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Well, since "The Sexiest FF Guy" was created, that makes it fair game to create this little list right here. Equal opportunity, remember?

Reasons why Maria is Sexier

  1. Shes the first female player character. That's gotta count for something right?
  2. If her Amano art and PSP sprite are any thing to go by, she only wears half a shirt and covers the rest with half a metal bikini top. Thats awesome.
  3. She's fairly weepy, so she's always looking for a shoulder to cry on. Now, you tell me you wont be that shoulder.

Reasons why Refia is sexier


Censoring didn't take her out did they? No. Unlike part of Siren

  1. Read the caption.
  2. Gingers can be sexy.
  3. Men can easily pick up a girl who ran from home.

Reasons why Rydia is Sexier

  1. Green is sexy and shes covered in it.
  2. She got a suave ninja price to follow her around like a loyal lap dog, thats a definite testament to her high level of sexyness.
  3. Just look at her and dare tell me she's not sexy.
  4. She doesn't need huge boobs to attract fanboys.
  5. She doesn't have to wear a bikini, or a miniskirt, or hotpants. Rydia wears just the right amount of clothing to be provocative.
  6. Or, if you ask Drake Clawfang, she wears too much clothing.
  7. Or any FFIV fan, we all know she's hot.
  8. She carries a whip and can summon half-nude demi-goddesses at her whim.

Reasons why Rosa is Sexier

  1. Everyone know Blondes do it better than green hairs.
  2. Admit it. You'll always be a sucker for the damsel in distress.
  3. Two thirds of the men in the final party had it for her bad.
  4. She has no qualms about walking around in her underwear.
  5. If her captivity in the Tower of Zot is any clue, she's into BDSM.
  6. Just ask PaladinCecil

Reasons why Lenna Charlotte Tycoon is Sexier

  1. She's apparently cute enough to convince wandering adventuers, ruthless pirates, old men, and DRAGONS to do whatever she asks. Thats saying something.
  2. She has pink hair. Come on everyone love pink hair!.
  3. She's the first playable princess.
  4. She's royalty, you know theres a few perk that goes with datin a princess

Reasons why Faris Scherwiz is Sexier

  1. Both Bartz and Galuf drool over her sleeping visage. Oh, did I mention that at this point THEY STILL THINK SHES A GUY?! yeah shes that hot.
  2. She has a sea dragon for a best freind. Does that even need explaining?
  3. Just ask Deadlyslashsword
  5. when she dresses like a girl shes apparently a mega babe.
  6. When she's dressed as a man, she makes men question their sexuality, and when she's dressed as a girl... well ^^

Reasons why Terra is Sexier


Who wouldn't want to show her what Love is?

  1. She's a magical demigod and a mother figure.
  2. She's no bimbo, much to Edgar's chagrin.
  3. One burst of power and she's nude and pink. Hot.
  4. She's a magic badass in Dissidia!
  5. Know what's holding that top of hers up? Neither do we.
  6. She's too much woman for any man in Final Fantasy VI to handle, even Edgar backed off after seeing her in action!

Reasons why Celes Chere is Sexier

  1. See No.1 for Rosa.
  2. She's the Buffy of the FF universe.
  3. Did you SEE her in that ball gown?.
  4. She's a general, not some love starved twit! Gotta love that.
  5. Locke fell for her even though he still loved Rachel.
  6. Setzer fell for her even after finding out she wasn't Maria.
  7. She's a blonde hottie with a big sword who isn't a psycho b**ch. (Take that, Uma!)

Reasons why Aerith Gainsborough is Sexier

  1. Aerith sells cheap to expensive flowers ranging from one gil to five hundred, and knows how to give away her charm too!
  2. Aerith is a magical being with a soft skin.
  3. She saves the whole world with one spell, while dead.
  4. As the CGI gets better, Aerith gets hotter, while Tifa ends up looking more and more like Rinoa. Ew.
  5. She's living the fangirl dream; Zack's girlfriend, and Cloud's girlfriend...maybe.
  6. She's been dead for over ten years and fans are still debating if Cloud loves her. To have that kind of staying power, she's gotta be sexy!

Reasons why Tifa Lockhart is Sexier

Tifa Hot-

Excuse me? My eyes are up here...

  1. Whether skimpy or not, Tifa can definitely kick your ass!
  2. Tifa uses slots for her powerful punches and kicks, not some random dopey attacks.
  3. BOOBIES!!! (Come on, it had to be said eventually)
  4. She somehow makes suspenders and a leather miniskirt seem like a good idea.
  5. Watch her fight with Loz, she totally flashes her ass at the camera!
  6. She's a bartender. Free drinks with the babe!

Reasons why Cissnei is sexier

Cissnei at Costa del Sol


  1. Secret agent gotta like that.
  2. Not many women in the series seen in a bikini (any others?).
  3. Can take down Genesis clones by herself.

Reasons why Rinoa Heartilly is Sexier

Rinoa 12
  1. Rinoa's a Sorceress, and she'll go extremely berserk and can off some Black Magic when provoked!
  2. Among the first to be rendered with a life-like appearance.
  3. Angel wings are sexy, I think... Er... Yeah.
  4. Your'e-Going-To-Like-Rinoa!

Reasons why Quistis Trepe is Sexier

  1. Hot for teacher? *cough*
  2. The Spoony One said it all : "Dude, she's eighteen and SHE WHIPS PEOPLE!"
  3. Everyone likes a hot girl in glasses!

Reasons why Selphie is sexier

  1. Just look at her.
  2. Nunchucks are cool.
  3. Just funny.

Reasons why Edea Kramer is Sexier

Edea's profile
  1. Just ask BlueHighwind
  2. Decorative shower curtain!
  3. Whether dressed up un-neededly intricately or below simplistic, she's a classy gal.

Reasons why Garnet is Sexier

Garnet 5
  1. Whether you like girls with short or long hair, she's got you covered.
  2. Her name is after a weapon and a jewel, she had a horn, looks good in a jumpsuit, a throne dress and she can rock both hairstyles.
  3. She's not Quina.
  4. See Lenna #4
  5. Do you know anyone else who looks good in an electric-orange jumpsuit? Anyone? Thought so.
  6. Apparently, she has a soft butt.
  7. Zidane spent four disks flirting with women and settled on her. Obviously she's got something going on underneath that poised persona...

Reasons why Beatrix is Sexier

  1. One word. Eyepatch. Come on, you know you love it...
  2. What a certain princess wishes she could be.
  3. She kicks your ass. Three times. Then she kicks ass for you. Awesome.
  4. She looks hot even in full-plated armor, and needs no miniskirts and such to arouse men.

Reasons why Yuna is Sexier

File:Ffx yuna.jpg
  1. Innocent white mage or gun-wielding badass? You gotta love a woman who'll give you options.
  2. Yuna's an ultimate sweetheart no matter what she does (or wears).
  3. Very sexy in that kimono in X and she can summon & cast magic woohoo!
  4. She pretends to be innocent, but we all know what really happened in Macalania Springs...
  5. Just ask 1stclasswarrior

Reasons why Lulu is Sexier

File:Lulu 2.jpg
  1. Lulu's a hot Black Mage... through and through.
  2. One tug on that outfit and, well you get the idea.
  3. A dress made of belts CAN be sexy, Lulu is evidence.
  4. Caught" a sports star who wanted his brother (BAD)
  5. She seems to be the only one in Spira with anything resembling fassion sense.

Reasons why Rikku is Sexier

  1. Rikku definately knows how to keep her upbeat attitude even in tough situations.
  2. She aso apparently know what age it's alright to start wearing more reveling clothes, take THAT Rydia!
  3. Rikku does not want to grow up, ((Yunie)) so she likes to play does she? (see clothes fo evidence)).

Reasons why Paine is Sexier

  1. Ultima the High Seraph knows why.
  2. She's like squall. Only she's a hot girl.
  3. Who doesn't dream of thawing an ice princess?

Reasons why Ashe is Sexier

  1. She wears what is possibly the shortest skirt in the entier series.
  2. Pretty damn sexy outfit and can kick some ass.
  3. Best booty in the whole series.
  4. Get the camera angle juuuust right an you canlook up that miniskirt or i'm sure she will just let you look. Ashe cannot resist FF wizards like ourselves.
  5. See Lenna #4

Reasons why Fran is Sexier

  1. She's a viera. 'Nuff said.
  2. She's partners with the Leading Man.
  3. Her outfit is almost entierly metal, and theres just something kinky abo that.

Reasons why Lightning is Sexier

FFXIII-Lightning CG
  1. Lightning may not be one of the sweetest gals of the FF series, but you've got to admit she's hot!
  2. Lightning can change from a gun to a sword! Unlike some people...
  3. She already has fanboys and her game hasn't been released yet!
  4. Lightning is like Cloud. Except she's a hot gal. But Cloud is too sometimes


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