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Chaos CrystalEdit

FF13-2 Frag Chaos Crystal

Chaos Crystal.

Item Info

A shard of twisted time, frozen in crystal. It is a key component in the paradox weapon, which is being developed in Academia of the 5th century AF.

This remarkable and extremely rare substance is formed by spacetime singularities, and is believed to be the seed substance that causes Time Gates to manifest.

Black Hole GemEdit

FF13-2 Frag Black Hole Gem

Black Hole Gem.

Item Info

A stone recovered from inside a faeryl. This substance was responsible for summoning up a tempest, sucking up huge numbers of monsters, and sending them flying to another spacetime.

Faeryl monsters like to swallow crystals that sit in their stomachs and ignite the flames they breathe from their mouths. This particular monster must have swallowed the fragment by mistake, thinking it another crystal.

White Hole GemEdit

FF13-2 Frag White Hole Gem

Flan march.

Item Info

Countless flan are emerging from the gate in the Sunleth Waterscape and disrupting the balance of the ecosystem.

This fragment is the twin of the Black Hole Gem. It has the power to take monsters absorbed by a Black Hole Gem, generate a rift in spacetime, and disgorge those same monsters into a different era and place.

Entropy BoardEdit

FF13-2 Frag Entropy Board

Entropy Board.

Item Info

The Entropy Board allows you to activate a switch in Augusta Tower (200 AF).

Use the board to replace circuits crosswired across time periods and bypass the malfunction.

Falcon's CompassEdit

FF13-2 Frag Falcons Compass

Falcon's Compass.

Item Info

This compass was given to you by Falcon of Blitz Squadron, in the Vile Peaks, 200 AF.

A Security Regiment compass logs the actions of its possessor. By analyzing the data it holds, it is possible to deduce the identity of the previous owner.

Control Device Password 1Edit

FF13-2 Frag Control Device Password

Control Device Password 1.

Item Info

This is one of the passwords needed to access the Atlas control device (100 AF, Bresha Ruins), which was locked by some unknown person.

Access to the control panel was lost when the researcher who held the passwords disappeared from the site. After that, the Academy changed its password management policy to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Control Device Password 2Edit

FF13-2 Frag Control Device Password

Control Password Device 2.

Item Info

This is one of the passwords needed to access the Atlas control device (100 AF, Bresha Ruins), which was locked by some unknown person.

The encryption technology appears to use the paradox to enhance lockdown security. A virtual space exists inside the control device. Enclosed within is a temporal rife-to get the password, the puzzles in the rift have to be solved.

Paradox ScopeEdit

FF13-2 Paradox Scope

Paradox Scope.

Item Info

The 'Paradox Scope' is a lens that shows the possibilities of different timelines. The bearer gains the ability to sense the crossroads of history.

The scope bends the rules of the universe and makes the impossible possible. As a result, you may find yourself able to do things such as defeat unbeatable foes, and experience a future that should have never come to pass.