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OK, we've had the most useless character, the hottest character, the best job, the best hero... But why no one puts the most Important thing? Who is the best asset to your party? Who can preety much kill everyone while the rest of the perty are having a suntan? So here it is, put the name and game of the most powerfull playable (not temporary) chap in any of your FF pary! Maj. H

BlueHighwind TA
Anyone can defeat Sephiroth. Just take off at least 1hp and you win. ^_^  ILHI 15:30, 5 October 2008 (UTC)
Dissidia Cecil
BlueHighwind TA
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Cador 2

Vaan is the most powerful character ever no doubt, just look: bahamut-shin

Vivi (Mobile)
Sora's sig

Marche is because he is capable of destroying the world! :P

Prishe ingame 4render
Prishe ingame 4render

Prishe ingame 4render
Gilgamesh Alt Images

I'd have to say In heroes it would have to be Celes because she has a sylish girl-cape ind is scimpily dressed as for the villans it would be a tie between the two shemales (Kuja and Adel) don't ask why they just creep me out but Kuja is a tad bit stronger because he can go super saiyan but Adel is truly evil because she junctions yur girlfriend to her body. Poliwirl100 13:20, 10 November 2008 (UTC)

Prishe ingame 4render
Dissidia Warrior of Light

We all forget that Locke can kill Kaiser by himself- if he had the right equipment and spells-

Genji Glove, 2xUltima Weapons, Master's Scroll, and to top it off, Quick. Sora G. Strife

bahamut-shin  :anastasia + dervish = super Vaan machingun speed attack??

DarkShuyin 02:25, 24 December 2008 (UTC){{{Dark Shuyin|(UTC)|text=Well im going to have to say Zack, hes basically a red mage on steroids with a huge sword