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CharVIII Squall
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"I've tried many times but I can't beat the gut because his HP is like 2 million and I have to heal constantly to survive, so i can't get any attacks in. I use Lightning, Snow, and Fang. Lightning usually does magic attacks, Fang uses physical attacks and Snow is a Sentinel in my usual form. When the enemy is staggered, I have a ll three attack, with Snow doing Physical attacks. I have all three heal when it is necessary. What should I do? --Time Master 20:27, May 4, 2011 (UTC)
Koharu Nami - "She must never be forgotten." Theatrhythm Lightning
TALK - 20:35, May 4, 2011 (UTC)
Try using Lightning, Fang and Hope. Start with Guerilla; RAV/SAB/SYN. Use Hope's Synergist role to buff up your party. Use Fang's Saboteur role to debuff Dahaka. The Synergist should help a lot. Good luck. :)
Keltainentoukokuu - OH YEAH AWESOME
TALK - Keltainentoukokuu 21:08, May 4, 2011 (UTC)
You got to try some new set-ups if this one's not working for you. Lightning isn't the best Medic, so no wonder you'd be stuck healing all the time. You need to bring in some Medics and Synergists!
AlVan - I'm the leading man, you know.
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You should also focus on primary roles when leveling
Leon5550 - Procede. Fac mevm diem, pvnc.
TALK - 11:14, May 12, 2011 (UTC)

Fang, Lightning and Hope are the 3 best players. Remember that. Fang is the powerhouse Commando, Hope the Glass Cannon Healer/buffer/ravager, and Lightning is all between. What you need is start the game with Lightning as Medic, Hope as Synergist and Fang as Saboteur. I've always put Fang as leader because she's ball crushingly hot she can take the most hit and survive more among the 3 (thats what the leader gotta be).
Your aim here is not to weaken Dahaka, but to strenghten your party. So while Fang is Sabotaging Dahaka, it is merely to slow him down as Hope buffs everyone and Medic Lightning heals any small damage done. Once you have a shitload of buffs on all three, have one last Saboteur round with Fang and...
Go full Relentless attack! Make Light and Hope Ravager and Fang Commando and set them loose on Dahaka.If you're getting too many damages (it happens), make Fang Sentinel and the other two medic and heal until youre all good. Keep ravaging Dahaka until either he's staggered in which you take Aggression with Light and Fang Commando. If he's staggered but you're on your last leg, dont panic go Relentless Assault with Light and Fang as Commando and Hope as Medic and keep clobbering until youre all good before swithcing to Aggression.
Get back to step one if your buffs are off and just repeat until Dahaka is Dahown! (Oh snap! I did not just say that!)
This tactic is effective against most enemies, so have fun :D

What Paradigms you'll eventually need:

  • Fang Saboteur/ Hope Synergist/ Light Medic
  • Fang Sentinel/ Hope and Light Medic
  • Fang Commando/ Hope and Light Ravager
  • Fang and Light Commando/ Hope Medic
  • Fang and Light Commando/ Hope Ravager

Use these Paradigms as I've instructed and you'll mow down anyone in your way :D good luck!

A little note: Light is far from being the best medic, but Hope is a far better Synergist. So Light will just have to do when you're buffing. That said, when you really have to heal, dont go half heartedly, go on the defensive and use the Hope/Light Medic combo to heal your Sentinel Fang. Dont worry, your enemy isnt going anywhere and it's better to clobber it when everyone's fully healed and buffed.

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