Eons are the summons of this world. They can only be summoned by those who have an Aura crystal. In TC, there are certain group of Eons that have more storyline significance that others. Because there are already dozens of Eons with which protagonists can play summon chess with, the Twilight and Forbidden Eons should not simply be "claimed" with designations of "family heirloom" and "10000 damage fight scene ender". Rather, they should not be seen as "owned" by any one hero due to, well, they're millenia-old entities of immense power, begotten from once-mortal souls that clung to life in this worldly plane. Kays?

To clarify, the personalities (or lack thereof) of all Eons once belonged to mortal beings on this continent of Drakin. Upon death, the soul of that being held on to life, either by sheer will, or circumstances of death, and the Aura of that being took the form of an Aura Crystal. From this Crystal, a tangible projection of the soul's new form, called an "Eon", can be brought forth.

Weaker Eons can be sheltered within their Crystal and subject to the whims of summoners. More powerful Eons, however, are not beholden to anyone, save perhaps their kin, and can move and act as they please.


Eons are covered in order of their appearance on the planet.

Forbidden Eons (~2500 years ago)Edit

Zodiac Eons (~2000 years ago)Edit

Twilight Eons (~1100 years ago)Edit

All other Eons (~1000 years ago - present)Edit

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List of EonsEdit

Elemental Eons Edit

Name Element Attack Name Element Attack
Ifrit Fire Hellfire Shiva Ice Diamond Dust
Ramuh Lightning Judgment Bolt Titan Earth Anger of the Land
Bismarck Water Breach Blast Pandemona Wind Tornado Zone
Ixion Lightning Bolt Storm Gemato Soldier Ice Genetic Blast
Tyrannus Earth Tectonic Charge Cerberus Fire Flames of Death
Ultros Water Oil Wave Typhoon Wind Short Tornado
Krysta Ice Krystal Blizzard Jupiter Lightning Spark Javelin
Fenrir Wind Howling Wind Midgardsormr Earth Abyssal Maw
Phoenix Fire Flames of Rebirth Leviathan Water Tsunami

Special Elemental Eons Edit

Name Element Attack Name Element Attack
Catoblepas Corrupt Demon Eye Doomtrain Corrupt Runaway Train
Atomos Gravity G-Force 199 Kjata Tetra Tetra-Disaster
Hades Corrupt Black Cauldron Diabolos Gravity Dark Messenger
Valigarmanda Tetra Tetra-Blast Cosmic Dragon Comet Meteor Shower
Altair Wind-Lightning Raptor Dive

Twilight Eons Edit

Name Element Attack Name Element Attack
Virga (Mist Dragon) Holy Radiant Breath Antumbra (Shadow Dragon) Dark Fangs of Darkness
Alexander Holy Divine Judgment Anima Dark Oblivion
Madeen Holy Terra Homing Ark Dark Eternal Darkness
Aurigae (Nova Dragon) Holy Divine-Flare Tiamat Dark Dark-Flare
Warg Brood Dark The Baying of the Hounds

Energy Eons Edit

Name Element Attack Name Element Attack
Valefor Non Energy Blast Maduin Non Chaos Wave
Magus Sisters Magic Delta Attack Griever Non Shockwave Pulsar

Blade Eons Edit

Name Element Attack Name Element Attack
Odin Kill Zantetsuken Yojimbo Random Daigoro, Kozuka
Wakizashi, Zanmato
Raiden Kill Shin-Zantetsuken Gilgamesh Random Enkidu, Masamune
Excalibur, Excalipoor
Crusader Physical Cleansing

Supporting Eons Edit

Name Element Attack Name Element Attack
Sylph Heal Whispering Wind Carbuncle Shield Ruby Light
Guardian Angel (Seraph) Heal Angel Feathers Golem Shield Earth Wall
Lakshmi Heal Alluring Embrace

Zodiac Eons Edit

Name Element Attack Name Element Attack
Belias Fire Painflare Mateus Ice Flash-Freeze
Adrammelech Lightning Flash Arc Zalera Kill Condemnation
Shemhazai Wind Soul Purge Hashmal Earth Gaia's Wrath
Zeromus Gravity Big Bang Exodus Comet ProtoMeteor
Cúchulainn Corrupt Blight Famfrit Water Briny Cannonade
Chaos Tetra Souls of Chaos Ultima Holy Eschaton
Zodiark Dark Eclipse

Forbidden Eons Edit

Name Element Attack Name Element Attack
Deathgaze Kill or Non-Elemental Break Eternal Demise Shinryu Non-Elemental, Break Chaotic Deluge
Eden Non-Elemental, Break Eternal Breath Knights of the Round Multi-Magic and Physical Ultimate End
Garmr Dark, Break Hell Cry Yiazmat Non-Elemental, Break Chaos of Armageddon
Bahamut Non-Elemental, Break Terra-Flare Pandemonium Warden Dark, Break Bilgestorm
Omega Non-Elemental, Break Wave Cannon

These are most powerful Eons, each hero can only have one. The villain has to make his/her own if s/he want one.

Unknown Eons Edit

These Eons are not Categorize yet.

Name Element Attack Name Element Attack
Hecatoncheir Earth Gaian Salvo Brynhildr Fire Muspell Flame

If you have any suggestions for more Eons, place them in the Unknown Eons list with it's Element and Attack. Also, no more Elemental Eons or Forbidden Eons.

Picking EonsEdit

To avoid confusion of two characters having the same Eons. I have the idea of color code the Eon so other will know it been take . Each character will have a different color to represent them, for example Cynthia's Eon is represented by the coulour dark red.

  • Cynthia
  • Avec
  • Seto
  • Max
  • Taarin
  • Dante
  • Samael
  • Ivy
  • NPC
  • Antagonists

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