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Welcome to the Sanctuary of Zi'tah!

This forum is for FF Fan creations, meaning it's a place where you may display all your Fan-Fiction, Fan-Art, comics, games, or, anything else you have created with your Final Fantasy consumed mind, as long as it relates to Final Fantasy (of course). You can also use this place to discuss future creations or to ask for help with anything related to a fan creation you are currently in the process of making (or are going to make).

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TopicLast EditLast Author
Dissidia II Final Fantasy16:02, April 17, 2014JBed
Final Fantasy XIII Sequel16:01, April 17, 2014JBed
FF Type 0 fanfic- The Silver Branded L'Cie21:04, April 14, 2014TheMysteriousGeek
Final Fantasy VII Romantic Arguments: Serious Version20:31, February 27, 2014206.130.211.69
Primo Phantasia (need help)23:24, February 13, 2014TheDustSettlesAroundUs
Endosin(Android game based on Tetra Master)16:29, September 17, 201324.247.123.45
Fanart06:53, September 1, 2013Catuse167
Clouds of Judgement13:56, July 22, 2013Armageddon11
Is the Siegfried on the Phantom Train actually Gogo?04:19, March 17, 2013Espritduo
Origin of GILGAMESH Theory00:00, March 12, 2013174.69.79.160
Dissidia Wars II22:34, February 27, 2013RoxasTheRanger
FFX-2: Alternative version19:06, February 21, 2013Occasionee
Tantalus400:54, February 18, 201378.73.142.64
What are the fan games out there?16:35, December 13, 201275.42.235.142
Final Fantasy XV: Villain Idea Time :D!18:50, December 11, 2012Moogleknight24
A Final Fantasy VII Creepypasta22:58, November 20, 2012Time Master
FF Spirits Within: Fantasy/Science Fantasy Style01:22, November 16, 2012Mask no Oni
Final Fantasy IV Smiles -Shoot'em up08:58, October 3, 201264.201.92.26
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