea wears a short high-collar red dress with a mail-plated skirt. Her sleeves are black and her collar is white. She wears white tights and thigh-high black boots and black gloves.

Tiz wears a white collared shirt with crests on the shoulders, brown leather gloves, a belt with potions and satchels attached to it, tight-fitting brown trousers and knee-high boots.

Ringabel wears a light blue shirt with fur around the collar, black elbow length gloves, and small silver stud earrings in both ears. He wears black pants, a white belt with white pouches hanging on each side and black boots.

By equipping the Plain Tunic costume, characters can appear in their original outfits regardless of their current job class. It can be purchased from the Adventurer at 200,000 pg after fully upgrading Norende Village's Compound Shop to Level 11.


The Freelancer is an overall balanced job with medium proficiency in all stats and equipment types. Its innate ability is "Late Bloomer," which increases Maximum HP, Maximum MP, Physical Attack, Magic Attack, Physical Defense, and Magic Defense by 1% for each job the character has mastered. Its abilities are likewise balanced support skills and passive abilities. Though not an effective job in combat, the Freelancer's abilities can be useful when paired with other jobs.




Swords Axes Spears Rods Staves Daggers Bows Katanas Knuckles Shields Helms Armor


The Freelancer's job command is Miscellany, which incorporates a variety of supportive command abilities. The Freelancer also learns the JP Up ability, which is of great aid in speeding up the growth of other jobs.

Ability Level Cost Description
Examine 1 Display enemy information, including HP, elemental weakness and family. The targeted enemy's HP will continue to display for the rest of the battle. Once an enemy has been Examined, subsequent encounters with that enemy display their elemental weaknesses and family.
Treat 2 Restore the HP of one ally by 20%. Usable even when user is Silenced.
Divining Rod 3 1 slot Displays the number of unopened treasure chests within a dungeon on the map screen.
Dungeon Master 4 1 slot Protects party from damage and statuses caused by dungeon hazards.
Mislead 5 Lower chances of being targeted by enemies to the lowest level possible.
Prayer 6 8 MP Make chance-based abilities 1.5 times more likely to succeed for ten turns.
MP 10% Up 7 1 slot Raise maximum MP by 10%.
Endure 8 Raise physical defense and magic defense by 25% for four turns, to a maximum of 150%.
Poison Immunity 9 1 slot Confer immunity to Poison during battles.
JP Up 10 1 slot Earn 1.2 times the normal amount of job points. Note that this effect does not stack with similar effects from items.
Flee 11 Always succeed in escaping from battle. Does not work in certain battles or areas.
Lure Enemy 12 1 slot Double the enemy encounter rate. Note that effects from the same ability do not stack.
Stand Ground 13 3 slots Has a 75% chance to survive with 1 HP when suffering damage that would result in K.O. Does not activate if HP is already at 1 HP.
Mimic 14 Imitate the previous command without expending HP, MP, BP, pg or items.


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