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Prishe ingame 4render
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Prishe ingame 4render

Prishe ingame 4render
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I'm insane, not stupid. Remember that next time.

--Jesusmaster44 21:43, 15 December 2008 (UTC)

My hero:

Name: Kadden Stillion

Hair Colour: Slicked back, dark brown hair down to bottom of neck

Race: Human

Age: 17

Height: 6' 2

Weight: 250 lbs.

Clothes: Black leather boots, dark blue jeans, black sleeveless shirt, black leather jacket, black leather gloves (I know its a lot of black, but black looks badass, so you understand), and armor on the shins, hips, and shoulders

Job: Dark Knight

Weapon: Claymore

Personality: Extremely introverted, conscientious, empathetic, has a dark sense of humor, mature for his age, particularly shy around women, antagonistic towards people he thinks as narcissistic, has a "morbid interest" in psychology, distrustful of the church

Motive: Revenge on the cult summoner who used him and his crush as a flawed experiment for trans-dimensional resurrection that revived him and transported his school crush along with him. And ultimately rest for him and his love interest to be returned to her home

Voice actor: Steve Staley

My villain:

Name: Lucsien Yaldione

Hair Colour: Shoulder length, blonde hair, parted down the middle

Race: Human, half-demon after completing his pact

Age: 24

Height: 5' 9

Weight: 170 lbs.

Clothes: White and gold priest robes under armor covering the forearms, shoulders, chest, waist, and lower legs (So basically, he's dressed like a medieval crusader)

Job: Paladin

Weapon: Spear

Personality: Strongly extraverted, extremely religious, unbelievably immature, condemning of science, loves kids, surrealist artist, acts impulsively and hastily, scornful of anyone who doesn't believe the church

Motive: Leads a rebellion on the church after his family was killed by cultists as a sacrifice to their god for power while he watched. The same god then comes to him in a dream and tells him that the cultists were part of the church and ordered by the church's councilmen to do so for a ritual for power, and makes a pact with Lucsien: eliminate the church, in exchange for the power to bring back his family. In the meantime, he learns of a summoner who warns him of "the deadman from another sun" who apparently wants to complicate his progress

Voice actor: Liam O'Brien



Here is my amazing hero:

Name: Jamiemitsu

Hair color: Long, dark glossy red

Race: Hume

Height: Tall

Weight: Not very heavy

Clothes: FFT Samuri armor

Job: Samuri with limited time magic (Imobilize, disable)

Weapon: Katana/ off hand: Crossbow

Personality: Generic, honorable Samuri

Motive: To make a name for himself as the greatest samuri to ever live. Ever.

Arch enemy: Changes constantly; currently the Joker (from Batman)

Jamiemitsu 19:47, 13 December 2008 (UTC)


I'm insane, not stupid. Remember that next time.

Jesusmaster44 06:17, 22 December 2008 (UTC)

Me again. I felt like doing another hero and villain.

My 2nd Hero (this one's a girl):

Name: Uliyane Wengstdin

Hair: Long, blonde hair down to her waist

Race: Human

Height: 5' 5

Weight: 130 lbs.

Clothes: Traveling boots, worn black pants, tight blue sleeveless shirt, black and gray cloak/labcoat with hood, and black gloves (like an average traveler/thief, with the exception of her labcoat, more or less)

Job: Thief/Chemist

Weapon: Dagger and shortsword

Personality: Cheery, curious (to the point of being perverted), easily upset, likes to read (for some reason), intersted in neurology, struggles emotionally to cope with parents' disappearance, in love with the idea of falling in love, afraid of older women (she doesn't know why herself), irritable around the topic of her parents and their way of living (who wouldn't?)

Motive: Finding out what happened to her parents, sustaining her way of life (as every thief should), studying neurology at her nation's captiol under the leading neurologist and court mage and chemist, Dr. Goryian Breyd

Voice Actor: Kate Higgins

And my 2nd villain (another dude):

Name: Goryian Breyd

Hair: Blonde, long and straight, down halfway from his back

Race: Human

Height: 6' 5"

Weight: 180 lbs.

Clothes: White labcoat with gold trim and belt, heavy gray armor on his legs and arms with shoulders curved down with gold trim

Job: Chemist

Weapon: Long-barrelled handgun, shortsword, assorted chemicals and poisons

Personality: Genuinely interested in the growth of his students (though this is just due to his sexual desires as a beleiver in hedonism), sadistic, abstract thinker (to the point of heresy), completely insane, and all the while maintains the image of a reserved, mature and fatigued scientist

Motive: Satisfying his needs as a hedonist, searching for the way to eternal life (on the way he lost his sanity once he was faced with the fact that no such thing existed, he used Uliyane's parents as guinea pigs for a poison meant to strengthen the human heart that caused their deaths while he spread the rumor of their disappearance), manipulating whatever assets he has to his advantage

Voice actor: Don't know yet


Dissidia Cloud of Darkness ex

Dissidia Cloud of Darkness ex

Zidane Dissidia Alt
IV-kain sd


This is going to be a little dificult. I'm not going to do my perfect hero yet, but I am going to do the perfect villain. Only problem is, when I try to think of the best villain imaginable, I come up with something too much like Sephiroth. Okay, focus, focus... Oh well here goes...

Name: Malek Vaughn.

Hair: Black, short, and spiky.

Race: Hume.

Age: 25.

Height: 5ft, 11in / Slightly taller than average.

Weight: Average.

Clothes: Black jumpsuit with cape / Long, flowing back jacket (not leather, more like the stuff in The Matrix) with all black clothes underneath. Steel-tipped black leather boots. Black leather gloves. No armour.

Job: Black Mage/Dark Knight.

Career: Worked as an Agent (sort of like a combination of SOLDIER and the Turks) for Evil Japanese RPG Empire #697132. Became so famous and poweful that he began working as the Emperor's personal go-to guy for big battles and conquests. Leads coup d'etat partway through the game and becomes the Emperor himself.

Weapon: Katana, Gunblade (competent swordsman, but his magic is the real weapon).

Limit Break: Furious Mind.

Battle: Completely impervious to magic. Never runs out of MP. Has all -aja level spells. Silence slows him down, but is dispelled after only one turn. Counter-attacks with his katana when struck. Furious Mind instantly KOs targets that don't have shell or protect cast on them, and even if they do, protect or shell is removed and target reduced to critical HP. Not completely accurate - you'll fight him three times, one where he just uses physical attacks at the beginning of the game.

Personality: Highly intelligent. Ambitious. Has grudge against the world. Deceptive. Very quick to anger, and sometimes violence.

Motive: Was bullied incessantly as a child because of his intelligence. Wants revenge on the entire world. Intends to take over the world and remake it as he sees fit.

Key Quote: Monster? You call me the monster? [raises his voice] Is it monstrous to wish for vengeance against those who have wronged me? Is it monstrous to yearn to improve my lot in life? [practically shouting] Is it monstrous to defy that which would keep me down, treat me like an animal, simply for being who I am?! To have what I want for once in my life?! [becomes calm, smiles ironicallly]Then again, maybe I am a monster, the suffering I have caused, even against those who hate me, or would hate if they knew me, but I don't care. In the end, it all boils down to this - there is something that I want AND NOW I HAVE THE MEANS TO TAKE IT! [does something extremely plot relevant]

Achievements: Ripped apart a huge, fast moving airship with only his mind in under thirty seconds, once won a battle by creating a magic barrier and maintaining it until his enemies ran completely out of ammo.

Voice Actor: Oliver Quinn.

Musical Themes: This is slightly redundant as my plans will never go ahead unless I become Square CEO, wich is unlikely to happen any time soon, but hey, I can come up with names! Anyway, an ordinary action piece called Nemesis for the first encounter, a slightly emoish piece called A Memory of Pain for his backstory, a piece I'm struggling to find ideas for called The World My Enemy for general eviltude, and a one-winged angel-esque piece called Of Fire And Night for the final boss battle.

I'll have my hero along pretty soon. The Man In The Black Cape 15:24, 16 February 2009 (UTC)

Vincent Portrait

OK, its been a while, but here's my hero as well. Please note that the hero and the villain do not neccessarily exist in the same universe (unless Square steals my ideas and uses them in a later Dissidia). Anyway, here goes...

Name: Leon Rains (Working name)

Hair: Medium length, untidy, brown.

Race: Hume.

Age: 23

Height: Slightlly taller than average / About six foot.

Weight: Slightly heavier than average.

Clothes: A long, brown leather jacket, black pants, boots, light shirt.

Other Appearance Details: Has three scars on his face, one on his left cheek, another above his right eyebrow (sloping up and to the right), and another below his left eye (sloping down and to the left)

Career: Mercenary.

Job: Knight/Samurai.

Weapon: Shoto (Doule katanas, one long (not masamune long, but still long) and one short (or, if Square gets thei hands on it, medium length))

Limit Break: Lionheart.

Battle: As the hero and main character, he's your average overpowered allrounder, except for his magic, which sucks like an industrial vacuum cleaner. Lionheart increases his attack, speed and defence, as well as dealing considerable damage to a random number of enemies.

Personality: A tricky one this. He's not stupid, but carefree doesn't quite cut it. You could probably describe him as just ever so slightly overconfident - he doesn't plan anything, just "makes it up as [he] goes along". Has self-deprecating sense of humour. Tries to act macho and tough, but is actually quite sensitive. Is slightly lazy. Often makes light of his situation, opponents and experiences.

Motive: None to speak of. Gets caught up in a larger conflict when he discovers a conspiracy of some sort, and it turns out that his employers are the bad guys. Wants money, girl, and carefree but not exactly quiet life.

Achievements: Destroys a large airship from the inside, and then survives the jump off before it explodes. Various other. Legendary swordsman.

Voice actor: Undecided.

I guess you could describe him as sort of halfway between Balthier and Cloud. Which in itself is no bad thing at all.

The Man In The Black Cape 16:47, 23 February 2009 (UTC) - Neither Cloud nor Squall shall hinder us me


Name: Soma Fafnir

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Red

Race: Omega Human

Age: About 200 years old w/17 year old body

Height: 5'8

Weight: 140 LBs

Clothes: Black t-shirt with black shoulder armor. Tight black jeans with multiple pouches and a dog collar attached to belt. Metal black shin guards and battle boots.

Job: Devastator (Combo of Black Mage and Dark Knight), Berserker, and Blue Mage


Variable Blade - Grey lightsaber like sword that can grow and shrink,

Energy Yo-yo - A yo-yo that is thrown without a string, and cuts into the enemy multiple times with blades made of energy

Shuriken bombs - A shuriken that explodes

Bouncy ball grenades - A rubbery grenade that can bounce about 6 times before exploding.


Soma is the leader of the Warriors of Nightmare and was actually the first Warrior of Zodiark.

Soma, to his knowledge, is a being created completely by scratch by the Empire. However, he was actually taken as an infant and used as a specimen for the Imperial project M.P.W.S, or Mass Produced WEAPON Soldiers. Soma was injected with some blood from Omega Weapon, causing his powers and abilities to sky rocket. However, when the Esper Fenrir attacked the Imperial base where Soma was being tested on, he destroyed the system that kept too much of Omega WEAPON's blood from being injected all at once, and most of Soma's blood became Omega blood. This made his vital stats become unstable and constantly changing, and he was deemed as a failed specimen and tossed into the ocean while still in his pod.

Omega blood, as well as the blood from fellow weapons Ultima, Materia, and Kaiser, is a substance that always mutates into a monster. When the Empire found a way to utilize this into turning people into super humans, they began work on their prototype right away. That prototype would later become Soma. Though after the failure of Soma, they stopped the project.

5 years later, the pod containing Soma opens, and he finally wakes up. But because Soma was asleep his whole life, he had no memories when he woke up on a small island broken away from the mainland. After walking around aimlessly, Soma feels faint and passes out on the beach, and us caught by a powerful wave. He wakes up on the mainland and is taken in by a widow who lost her son during an Imperial raid. This widow is Soma's actual mother, who's husband was killed trying to protect his son. But because of Soma's constant testing and the large amounts of blood getting into his system at the end, he grew up looking nothing like his parents and beyond recognition. His mother named him Soma, who she intended to name him before he was taken.

Soma was raised (unknown by either of them) by his mother, and to his curiosity was trained in multiple forms combat, including Black Magic, Blue Magic, Dark Sword Arts, and Berserker style fighting. Tried as he would, he could never master any of them. It is later revealed that Zodiark, the Lord of Espers, appeared before his mother and told her to train Soma, as he was chosen by him to handle a future crisis.

Soma finally began his journey to stop the crisis, being crowned as the first Zodiark Warrior. As he journeyed, he learns of his origins, and during an Imperial attack on a city, he was left for dead, riddled with bullets by his fellow comrades, who felt he was not worth trying to save, as he was "one of them". After being saved by the Dark God Nightmare, Nightmare offers to make him one of his honorary warriors, howerver Soma returned home to see his mother, stating that he will bathe in the light for his mother. When he returns, he finds his home destroyed and his mother dead. Flying into a rage, Soma destroys an entire city, and enters the Interdimensional Rift, going into a library trapped in it and studying magic and dark arts nonstop everyday. But because time passes by much quicker where he was, he quickly became centuries old (his body, curiously staying 17 years old), mastering many forms of combat and becoming incredibly powerful.

He then returns from the rift and joins Nightmare as the first Nightmare Warrior.

Zalbaag 21:51, 24 February 2009 (UTC) - This wasn't suppose to be this long!!


Nice job. I might do a heroine myself soon if I find the time and the will. I would also like to take this opportunity that any resemblance between my hero (I might change his name again in a minute) and Squall Leonhart is a complete coincidence. I never even made it past the tutorial before I got tired with that game, so I never had the opportunity to steal the Limit Break.

The Man In The Black Cape 16:10, 25 February 2009 (UTC) - Neither Cloud nor Squall shall hinder us me


After a great deal of thought (about two whole minutes) I have decided to go ahead with my heroine. I am actually undecided whether she's going to be a real, main-character heroine on the order of Lightning in FFXIII or just your stereotypical, slightly sexist damsel in distress like, say, Garnet, the Queen of Kidnappings and Subsequent Rescuings. I'm not sure exactly how she's gonna fit in with my earlier works Leon and Malek though, but hey, who cares?

Name: Undecided.

Hair: Dark brown, slightly above shoulder-length.

Race: Hume

Age: Early twenties.

Height: 5ft 9in.

Weight: Medium.

Clothes: Skimpy, but functional. Inspired by a combination of Lulu and Ashes outfits.

Career: Princess whose land was destroyed by Evil japanese RPG Empire #697132. Now working undercover as a mercenary.

Job: Ranger.

Weapon: Sci-Fi Longbow, with various sharp bits. Can fight with fists and short knives if necessary.

Limit Break: Stereotype Crush/Feminist Beam/Defiance(real one)

Battle: A more than capable fighter, but should be kept in the back row. Fast and agile as well as strong, but she is slightly fragile (don't say it out loud). Defiance casts Fury on her but raises her strength, defence and speed, as well as demoralising and dealing mild damage to enemies (when first cast).

Personality: A strong and capable woman, but with a conflicted and violent past. Hates being treated as weak or stupid just because she's female. Keeps whip for whenever main character suggests she may need help with sopmething or tries to flirt with her. Usually has opposite effect. Is really quite sensitive on the inside. Really!

Motive: Doesn't really know herself. Does want revenge for her fallen kingdom (lifted straight out of the FFXII manual) but can't seem to summon much enthusiasm for it.

Voice Actor: Whoever it is that does Ashe in FFXII.

Kuja CG
Dissidia Cecil Harvey ex
Cloudy Wolf


Ok people here's mine

Name:Andrew Mist

Hair Colour:Dark brown changes to green when he is summoning monsters


Age:who wants to know?


Weight:He does'nt want me to tell you

Clothes:Same as Edge from Final Fantasy 4 but green

Job:Every single job class in the world!

Weapon:His first weapon was a Dream Sword from Kingdom Hearts but he can use every weapon.

Personality: Like Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Motive:He wants to kick Kain Highwinds Butt plus he hate monsters so he likes kicking there ass, as well!

Voice Actor: What do ya mean he's real!(fine then Andrew Mist)

by( 17:51, 26 March 2009 (UTC))

Me Walk
Me Walk


Summonearth Not very good at descrpition and have no clue about actors and actresses. Also new to posting in forums so sorry if it does look bad

Main Hero and Heroine

Name: Takuto

Hair Color-Black

Eye Color-Really dark brown

Race- Human

Age- 20

Height- 6 Feet

Class- Swordsman

Weapons- Twin Swords

Personality- A young man who pushes himself too hard despite being cursed. He is kind, but can be harsh to people.

Motive- He lost his memory two years ago of his former life and joined a cult to hope to find some answers, but left after being disgusted by its actions and left. He met Alacea on a train while he was chased by the cult and after she saved her, he promised to protect her in thanks for her help. He is looking for a meaning to his life and like all heroes, save the world and find a shocking truth about himself and the world they live in along the way.

Name- Alacea

Hair- Really White

Eye Color- Pale blue

Race- Ancient

Age- 19

Height- 5’8”

Class- Summoner/White Mage

Weapons- Bow and Arrow

Personality- Way too kind for her own good, but can be serious and will risk her life to help people in need.

Motive- To help many people as she can who were suffering from the Curses from the Day of Curses. Also evading the cult who was trying to get rid the Ancients

Top Two Villians


Hair- Dirty Blond

Eye Color- Startling Green

Age- 26

Height- 6’3

Race- Human

Class- Blackmage/Dragoon


Personality- Cold and calculated person though he does share some kindness to the people under him.

Motive- To collect the sorrow, destruction and despair to the people to give to Dream. He is the leader of the cult and mostly usually hypnotism to make people join him.


Hair- Grayish

Eye color- Hazel

Age- 23

Height- 5’6

Race- Ancient

Class- Summoner/Black Mage

Weapon- Ring Blade

Personality- A cold woman, hardened by her past. She did seem fond of Nicolai though.

Motive- Revenge for the world treating her negatively because of her power to make curses, but it looks like someone is manipulating her behind the scenes…

my turn, heres the heroine:

Name: Anna

Hair colour: Platinum Blonde

Race: Mixed - Half Human and Demon

Age: 25

Height: 5'11

weight: 100 lbs

Clothes: Black robes

Job: A mixture of Warrior and magic classes

Weapon: So'unga (Blade from hell that can summon the Dragon Twister *Ripped off of InuYasha i know* :P)

Personality: Stern, Cold and quite aloof (because of her demon blood) but also quite caring for her friends

Voice Actress: Kelly Sheridan (best known for playing Sango from InuYasha)


Name: Lord Copario

Hair colour: Unknown

Race: Demon

Age: Uknown (But incredibly old)

Height: 6'4

weight: Unknown

Clothes: Full armour including a large helmet which only shows his red, spiraled eyes

Job: Dark Knight and Necromancer

Weapon: Sword and Magic

Personality: Surprisingly calm and charminh, but cruel and vicious in combat or angered

Voice Actress: Kevin Grevioux (best known for playing Raze from Underworld 1 and 3, such a brilliantly deep voice, as can be seen here - [1])


Okay. I couldn't resist when I saw this forum. Here goes nothing, I guess. And by the way, I dont have a porper name, so just call me Sephiroth's Nobody.

Name: Khios Angeli Vesperis

Hair Colour:Black, frighteningly straigh and long, covering eyes and much of his face.

Race: Angeli Vesperis (Latin for Angel of the Dusk.)

Age: Nobody knows, but suspected several hundred years.

Hieght: six foot one

Weight: 145 lbs.

Clothes: Black suit, made of loose material, black greatcoat, black fedora, pulled low over his red eyes. Black silk tie, black gloves, black belts (four, to be exact.)

Job: Thief by trade, assassin and warrior by choice. (Yes, quite redundant.)

Weapon: He can fly using wings from his shoulders, so he needs no proper weapon. He uses fangs and venomous spurs on his wrists. (Hey, I made a species. I can do what I want.) Also, suprisingly strong, and very agile.

Personality: Dark and shadowy to newcomers, he only shows friendly emotions to his teammates. Mysterious, alouf, but surprisingly, he gets asked to dance A LOT when they rest at the bars or inns. Intellegent, but highly cynical, and ergo rarely divulges what he knows to his allies until they already know it, much to their chagrin.

Motive: He saw his family brutally murdered by the Faceless Queen's forces several centuries ago, and has fough her since. He has vowed to kill her, even if he has to die to do it. He leads his allies as a father, but protects them to the bitter end.

Voice Actor: Mark Harmon. (I needed a good cynic, but an awesome dude none the less.)


Squall Leonhart 2

Squall and Rinoa

...You people DO realize that anyone could legally steal these ideas and use them for their own project due to the free use thing, right (See just below the summary bar on the edit screen)? I personally have better things to do, I was just wondering if any of you had considered the possibility of that happening. Exdeath64 07:58, October 25, 2009 (UTC)

Squall and Rinoa

SE and other corps. , no. Randomer, possibly. Stuff like this is why I never post any of my original creations online until I get some sort of copyright. I actually have about a dozen unfinished stories on my laptop which I never post anywhere, mostly because they are in fact unfinished, but I don't want anyone ripping off my ideas. I just figured it was only fair to warn everyone of the possibilities, I'm not the "Stop having fun guy" by any means (And while I am at it, Tier lists suck). Exdeath64 04:21, October 26, 2009 (UTC)

My turn! Name: Odis Hair color: unkept Red Race: Felis Sapien (Cat person) Age: 18 Height: 6'3" Weight: 150 lbs Clothing: Blue T-shirt with white borders. Tiger stripe tattoos on arms. Utility belt (used for catnip, dagger, loot, ball of yarn, etc). Blue jeans. Job: Thief Weapon: Daggers, Twin Swords, the like Personality: Childlike when playful, blood lust when angry, grumpy when hungry. Voice Actor: Zac Brown (gotta problem with Chicken Fried?) Motives: Boredom, need I say more? -CLARKMASTER! 06:28, October 26, 2009 (UTC)

Gilgamesh Alt Images

I will add to this discusion! Hero

  • -Name:Dryzen Sambosa
  • -Hair: Long black, in ponytail halfway down
  • -Race: Human Variant
  • -Age: 22
  • -Hieght: 5' 9"
  • -Weight: 197 lbs
  • -Clothing: Long coat with short sleaves (Dark Blue with black lining)open, no shirt under, long grey pants, black boots
  • -Job: Combination Blue Mage/Fighter
  • -Weapon: Sword
  • -Personality: Think Zidane mixed with Bartz and a little bit of Barret
  • -Motive: Help others no matter what
  • -Voice Actor: Andrew Francis
Squall Leonhart 2

Burtz - Knight - Ultima Sword


From an old RPG project...


  • Name: Adrian Asura
  • Hair Color: Brown at first, then later white. Quite Short
  • Eye Color: Deep Blue, but quickly changes to a faint, pale blue.
  • Race: Hume, then Amnae.
  • Age: 21.
  • Clothes: Cream-colored coat. Black pants. Silver top with black lines. Some armor.
  • Job : Varies, but mostly Knight.
  • Weapons: A basic broadsword.
  • Limit Break: From the weakest... Thrust Energy (impales the enemy with sword, then crushes him with a blow of wind magic. ) / Dark Heavens (deals an ascending spinning strike then blasts the enemy to the ground.) / Hurricane Fury (strikes the enemy multiple times while summoning a giant tornado.) / Crossed Hearts (Strikes the enemy with blasts of white and black energy multiple times.)
  • Personality: At the beginning, caring, loyal and full of honor. But he slowly loses his ability to feel emotions...
  • Backstory : Adrian was a brave knight devoted to the Kingdom of Itha'llia. But one day he was called by the king... When he came, it was a trap... The king's Esobiologist (think of it as a mad scientist) Isaac Nigredo, got him caught and threw him in a spiral of mysterious black and white energy. Adrian fainted. When he woke up, he was alone, and he had... changed. Something in him... but he didn't understand what. As he could freely leave the castle, that's exactly what he did.

He then met one of his childhood friends, Sephia of Alruna. But strangely, he wasn't happy, nor sad, to meet her again. But they are interrupted as people begin to attack them, and they only manage to escape by sheer luck, helped by a mysterious warrior. This one, Nathan Locke, reveals the truth : Adrian "touched" a source of energy called Maëlsturm. Some refer to it as the Sea of Lost Souls, as it slowly drains people's humanity. In exchange, people exposed to it, called "Amnae", receive immense powers, proportional to the loss of humanity. If someone was to lose his entire soul, he would become an "Arkhis", a god. Isaac's plan is also revealed... He tries to make as many people as he can go in contact with Maëlsturm, he could create one Arkhis, despite the very low success rate (0.03%). Nathan swears to stop him.


  • Name: Anthoniel of Alruna
  • Hair Color: Mid-long white hair (white hair and pale eyes are trademark of the Amnae)
  • Eye Color: Almost white.
  • Race: Amnae.
  • Age: ???
  • Clothes: Silver-white armor with a black cape. Black symbols on the armor.
  • Job : Armageddon Lord (Mix of dark-based and light-based offensive magics.)
  • Weapons: A sword with an obsidian black blade and a silver handle, called "Oblivion". But he barely uses it, as he is more a mage.
  • Limit Break: Denial of Existence : Anthoniel summons two white wings and floats to the skies. There, he sends shards of pure darkness on his enemies, turning what they touch into a dark crystal. Then, he summons a white blast of energy to shatter everything.
  • Personality: Messiah Complex. Point.
  • Backstory : Anthoniel is Sephia's father. He also was one of the greatest Knights of the kingdom. He was, as he tells, on a quest to "Find true freedom and peace". However, he was the first victim of Isaac's scheme. When he recovered, his personality was already almost erased : only remained his quest for freedom. Anthoniel then had an epiphany : it was in that state - the state of heartlessness - that true freedom and happiness could be reached !

Anthoniel, not an Arkhis, but close to one, decided to follow his own plan - to bring peace, not only to him, but to the entire world. Luring the heroes into a trap, he exposes his own daughter Sephia to Maëlsturm, thinking that if he is "imperfect", his daughter could have the potential to become an Arkhis. Somehow, his plan works. Anthoniel, not needing the heroes anymore, asks a now soulless Sephia to kill her ancient friends. When they manage to escape, Anthoniel begins his real plan... By feeding his own mind and Sephia's body to Maëlsturm, he would be able to control the Sea of Lost Souls... to turn every being into an Arkhis !

(Phew...) Xelias-}}

Balthier ffxiirw
The Man

```````````````````````````````````````````` Hero: Trevor Hair: Long and straight with brown tint Race: Human Age: 18 Height: 5'6" Weight: 120 Clothes: Kinda looks like a muay tai kick fighter exept he has a shirt on with feet that are wrapped Job: Monk Weapon: Gloves Personality: always positive all the time and serious when need be and has a strong sense of justice Motive: Called forth by Cosmos to save the world from monsters invading the world.

Villain: Steven Hair: Short spiked same color as hero Relation to hero: Hero's cousin Race: Human (tainted by Chaos) Age: 20 Height: 5'8" Weight: 140 Clothes: Fancy Suit at first sighting then loincloth after Chaos transformation Job: Warrior/Gunner at first Weapon: Sword and guns Personality: Cold and sadistic Motive: To revive Chaos and bring the world to nothingness slaughter all of mankind because he feels the world is tainted and he wants to cleanse the world to his vision.

Hero: Havien Hair: Brown Race: Human Age: 17 Height: 5'9" Weight: About 120-ish Clothes: Blue and white armor, black and red armor as a dark knight. Job: Paladin, then Dark Knight, then Paladin again :P Personality: Optimistic, benevolent, stereotypical RPG main character personality, etc. Motive: To stop the world from being taken over by the evil spirit-thing that I haven't made a name for yet. Excalibur (Yes, the sword) told him to. But Excalibur was possessed by the evil spirit-thing and turned him into a dark knight and tried to take over the... I'll stop here...

Villain: No name yet :P Hair: Doesn't have any Race: Spirit Age: Infinite Height: 72'6" Weight: He's technically not a tangible object, so 0 lbs Clothes: He's just a shadowy thing, he doesn't need clothes Job: Evil spirit Motive: Because he wants to take over the world.}}

FF8 carbuncle2
Squall Sketch
Name:Stark (Strength)

Hair Colour: Dark brown, short Race:Hume Age: 28 Height:6 foot 2 Weight: 220 lbs Clothes: Tan scarf, brown shirt, brown gloves, alot of varying shades of brown. I will eventually be doing a drawing.... THe browns are based on the fact that he is from a sort of futuristic desert a la Star Wars Job: Warrior Weapon: Harbinger Personality:A man training for the Royal Army of Thratia, a kingdom within the world of Donne'vie. has a very mercenary like attitude, like CLoud. Motive:Originally to bring Glory to the his King. It changes, read my Fan fic when i release it. Voice Actor: guy who did Sheppard in Mass Effect

Villain: Kematian Vorbote (Malay for Death, German for Harbinger) Deathbringer More details later. Keep an eye out for my soon to come fanfic!

--Marcus Papetti}} Line 2,885: Line 2,885:

FF8 carbuncle2
FF8 carbuncle2


I only have a really good villain right now so here goes. -Name: Xecthar -Race: Human -Age: Unknown -Height: 6'2 -Weapon: Spear with blades on both ends -Clothes: long black robe with black gloves that extend to his elbows and end with a point on both sides. -Hair Color: Long and white -Eyes: Pure black -Motive: Was once on the side of good but then the goddess Illydia told him that he was destined for evil and that he had to transform into the ultimate power of evil, Neo. He had actually been sent by her because fo a contest between Illydia and Monwae, her sister. -Peronality: An enigma that is very sly, cunning and is very cocky and confident in everything that he does. MystRay 12:14, September 1, 2010 (UTC)

      Soo this is my awesome Hero/villian Enjoy XD
   * Name:Zero Azure
   * Hair Colour: long white Spikey Hair
   * Race: Half Demon Half Angel
   * Age: 13 (immortal)
   * Hieght:5ft
   * Weight: not heavy 
   * Clothes: Wrappings all around body, coat with right sleeve cut off and black jeans.
   * Job: Dark Knight/ Palidin
   * Weapon: 6 Swords and Magic
   * Personality: Shy, Funny, Crazy, Random and hyper.
   * Motive:Wants to Find his purpose and protect his honor.
   * Voice Actor: Not a crappy one XD 

Now the bad guy.

   * Name: Azula 
   * Hair Colour: long black hair
   * Race: Full Demon
   * Age: 25
   * Hieght: 7ft
   * Weight: light
   * Clothes: long white dress with left sleeve cut off
   * Job: Red Mage
   * Weapon: Magic
   * Personality: Opisite of zero
   * Motive: To Destoy All
   * Voice Actor: I dont care too lazy XD

My villian is a madman driven by hate and anger to avenge his brother who died at the hands of the Drankalian gods


Age:His hate and rage know no age only his will keeps him alive until he kills the Drankalian gods

Race:Once human but now he has become a demon the very essence of hate,fear,and rage.

Hair color:Almost white he has transparent hair that writhes like flame when he is angry


Weight:When he became demon he began to weigh as light as air

Clothes:Sinister black robes that wrap around him like swirling darkness

Job class:Godslayer

Weapons:His dark magic and the souls of those who were foolish enough to follow his ways

Personality:Cold and heartless as stone

Motive:To kill the Drankalian gods to avenge his brother's death

Voice actor:unknown

Hero to be revealed soon

Blitz 23:00, January 5, 2011 (UTC)

OK, here's mine:

  • Name: Rywymc
  • Sex: Male
  • Hair: Short and spikey. Brown, with a lock of white hair.
  • Race: Human
  • Age: 13
  • Height:1.65 Meters.
  • Weight:67 Kg, roughly 134 lbs.
  • Clothes: Heavy armour, and a helmet that has the shape of a wolf's head
  • Job: Knight with some of the weak green and arcane magic and guitar player.
  • Weapon: Guitar-axe, self explanatory.
  • Personality: Loner, but caring. He always treats everyone with honour and respect. He never lies, but sometimes doesn't tell the full truth. He has a very deep voice, for which he was made fun of in his childhood.
  • Motive: To save the world.
  • Voice Actor: Tony Jay (deceased)

And the villain:

  • Name: Taet
  • Sex: Female
  • Hair: Long and slightly wavy. Black.
  • Race: Human
  • Age: 13
  • Height: 1.65 Meters.
  • Weight: 37Kg
  • Clothing: Same as before, but more revealing and thigh and with a bat-shaped helmet.
  • Job: All
  • Weapon:A cursed organ and a staff.
  • Personality: She is an artificial life form that was created to be the the exact opposite of the hero. She's cruel and sarcastic. She always treats everyone like crap. For a long time her soul was living in his girlfriend's body.
  • Motive: Because she can.
  • Voice actress: That chick who played Roodaka in Bionicle 3.

  • Name:Darkus (Dark) McCloud
  • Hair Colour:Black
  • Race:Human
  • Age:19
  • Height:160cm
  • Weight:kinda underweight
  • Clothes:Dark blue jacket with black shirt and leather jeans
  • Job:Dark Knight/Thief
  • Weapon:Gunscythe like a gunblade but with a scythe)
  • Personality:cheery, smart and just all round badass
  • Motive:To stop evil and play video games
  • Voice Actor:Me
  • Name:Neo Chase
  • Hair Colour:White
  • Race:half demon half human
  • Age:19
  • Height:165cm
  • Weight:38kg
  • Clothes:White suit with tie
  • Job:Shapeshifter/necromancer
  • Weapon:poisonous whip
  • Personality:evil, emo and easily angered
  • Motive:To take over the world!! (insert evil laugh here)
  • Voice Actor:i dont really know...

Bluestarultor Rays

Here is my hero and villain.


  • Name: Crystalia Vera
  • Hair Color: Rosy pink
  • Race: Human
  • Age: 15
  • Height: 6'2
  • Weight: 155 lbs.
  • Clothes: Black tank top, white mage cloak, jeans, track shoes.
  • Job: Warrior
  • Weapon: Any blade qualifies
  • Personality: Kind and sweet, but downright nasty in battle.
  • Motive: Lost entire family in a holocaust. Wants to bring them all back
  • Voice Actor: Laura Bailey.


  • Name: Noir
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Race: Unknown, presumably human.
  • Age: Unknown. Looks about 17.
  • Height: 6'5
  • Weight: 160 lbs.
  • Clothes: Black robe and black shoes.
  • Job: Unknown.
  • Weapon: Staff.
  • Personality: Cold, cruel, often tries to make Crystalia fall in love with him.
  • Motive: Wants to make the world a better place by killing every important figure, minus Crystalia.
  • Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch.

♥Okami Amaterasu: There will always be a dawn!♥ 23:32, June 9, 2011 (UTC)


  • Name: Red Mage
  • Hair Colour: White
  • Race: None
  • Age: ???
  • Height: ???
  • Weight: ???
  • Clothes: Similar to This red mage
  • Job: Red Mage>Shapeshifter
  • Weapon: Eventually becomes his own weapon
  • Personality: His sense of physics is so bad his abilities prevent him from knowing such a thing exists.
  • Motive: To kill Chaos
  • Voice Actor: None. It's an 8-bit game with 8-bit graphics and 8-bit sounds.
  • Famous Quotes: "Big deal, I suffered worse when I was 7..." "No, Tidus. *coughmegryancough* This isn't your story. Hell, this isn't even your game."


  • Name: Blue Mage
  • Hair Colour: Brown in the official art, blue in-game. Understandable since he stars in an 8-bit game...
  • Race: Human
  • Age: 16
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 120 lbs.
  • Clothes: Onion equipment>Blue armor and a mask
  • Job: Onion Kid>Blue Mage>Blue Wizard
  • Weapon: Dagger>Mythril Sword>Blue W-sword
  • Personality: The author of the comic starring him, Red Mage, the other warriors of Light, etc. He tricked even the player into thinking he's the good guy
  • Motive: To take over the world by clearing the competition
  • Voice Actor: None. It's an 8-bit game with 8-bit graphics and 8-bit sounds.
  • Famous Quotes: "I'M THE AUTHOR, I MAKE THE RULES!"

CDiGanon 16:49, July 12, 2011 (UTC)

Kyujseu 2:48, July 26, 2011 (EST)

Hello everybody.

  • Name: Mulier
  • Hair Color: Short brown hair set in a style of asymmetrical layers.
  • Race: Hume
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Mid twenties
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 145 lbs
  • Clothes: A dirt brown, wide brimmed, leather hat on her head. A pair of slightly too large wire framed reading glasses perched on her nose. Brown Tweed jacket with leather elbow patches, over a button up white blouse with a gold chain around her neck. Fingerless cloth gloves over her hands, mid thigh straight skirt with a red trim along the edge, and matching stockings. Dirt brown penny loafers on her feet.
  • Job: White Mage/Black Mage/Scholar
  • Weapon: Liber de Lux (Grimoires)
  • Personality: Mulier has a scholarly, analytical attitude with an unfunny, serious, and no nonsense sense of business. She doesn't understand humor, comedy, art or intentionally emotional drama. This has rendered her a social misanthrope and has led her mostly to live in libraries and among other intellectuals.
  • Motive: Pure Curiosity. She wants to know why the event happened and the justifications behind it. She is not out for vengeance, or any other misplaced sense of justice. She just wants to understand why.
  • Voice Actor: Yū Asakawa (Japanese) / Christine Auten (In a more bookish, serious tone.) (English)
  • Name: Vir
  • Hair Colour: Mid back length black hair
  • Race: Hume
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Early Thirties
  • Height: 6'10"
  • Weight: 270lbs
  • Clothes: Full body red armor, sans helmet. He chose red because it's the same color as the blood he's regularly covered with and looks intimidating.
  • Job: Warrior/Dark Knight
  • Weapon: Terminus ut vita (Great Swords)
  • Personality: Unhinged and insane. That's really all there is to it. He loves slaughter and mayhem to the point of considering it a fine art.
  • Voice Actor: In his moments of lucidity: Norio Wakamoto (Japanese) / Jason Douglas (english)
FF8 Adel

Anti-Hero (Couldn't decide, sorry)

  • Name: Aviation
  • Hair color: Blackish grey.
  • Race: Mechanized human/being
  • Gender: Male, isn't exactly determined.
  • Age: 22 years of human existence, re-built himself 3 years ago.
  • Height: 6'1
  • Weight: 210 lbs
  • Clothes: A Specialized vest that was designed to steampunk style. okay sized pants with shoes and boots like Vincent Valentine. On his left arm he re-built after a horrible accident, is a steam-powered, fully functional arm from the elbow down.
  • Warrior
  • ChainSlaughter (JanesLaughter) A sword that goes with a specialized holster made by Aviation, along with the sword. The sword is a normal sword with chainsaw blades on the front of it. The holster is specialized to rev up the sword when it's pulled from the holster.
  • Personality: Aviation, growing up human, then when his tragic accident happened after making weapons for the military of SOLDIER. When the operation/corporation collapsed he was betrayed by his co-worker he was caught in an explosion that left some of his body grotesquely out of a humanoid state. When he returned to his personal lab, he rebuilt his limbs in a robotic state to make sure his transformation would be an easy one. He studied Victorian Science in his spare-time, and mechanical beings. Some say he was an expert, others say he was crazy and stupid. (Overall: A wise, but not dependable lighthearted spirit that's haunted by trust issues)
  • Motive: To overcome his trust issues, and regain faith in humanity as a half-human and half-machine.
  • Voice Actor: My Voicing Skype: "christopher_corremont" My Fantasy Voice Actor: Todd Haberkorn

(P.S. I'm an aspiring voice actor so, that why that is there. No big projects though)