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Welcome to Rin's Travel Agency!

This is the forum for all official wiki business. If your topic is not directly related to the wiki, please take it to the off-topic forum instead.

Before posting, make sure the topic you're posting in is still active. If a topic is near the bottom, it means it is inactive and thus not worth adding to unless there is a necessary revival. Please check time stamps if you are unsure.

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Stickied Threads - please read these first
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Articles to Move Topic22:06, December 19, 2014Catuse167
Articles to Make Topic08:43, December 9, 2014Xenomic
Articles to Update04:47, November 21, 2014Xenomic
Updating Images01:17, October 14, 2014Xenomic
Navbox Megathread07:19, October 13, 2014Monterossa
Fora Rules and Wiki Directory01:50, November 10, 2012Yuanchosaan
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New skin incoming21:21, December 20, 2014Technobliterator
Overhaul of Returner's Conclave; creation of portals21:19, December 20, 2014Technobliterator
Articles to Move Topic22:06, December 19, 2014Catuse167
MoS: Games06:53, December 19, 2014Catuse167
A FF13 related work (manga)17:22, December 18, 2014BGMaxie
Voice Actor Pages V220:46, December 15, 2014Keltainentoukokuu
Character article changes part 223:26, December 10, 2014Drake Clawfang
IRC ops reset23:25, December 10, 2014Drake Clawfang
Articles to Make Topic08:43, December 9, 2014Xenomic
FFXIV articles changes23:00, December 8, 2014Miphares
Infobox Megathread12:49, December 7, 2014Technobliterator
Unused Images!10:42, December 7, 2014Xenomic
Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Updating10:23, December 1, 2014Xenomic
Merging Sideicons and Navboxes22:48, November 30, 2014Technobliterator
Wiki LP back with a vengeance20:37, November 28, 2014Technobliterator
Adding Sections to Articles20:40, November 26, 2014Xenomic
Lua modules master thread08:18, November 22, 2014JBed
Articles to Update04:47, November 21, 2014Xenomic
Elemental Templates11:47, November 19, 2014Technobliterator
FF12 Images11:40, November 18, 2014Technobliterator
FF6 iOS Battle Sprites18:42, November 11, 2014Detective Sabin
Map extension14:42, November 9, 2014Spira
Article(s) for FFXIV battle themes16:20, November 8, 2014Monterossa
Adding novellas et al to scope21:16, November 7, 2014Keltainentoukokuu
Revamping acknowledgement and the moderator position14:43, November 5, 2014JBed
Next LP - Dissidia 01220:38, October 31, 2014Drake Clawfang
FFXII Articles Maintenance Work17:38, October 28, 2014BlueHighwind
IOS to Mobile11:13, October 26, 2014Spira
A New Staff Promoting Paradigm21:42, October 25, 2014Catuse167
Giving a character infobox for FFX-2 characters?01:24, October 22, 2014JBed
Articles Creation Policy23:05, October 21, 2014Xenomic
Documentation for Templates15:39, October 20, 2014JBed
Updating Images01:17, October 14, 2014Xenomic
Navbox Megathread07:19, October 13, 2014Monterossa
Spoiler Revamp13:11, October 11, 2014Intangir Bot
Categorization of Music Articles03:50, October 11, 2014Spira
FFV enemy data not showing up22:03, October 5, 2014Technobliterator
Need help fixing two FF1 enemy pages02:43, October 1, 201471.226.144.42
FF4 + FF4:TAY monster pages overhaul19:48, September 27, 2014Technobliterator
Shinra Technologies04:07, September 20, 2014Some Color Mage
Interesting tabber from other wiki20:24, September 19, 2014Xenomic
"Peruperu" race from Spira10:07, September 19, 2014Kaimi
From Wikia: Battle for the Net; Internet Slowdown02:50, September 13, 2014Catuse167
Various Dissidia topics01:37, August 15, 2014Technobliterator
Transclude Etymology20:20, August 4, 2014JBed
Issue with clicking on images to check licenses10:30, August 4, 2014Tia-Lewise
Flavor Text on Article Pages18:16, July 31, 2014JBed
HQ Lightning Returns Stuff21:27, July 27, 2014Kaimi
Have a video~21:19, July 27, 2014Technobliterator
IRC Mogbot19:00, July 26, 2014Catuse167
Link Template18:32, July 26, 2014Technobliterator
Image display links19:54, July 23, 201488.107.151.166
Bot policy and auto-maintenance07:55, July 21, 2014Catuse167
About game titles with/without a colon11:01, July 15, 2014Technobliterator
Affiliation with NieR Wiki07:55, July 15, 2014TidusTehSacrificer357
Updating FF6 pages with iOS images06:21, July 11, 2014Detective Sabin
Can we please talk about Visual Editor?01:50, July 8, 2014Some Color Mage
Console button templates17:37, July 2, 2014Technobliterator
Foot pop-ups01:58, June 26, 2014JBed
Blurred Images15:36, June 18, 2014Keltainentoukokuu
Type-0 Translations page14:24, June 9, 2014Kaimi
File licensing with parameters19:42, May 29, 2014Keltainentoukokuu
FFXIII-2 Fragments After Translation Project12:32, May 13, 2014Mecorx
New Final Fantasy etymology07:33, May 6, 2014188.252.138.118
Just uploaded all of the FF1 psp weapons images00:45, April 21, 2014Keltainentoukokuu
Petition for BentStuff's Final Fantasy Ultimania books into English14:25, April 16, 2014Crystal Tear
Just joined to add a picture...14:47, April 11, 2014Keltainentoukokuu
New way to navigate tabs02:48, March 28, 2014JC Holy Knight
Help with navigation22:13, March 8, 2014RjRuiz
Parameter case20:21, March 3, 2014Jimcloud
Priorities!15:36, February 25, 2014Spira
FFV iOS portraits16:50, February 7, 20142.102.230.23
Abilities sections in enemy articles17:10, January 25, 201486.157.190.28
Android on Final Fantasy Dimensions Monster pages20:18, January 10, 2014JBed
Bravely Default Voice Actors23:56, December 6, 2013Tia-Lewise
Halloween Skin22:24, October 31, 20132.102.230.84
Math tags21:36, October 12, 2013Intangir Bot
Other Appearances (FFA, FFL, FFLII, FFLIII)12:05, October 7, 2013Tia-Lewise
Parent Filter20:05, September 16, 2013Raylan13
FFXI subjobs section removal21:14, September 5, 2013Jblancosegura
Floor Plans01:02, August 29, 20132.102.231.25
Image Gallery Consistency02:32, August 27, 2013Drake Clawfang
Final Fantasy X-2 headline question17:26, July 24, 2013Mister Tonberry
Adding memories location for Final Fantasy Dimensions12:24, July 24, 2013Adrianbudau
FFVI and Bahamut Lagoon02:06, July 19, 2013Fenrir9
FFXIII-2 Fragments Before Translation Project01:35, July 10, 2013Mecorx
Game articles MoS changes19:17, July 6, 2013Kaimi
Buff/Debuff Terms Outside of their Respected Game(s)15:46, June 11, 2013JBed
Enemy Infoboxes14:51, May 29, 2013JBed
FFIV Page Name Change18:11, May 25, 2013Tia-Lewise
Final Fantasy XIII tag18:19, May 14, 2013DilsDileva
Verifying correctness of information18:46, May 12, 2013Keltainentoukokuu
FFV Character Battle Section20:14, May 9, 2013Monterossa
VIII enemy stat per level tables12:52, April 12, 20132.102.228.245
Request to update Site Notice20:58, April 7, 2013Tia-Lewise
FFATB Enemy Template03:46, April 6, 2013Fenrir9
Article for 25th Anniversary Distant Worlds18:29, April 4, 2013Tia-Lewise
Foreign language Final Fantasy wikis22:47, April 2, 2013Thisismyrofl
Locations sections21:51, March 25, 2013Tia-Lewise
Blu Ray screenshots18:29, March 16, 2013Monterossa
FFVIII Scan Quotes15:30, March 12, 2013Espritduo
Final Fantasy Wikia Broken?18:17, March 2, 2013JBed
FFAB: Images for abilities, weapons, summons02:37, February 27, 2013Kimlasca warrior
The handling of skillsets on parent pages08:04, December 28, 2012Shockstorm
Request help - Adding a table to a translation page15:27, November 12, 2012Keltainentoukokuu
Fora Rules and Wiki Directory01:50, November 10, 2012Yuanchosaan

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