Fran is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV.



Fran retains her original appearance from Final Fantasy XII.



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Fran is a general in the resistance group Lethe's Tears, who are formed mainly of Dalmascan rebels led by a 'princess' (possibly Ashe, though this is not elaborated further).

As the party around Jenomis cen Lexentale and the Warrior of Light searches a way into the legendary Monastery of Orbonne, Bwaki mentions how one of the generals of the Dalmascan resistance could prove helpful as she is described as "very familiar with the lands surrounding Orbonne".

Bwaki, the Warrior of Light and Montblanc travel to the depths of the Royal City of Rabanastre. Within the Garamsythe Waterway, the general is introduced as Fran, much to the surprise of the Warrior of Light as it is their first encounter with a Viera. At first distrustful of them for acting in the name of a Garlean family, Fran offers a parley where she states her conditions in return for her assistance. She dismisses the trio to have them arrange things with Hancock and the Alliance's leaders and plan the deal nonetheless.

After the discussion proves fruitless, the party returns to the Prima Vista. Fran arrives along with Bwaki, stating she will offer her assistance nonetheless and apologizes for the previous deception, acknowledging how their intentions were honest for trying to meet her condition despite the odds.

Shortly after the reunion, Alma joins them after her rest and, to the shock of all present, becomes the victim of possession by one of the auracite shard's powers, before being dragged away by a rift. Fran wastes no time and points them to the location within Golmore Jungle where the Orbonne Monastery is located to pursue Alma. As the group attempts to approach to the facility, a temporarily unpossessed Alma reappears and pleas Ramza for help before the rift opens anew. Mikoto and Ramza rescue her, only for Ramza to be dragged away through the portal in the same manner.

Fran, Montblanc and the Warrior of Light prepare to explore the depths where the key to the truth of Ivalice lays dormant and rescue the abducted Ramza.

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  • Fran, as of patch 4.5, appears to be teasing Viera as a second additional playable race in Final Fantasy XIV (the first was Yugiri Mistwalker revealing herself as an Au Ra at patch 2.5 before it was playable). During the Fan Festival event held in Las Vegas in November 2018, director Naoki Yoshida teased a new race by wearing a shirt featuring Bugs Bunny. He later said that the next chapter (at the time) of Return to Ivalice would have a big clue as to the race.