Freak is an enemy family in Final Fantasy Type-0. It contains three variants and two enemies.

Enemy CompendiumEdit

The empire snatched these enemy survivors from the remains of their homeland and brainwashed them, transforming them into living weapons of war. Their names have been erased from history, their souls stripped from their bodies. All that remains of these men is an empty shell into which the imperial army has poured an insatiable bloodlust. Having lost all autonomy, these freaks simply follow the orders they receive without question.

In an attempt to create an even more impressive fleet of warriors, the imperial army outfitted these human test subjects with an improved version of the supersoldiers' enhanced armor, which maximizes their offensive and defensive capabilities in exchange for decreased mobility. The trade-off is negligible, though: not only are these freaks impervious to dominion magic, but they can deliver a fatal blow with a single swing of their enormous swords. Moreover, their armor periodically administers an extra dose of enhancement serum, pushing their abilities beyond mortal limits.

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