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I am currently trying to farm AP to level up my materia to...

  • Kill Sephiroth
  • Get the Master/Huge Materia (except for summon, I missed Alexander, never give into peer pressure to not use walkthroughs) so I can waste Emerald Weapon (Fewer materia-less damage, if one lets you use every spell/command, why not go for it?)
  • Kill Ruby Weapon.

Anyway, I am just trying to find some enemies where I can get a ton of AP so if you have any suggestions, let me know. Oh, and if you tell me to go to the northern crater its not helping. Exdeath64 20:15, November 1, 2009 (UTC)

MichelrpgOH god.. materia grinding blows if you decide to do it near the end. I usually do so midgame, the materias I use anyway. Midgame, there's a section I prefer to materiagrind since I am often busy there gaining all my limit breaks; the southern section of the island Wutai is on. However, since you're already this far in the game, go to the Sunken Gelnika. Aside of large amounts of AP, the monsters give great exp too. And if you go for the Yuffie Sneak Attack+Morph+Mega-All combo using the conformer weapon, you'll gain a load of statboosters along the way. Though I don't see how the Northern Crater would be a problem for AP, if you don't mind using the W-item cheat (then again I dont like it either, so I understand). As for Emerald weapon; that thing is shit easy. I never understood why people claim he's harder than Ruby is, I always found Ruby to be a pain in the backside. Anyway, I can give you a load of tips on him if you want. Also, you dont need summon materia for either one anyway. Hell I defeated both of them before even realising there was Mastered Materia, Bahamut ZERO, KotR, or even realising there was an optional character (Vincent). I was a complete and total ff newbie back then, so you honestly shouldnt have any problems with him. But again, if you want me to, I can give some good tips on Emerald. Not Ruby though, he still manages to humble me from time to time.


Michelrpg Except he just said referring to the north cave isnt considered helping. By the way Exdeath, since you mentioned missing Alexander, this means that leveling your summon materia wont be needed. This is a big plus, since there are very few materias that require so much grinding as Summon Materias do. In fact, you can skip summon materias alltogether if you want. Like I said they're not needed, plus you'll get some MASTER materia after beating Emerald anyway. Just be sure you have the only 2 weapons available with TRIPLE growth on them (Cloud's APocalypse, and Cid's weapon, I forgot the name). Use bangles with double growth (naturally) as well. Put the largest materias (for example Contain, Revive, Slash-all) in the double growth, and put any small materias in the triple growth. While the speed would still be the same in terms of growth if it were the other way around, I noticed the game becomes a lot more bearable if you have materias being MASTERED in a somewhat consecutive pace.

Thanks, and I only said that northern crater would not work because you cannot leave once you go in, right? And I know about Alexander, I cannot believe I missed the thing...To be honest, I don't usually use summons that often (Save for Phoenix, Bahamut Zero, and Hades, and only then when I have a few turbo ethers lying around or really need something dead quick) due to their massive MP cost and the fact that those animations take forever, the ones in VI where way better. Short animations, and more defensive abilities. Exdeath64 17:11, November 2, 2009 (UTC)

Yes, you can leave.  ILHI 17:16, November 2, 2009 (UTC)

Oh, really? Well that's rather useful. And to think I had been killing cactuers to grind...Well, enough of that then, thanks to the lot of you. Exdeath64 17:23, November 2, 2009 (UTC)


ExDeath, why don't you go get the Alexander Materia now? Nothing in the Great Glacier is permanently missable. Just go back and grab it. I belive the Hallway area of the Gelnika is currently the best place to grind, materia and characters alike. You should also buy the Exp Plus materia in the Gold Saucer.Discordius 21:15, November 2, 2009 (UTC)

I am fairly certain you cannot return...Can anyone else back this up? Exdeath64 22:09, November 2, 2009 (UTC)


Michelrpg The Alexander Summon is lost forever, since you cant return to the Great Glacier on account of, well....weapons having popped out of the Crater, thus ruining the scenery permanently. However Exdeath, you -CAN- enter the Northern Glacier and come back again. I wasnt aware of this before either. Just be sure to save before entering, since its very possible to accidentally walk into the point of no return-scene where you go for the final battle. And do yourself a favor; find the Mega-ALL materia. It's the sweetest goddamn thing put in the entire game, and while it overrules Slash X4, it gives you stuff like Deathblow-All, Steal-ALl, Morph-All, etc etc. Deathblow specifically is MURDER combined with Vincent's 255% hit gun.

Michel, you are wrong on this one. The scenery only becomes inaccessible from Holzoff's house onwards. Gaea's Cliff is blocked, but the whole of Great Glacier is just as you left it.Discordius 03:24, November 4, 2009 (UTC)

Michelrpg Well I don't recall ever being able to go back there, and the page about the Alexander Materia on this site claims it's a missable item as well, due to not being able to go back :/.


Michelrpg Alright then. Guess the wiki needs some correcting. However, even with Alexander in your possession Exdeath, I dont recommend grinding the AP for Summon Materia. Aside of most summons being useless and weak, they take forever to level (Knights of the round requires WELL over half a million AP). Do yourself a favor and don't level the summons. I did this myself and the rewards for it arent very satisfying (Hurray I get another Master Summon materia which I'll never use anyway! Hurray!). Go master Magic materia, Support Materia (or whatever the yellow materias are called again), and Counter-attack Materia. grow LOADS of counter attack materia. Basically thats how I'm able to smoke Emerald. I just have 1 person with Enemy SKill Materia (Big Guard/White Wind) and Revive/all, Cure/all materia, and I load up the other two with at least 7 counter-attack materias, and give them Slash-all and 4x Cut materia. I once attempted to give them both 31 counter attack materias, but that kinda backfired when I was hit by a very early Aire Tam storm ^^;.... still, if you tranquilize your entire team, damage from normal attacks is at a minimum, and hits are near 100% certain. Imagine giving emerald 31 total counter attacks when he hits you with that bubble beam ;). That 'll show him :D

Hm, interesting concept, but I usually try to figure out bosses myself before looking into other strategies. I don't see bosses has obstacles to finishing the game, I see them has mental challenges, something the designers stuck in to essentially say "Okay you punk gamer, lets see you figure THIS out." I take personal pride in taking out the hard ones (Though I did need help with the V ones, who the HELL is going to use a bardsong on Omega anyway? The class is useless everywhere else. Though I did take out Kaiser (Wilhelm?) Dragon without help). And I am currently in the glacier area, I found the hot spring but that Yuki-Onna enemy has yet to show herself. Exdeath64 17:40, November 4, 2009 (UTC)

Summons are pretty useless in Final Fantasy 7 besides Bahamut for killing the wall boss even though Ungermax pretty much kills it in a couple turns and Knights of the round for obvious reasons and Hades to kill the Ruby Weapon.

Michelrpg Exdeath, you will have to have used the hot springs way on the other side of the map, or she wont show. Also, be sure to steal from her. She has a circlet (as all Snow monsters do), which is a pretty nifty item for a spellcaster. And I agree with you on the optional bosses being mental challenges. Thats why I went out of my way against Omega in FF8. As for the previous poster; Knights of the Round is so ridiculously powerful I cant stand the idea of using it. Not even against Emerald and Ruby. It just makes them easier by such an amount that most of the challenge is simply gone. I like watching it, occasionally using it on a ridiculously weak monster for laughs (Eat that you damn Chocobo!), but aside of that it's a summon that kind of ruined the game. So despite it's "obvious reasons" I feel its a summon not worth using. But like all summons; its cool to watch. Speaking of which, is it possible to get a KotR summon using Cait Sith's limit break? I managed to get a Bahamut ZERO one once (which annoyed the hell out of me since I never used FAQS and I had no internet back then, so I had NO clue where to find it), but not KoTR.