We will crush you and your clan, and only then will this weight be lifted from my heart!

Fras is a non-player character from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. She is a viera Archer who only appears in the mission A Bride for Montblanc.

In the English version, she masqueraded under the name Cois in order to send out a seemingly innocent mission description.

Story Edit

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FFTA2 Fras' clan

Fras and her clan.

When Clan Gully arrive at Ruins of Delgantua, the mission "Cois" had given wasn't a love invitation, but instead was a vengeance from Fras. Fras explains the reason for her revenge. At a clan tourney, she and her clan had drugged the other contestants with elixirs, so that their bowels turn to water. The mischievous attempt failed when Montblanc's clan arrived unannounced, claiming the victor's mantle. For this reason, Fras wanted to crush Montblanc and his clan for revenge. Montblanc refers to her words as nonsense, and as she is defeated, he said that it'll be a lesson Fras would never forget.

In the Japanese version, Montblanc uses the honorific "-chan" towards her, and rather saying that Fras deserves to be beaten up, he seems to worry about her by constantly calling her name.

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Gameplay Edit

She is fought along with a White Mage, a Trickster, a Lanista, a Blue Mage and a White Monk.

Equipment Edit

  • Weapon: Perseus Bow
  • Armor: Judicer's Coat
  • Hat: Green Beret
  • Shoe: Galius Caligae

Stats Edit

Level Max HP Max MP Move Jump Evasion Speed Attack Defense Magick Resistance
39 345 56 4 2 14 90 136 138 75 109

Abilities Edit

Precision Edit

The skills of the ARCHER do not call for brute force, but deadly accuracy to fell a foe.

Skill Effect
Cupid Inflicts Charm.
Blackout Inflicts Blind.
Lightning Strike Attack without triggering the target's R-Ability.

Reaction Edit

Skill Effect
Return Fire Counter arrow attacks by catching and returning the arrows. Only works on standard attacks.

Passive Edit

Skill Effect
Death Strike Increases Critical Hit rate.
Archer's Bane (Learning) Completely avoid all physical attacks from units wielding a Bow or Greatbow.

Etymology Edit

Her Japanese name Furansoa is the kanji form of Francoise, a name which means "free one" in old French. It also means "French woman", which is somewhat related to the fact that Montblanc's name is also French. Her alias Cois is short for her Japanese name. Her English name Fras is a Jamaican slang for "a feeling of being in a high state of mind".

Trivia Edit

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