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Welcome to The Dollet Hotel!

This is a place to go when you're just not going anywhere in a FF game or you spend 9 hours on a game and you are barely at level 4. If you need game help, this is the place to go. Everyone that comes here will be treated like a hotel guest: with respect. Just ask your question in the form of a post.

Whenever starting a new post, be sure to post your question directly as the thread's title. It's best if you indicate which game you're having trouble with too. This means that if by any chance a monster called Bob is defeating you over and over or if you're stuck in a dungeon called Boston, begin your thread with "FFVI½: How to beat Bob" or "FFVI½: How to get through Boston" instead of "Help!" or "Help with FF VI½".

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TopicLast EditLast Author
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Adders nest18:36, August 16, 2014Monterossa
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FFXIII - game breaking bug in chapter 1112:09, August 3, 2014The Largest Tonberry
FINAL FANTASY V: Archeoaevis01:01, July 30, 2014Intangir Bot
FFVIII Card Player Prison problem16:30, July 23, 2014213.104.248.130
Lightning Dodge Torment10:54, July 21, 2014CylindrusAltum
FF9 chocograph questions02:27, July 12, 2014JC Holy Knight
Marcus & Eiko HELP!02:17, July 9, 2014JC Holy Knight
FFIII Steam - I think I glitched10:22, July 3, 2014Tia-Lewise
Final Fantasy XII Subterra Map?02:38, June 30, 2014JC Holy Knight
Final Fantasy V Abilities03:37, June 20, 2014DrakemasterDrake
Best version of Crisis Core?14:33, June 13, 20145.202.95.178
FFV Titan's Grotto02:53, June 11, 2014JC Holy Knight
FF lightning returns new game+ issue23:50, June 6, 2014Shockstorm
FF* Quistis card13:16, June 2, 2014Tia-Lewise
BIG Chimomo???07:39, May 18, 2014Ffdream
Help in FFX!!09:53, May 4, 201482.7.112.17
FF8 quistis card help15:30, April 29, 2014Keltainentoukokuu
FF7 do levels make the game harder?03:37, April 14, 2014HayanNinja
FF XII Rod of Faith19:33, March 27, 2014Shockstorm
Red Treasure Sphere - Lightning Returns01:21, February 23, 2014HarpieSiren
FF3 iOS/PSP/Ouya 100% Chests06:59, January 23, 2014Spira
HELP ME19:27, January 19, 2014Catuse167
Need help ASAP20:34, January 13, 2014Monterossa
FFIV Healing staff01:06, January 13, 2014JC Holy Knight
Final Fantasy XI console question09:24, January 7, 2014Spira
FFV or FF Tactics?19:14, January 6, 2014TheMysteriousGeek
FFVIII Steam- graphical/program bug?18:16, December 16, 2013Tia-Lewise
FFXIII Cant beat Hecatoncheir18:50, December 7, 2013Keltainentoukokuu
Favorite game level question22:34, November 20, 2013Tia-Lewise
FFXIII-2: Advice for FF vets11:51, November 6, 2013Glaisher
Final Fantasy Tactics — JP gain formulas in original/WotL versions18:13, October 31, 2013LilyheartsLightning
FFVIII Monster formations08:24, October 27, 2013GProst
FFVIII Eject resistance14:36, October 24, 2013GProst
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance A2 - Are there any random encounters in this game?21:31, October 21, 2013Tia-Lewise
Mozme the Moogle15:56, September 16, 2013DrakemasterDrake
FFXI Online:Need Help with Setting Up08:00, September 10, 2013Spira
FFII: iOS "Four surly wizards"19:19, September 5, 2013Locke Mal
FFXII Pebbles09:18, August 27, 2013Toothless100
How do I start playing final fantasy?14:04, August 23, 2013Kaimi
FFVIII Help - After Norg00:00, August 18, 2013Tia-Lewise
Crisis Core Genji help10:10, July 29, 2013Final Chidori
Masamune in FF2 for Minwu?08:11, July 24, 2013Primarch Dysley
FFX Glitches08:40, July 21, 2013Koosha
FFIII: Onion Knight Help02:29, June 25, 2013Vermilion Hydra
FF3 (???)02:05, May 24, 2013Kimlasca warrior
Ffv job advice23:46, May 16, 2013Squallisnotemo
Final Fantasy 3 help16:47, May 2, 201346.117.171.0
Final Fantasy Wiki20:01, April 30, 2013Daenerys Hawke
FFIX : (Out)leveled (Disc2)18:36, April 26, 201389.164.241.224
Ship's 15 Puzzle16:50, April 15, 2013Keltainentoukokuu
Crisis core: building a better wagon?15:33, April 12, 2013Keltainentoukokuu
I think I found a bug in VIII...18:30, April 4, 2013Tia-Lewise
FFVIII: Can I get Meltdown spell in Disc 1??21:18, March 18, 2013Squallisnotemo
Laguna vs Ruby Dragon13:21, February 10, 2013Ffdream
Final Fantasy 13 yellow indicators15:28, January 19, 2013Keltainentoukokuu
DS Lunar Subterrane B5 save point?00:48, January 9, 201350.37.83.131
Grizamaluke bells. FF900:30, January 6, 201371.61.192.168
Ultima Weapon in Ruin Depths (FFX-2)06:33, December 24, 2012The importer
Via Infinito vital for 100%23:15, December 22, 201279.69.201.200
Is there anyway NOT to fight the Dark Aeons (FFX International)15:01, November 16, 2012Eddy ewww
Final Fantasy Dimensions cave of perfervidity lava05:13, October 12, 201271.193.195.110
Graviga19:40, September 15, 2012Keltainentoukokuu
Final Fantasy Finishing 6 years later!!21:53, September 14, 201268.65.56.4
FFVII Truth about trine.07:09, September 5, 201268.227.240.73
Illuyankas impossible to find! NEED HELP!!23:57, September 1, 2012Shockstorm

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