Minions of evil, you have gone too far! My spear will purge this land of you!
—Sir Fratley

Sir "Iron-Tail" Fratley is a legendary Burmecian Dragon Knight and explorer in Final Fantasy IX, and the lover of Freya Crescent. He is 25 years old.[1] He first appears as Stranger before Freya identifies him.

Story Edit

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Freya, you're going to be fine. Trust your strength... and have faith in your destiny. Once I complete my journey around the world, I will return to Burmecia.
—Fratley, before leaving on his journey.

Fratley leaves Burmecia.

Five years ago Fratley decided to leave Burmecia to keep peace, as other kingdoms were slowly gaining power. He promised Freya he would return, but two years later, a devastated Freya left Burmecia as well to search for him. The prince of Burmecia, Puck, ran away one month later. All Freya found on her journey were minor hearings of where Fratley had traveled, and even rumors that he had died. Eventually Freya settled in Lindblum, where she met Zidane.

Alexandria attacks Burmecia after Queen Brahne, with the help of the mysterious Kuja, created an army of autonomous black mages. Burmecia is destroyed, and the King of Burmecia and many of the surviving citizens flee to the neighboring settlement of Cleyra. When Zidane, Freya, and the party travel to Cleyra they meet up with Puck, who reveals he had found Fratley wandering about during his "travels around the world".

Siege of Cleyra III

Fratley comes to the Cleyrans' aid.

The source of the sandstorm, a harp with a summoning jewel, breaks, and the sandstorm around Cleyra dissipates prompting an attack by Alexandria. Zidane's party helps guide the surviving Cleyran citizens to the cathedral to regroup, as hordes of black mages teleport into the city.

After being surrounded, the party is saved by Sir Fratley. Freya pours out her feelings to him and tells of how much she has missed him. Fratley remarks this is the first time he has met either of them, and it transpires that he does not remember anything, suffering complete amnesia. Only Fratley's faint memories of being called a "Dragon Knight" led him back to Cleyra. His amnesia devastates Freya, who watches him depart.

General Beatrix steals the summoning jewel and Zidane's party follows her during the Alexandrian withdrawal. They escape Cleyra on the Red Rose before Brahne uses the Dark Matter to summon Odin, destroying the city and leaving behind a crater and a blackened stump in the place of Cleyra's great trunk.

Fratley and Freya eventually find each other again, and the two sit on a fountain in the ruined Burmecia before Freya leaves for Alexandria to see Zidane's return. Though Fratley has not regained his memory, he returns Freya's affection.

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Musical themes Edit

"Unforgettable Silhouette"
Unforgottable silhouette

"Unforgettable Silhouette" (忘れられぬ面影, Wasurerarenu Omokage?) plays when Freya tells Zidane of Fratley, and the melody plays again when he is seen in Cleyra.

Trivia Edit

  • Quotations from Fratley can be found by examining the Continental Map and world map key items: "The road remains wide open while your dreams are alive. Only fear can block the way" and "Let fear propel you forward. Do not look back. Do not let failure stifle you."

References Edit

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