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Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Enemy
(フラン, Furan?)
Mini Fran
Level HP
35 1,735
Str Mag Stm Mnd
294 331 319 320
Atk MAtk Def MDef
153 122 131 132
Speed AtkSpd MvSpd Sight
322 70 0.714 4
Location Mission 6-5 The Ymir Qul Underground
Type Ranged
Nature Non-elemental
Weak Against -
Resistant to
Immune to -

Fran is a boss in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.

Battle Edit

Fran, along with Balthier, battles Vaan and his friends in the last mission for chapter 6. She frequently uses Confuse Arrow, which adds the Confuse status effect to her attacks, and Ward of the Wood, which heals both her and Balthier.

Strategy Edit

The best strategy against the two is to lure Ba'Gamnan, who also partakes in the battle, to attack Fran. After she falls, Balthier will be weakened and easily defeated.

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