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TALK - 23:15, June 19, 2012 (UTC)

So instead of going on like multiple pages or having one page with it, I'll just make this thread. So I'm not sure or anything, but does each version of FFI-VI have descriptions for each piece of equipment? And are they all different from one another? If so, how will we present these in the equipment tables?

EDIT - Scratch just equipment, what for everything that's possibly different with descriptions in each versions (such as abilities and such)? Sure, some things like spells probably don't need these but...
FFVII Cait Sith Battle
14px-Life.png Catuse says at 04:25, June 20, 2012 (UTC) 14px-Life.png
"Somewhere a zealous god threads these strings between the clouds and the earth, preparing for a symphony it fears impossible to play. And so it threads on, and on, delaying the raise of the conductor's baton."

It's not exactly consistent.

I Weapons,Armor
Yes, but many are missing ;_; They're in a separate row below the stats.
I Spells
In a seperate column.
I Items
All done. Stored in a seperate column.
II Items
All done. Stored in a seperate column.
II Weapons,Armor
See for I.
II Spells
Descriptions are there, but are they from the game? They sound like FFWiki-tone.
III Items,Spells
Listed as "Effect" for some reason... but they sound like descriptions.
III Weapons,Armor
IV Spells
Yes, in seperate column.
IV Items
See III Items,Spells
IV Weapons
In seperate row.
IV Armor
In seperate column.
V Items
In seperate row.
V Weapons,Armor
Below stats.
V Spells
In a seperate row.
V Support Abilities
VI Spells
In a seperate row.
VI Weapons,Armor
Below stats.
VI Abilities,Items
Dontcha mean "Effect"?

Personally I think the whole "below stats" is a good idea, with effect listed seperately, since descriptions usually don't give the full story to the effect.
TALK - 04:31, June 20, 2012 (UTC)
I'll have to work on FFI and II since when I put those in I didn't have EVERYTHING in the game in my save files. I just got what I had and put them in the text document for here to get started with. We do need to standardize these lists on this particular ground though. I do like it below stats myself, though setting up as such is a bit of a pain, especially if effects can't fit into a separate column or something.

TALK - 09:17, June 20, 2012 (UTC)

So, after spending all day putting in all of the text that I had for like 4 games for descriptions, finally got that done. However, there still lies a few missing for equipment from FFI and II GBA. I'll get those, but I need someone to confirm for me if there's any for any other games and in which versions as well. In addition, for those who want to throw it into the FFVI Items article, here's what I have for that:

Potion: Restores 50 HP.

Hi-Potion: Restores 250 HP.

X-Potion: Fully restores HP.

Ether: Restoeres 50 MP.

Hi-Ether: Restores 150 MP.

X-Ether: Fully restores MP.

Elixir: Fully restores HP and MP.

Megalixir: Fully restores the entire party's HP and MP.

Phoenix Down: Cures KO status.

Holy Water: Cures zombie status.

Antidote: Cures poison.

Eye Drops: Cures darkness.

Echo Screen: Cures silence.

Gold Needle: Cures petrification.

Green Cherry: Cures imp status.

Remedy: Cures all status ailments except zombie and KO.

Magicite Shard: Summons a random esper. May even summon espers not in the party's possession.

Super Ball: Bounces around the battlefield when thrown. Deals damage to all enemies.

Smoke Bomb: Releases a cloud of thick smoke when thrown. Allows the party to escape from battle.

Teleport Stone: Enchanted with the Teleport spell. Teleports the party out of a dungeon or batle.

Dried Meat: Cures an empty stomach.

Sleeping Bag: Fully restores one person's HP and MP. Can be used outdoors.

Tent: Fully restores the entire party's HP and MP. Can be used outdoors.

Rename Card: Secret item.

Shuriken: Four-pointed ninja throwing star. Use with the Throw command.

Fuma Shuriken: Five-pointed ninja throwing star. Use with the Throw command.

Pinwheel: Pinwheel with sharp, cutting blades. Use with the Throw command.

Flame Scroll: Deals fire damage to all enemies. Use with the Throw command.

Water Scroll: Deals water damage to all enemies. Use with the Throw command.

Lightning Scroll: Deals lightning damage to all enemies. Use with the Throw command.

Invisibility Scroll: Grants invisibility when thrown. Use with the Throw command.

Shadow Scroll: Creates illusionary images of the thrower. Use with the Throw command.

I'll leave that to someone else hopefully to put into the article while I'm busy getting more descriptions and whatnot (or doing other things). Enjoy >_>

TALK - 07:51, June 25, 2012 (UTC)

To keep this going (sticky whether you think this is useful or not), I'll be posting the list of what could be made into articles and whatnot (well, just a list of what's been in however many games...). It's still a WIP so keep that in mind! I'll probably use this as my way to check what can be made and whatnot, unless someone gets to the articles first. Of note, one of the appearances for Wonder Wand is as an artifact, but I don't know if that warrants enough for it to make a weapon article out of it...

In addition to these, I am also looking for the descriptions for weapons from other FF games not from NES/SNES/PSX/GBA/DS era that I cannot access (things such as FFXI, FFXII onwards, PS3/Xbox/Wii/PSP games, etc.), so that we can get these added to the appropriate List of Weapons articles and the weapon articles as well.


  • Black Ring (FFX-2, FF: 4HoL)
  • Miracle Shoes (FFVI, FFD, DFF, D012)
  • Peace Ring (FFVI, FFVII, FFD)
  • Poison Ring (FFVII, FF: 4HoL)
  • Power Ring (FFCC: EoT, FF: 4HoL, DFF, D012)


  • Paladin Armor (FFCC: RoF, FFCC: EoT, FF: 4HoL)
  • Scale Mail (FFXII, FFCC MLAAK, FFD)
  • Steel Armor (FF4HoL, FFMQ, FFD)
  • White Dress (FFIV, FFIV TAY, FFVI, FFD)


  • Raven's Yawn (FFIII, FF: 4HoL)
  • Tranquilizer (FFIII, FFVII, FF: 4HoL)


  • Black Hat (FFTA, FFTA2, FFD)
  • Chakra Band (FFIII, FFIV TAY, FFXII, FFD, D012)
  • Glass Mask (FFIV, FFIV TAY, FFD, D012)
  • Sallet (FFXI, FFXII, VS, FFD, DFF, D012)


  • Aevis Killer (FFV, FFXII, FFD)
  • Aldebaran (FFXII, FFXIII, D012)
  • Altair (FFXII, FFXIII, D012)
  • Angel's Bow (FFXIII-2, FFCC: RoF, FFCC: EoT)
  • Angel's Flute (FFIX, FFT0)
  • Antares (FFXII, FFXIII, D012)
  • Arcturus (FFXII, FFXII: RW, D012)
  • Barbarian Sword (FFI, FFXI, DFF, D012)
  • Battle Bamboo (FFXII, FFT, FFTA2, D012)
  • Beast Killer (FFV, FFD)
  • Betelgeuse (FFXII, FFXIII, D012)
  • Blast Gun (FFT, FFT0)
  • Blessed Bell (FFIII, D012)
  • Blitz Whip (FFIV, FFIV: I, FFIV: TAY, FFV, FFD)
  • Braveheart (FFI, FFXI, DFF, D012)
  • Burning Fists (FFVI, D012)
  • Caliburn (FFXI, FFCC: EoT, D012)
  • Claustrum (FFXI, FFXIV, DFF, D012, FF: 4HoL)
  • Cleaver (FFV, DFF, D012)
  • Composite Bow (FFTA2, FFD)
  • Cursed Blade (FF:4HoL, DFF, D012)
  • Dual Haken (FFIII, D012)
  • Dual Tomahawk (FFIII, D012)
  • Duel Claws (FFIX, FFD)
  • Dwarven Axe (FFIV, FFIV I, FFIV TAY, FFD, DFF, D012)
  • Ehrgeiz (FFVIII, D012)
  • Elder Staff (FFIII, FFXI, DFF, D012)
  • Estoc (FFTA, FFTA2, DFF, D012)
  • Eurytos's Bow (FFIII, FFXIII-2)
  • Faerie Rod (FFIV, FFIV: I, FFX, DFF, D012)
  • Fairy Bow (FFV, FFXIII-2)
  • Fairy Staff (FFVII, FFD)
  • Force Stealer (FFVII, DFF, D012)
  • Full Metal Staff/Rod (FFVII, FFX, FFD, DFF, D012)
  • Gaia Hammer (FFIV, FFIV I, FFIV TAY, FFV, FFD)
  • Glow Lance (FFVII, FFT0, FFD)
  • Gokuu Pole (FFXII, FFTA, FFTA2, D012)
  • Grand Slam (FFX, FFCC: EoT, DFF, D012)
  • Guard Stick (FFVII, DFF, D012)
  • Hatchet (FFCC: RoF, FFCC: EoT, FF: 4HoL, VS)
  • Hellish Claws (FFIII, FFIV, FFIV I, FFIV TAY, FFD)
  • Hunting Bow (FFT, FFTA2, FFT0)
  • Ivory Pole (FFXII, FFTA, FFTA2, D012)
  • Juji Shuriken (FFXI, DFF, D012)
  • Light Axe (FFI, FFXI, DFF, D012)
  • Lohengrin (FFXII, FFTA, FFTA2, FFD)
  • Madhura Harp (FFIII, D012)
  • Marvelous Cheer (FFVII, FFT0)
  • Master Fist (FFVII, FFT0)
  • Master Sword (FFX, FFTA, FFTA2, FFT0)
  • Missing Score (FFVII, FFT0)
  • Mist Whip (FFIV, FFTA2, FFD)
  • Mukademaru (FFXI, FFT0)
  • Muse Harp (FFIV: TAY, FFD)
  • Musk Stick (FFXII, FFT, D012)
  • Nail Bat (FFVII, DFF, D012)
  • Nightmare (FFX, FFXII, FFT0)
  • Nodachi (FFX, FFXI, VS, DFF, D012)
  • Official Ball (FFX, DFF, D012)
  • Onikiri (FFXI, FFT0)
  • Onimaru (FFXI, D012)
  • Orochi (FFXII, FFXIII-2, FFT)
  • Outsider (FFVII, FFTA, FFTA2, FFT0)
  • Piercing Dagger (FFXI, DFF, D012)
  • Piggy Stick (FFIV, DFF, D012)
  • Poison Bow (FFT, FFT0)
  • Premium Heart (FFVII, DFF, D012)
  • Prism Staff/Rod: FFVII, FFD
  • Punishment (FFVIII, DFF, D012)
  • Quicksilver (FFVII, FXI, FFT0)
  • Radiant Lance (FFVI, FFXI, DFF, D012)
  • Ras Algethi (FFXII, FFT, D012)
  • Rhongomiant (FFXI, D012)
  • Rocket Punch (FFVII, FFD)
  • Rune Tooth (FFIX, FFXIII-2)
  • Saber (FFI, FFXI, DFF, D012)
  • Sargatanas (FFIX, FFXIII-2, DFF, D012)
  • Seraphim's Mace (FFIV, D012)
  • Serpent Sword (FFIII, DFF, D012, FFCC: EoT)
  • Shadowblade (FFIV, FFIV TAY, FFD)
  • Shamshir (FFTA, FFTA2, VS, FFT0, FFCC: MLAAK)
  • Shiranui (FFX, FFXI, FF: 4HoL)
  • Sirius (FFXII, FFXIII, D012)
  • Sleipnir (FFT0, FFD)
  • Sniper (FFVI, FFD)
  • Spica (FFXII, FFXIII, D012)
  • Striker (FFVI, FFX, DFF, D012)
  • Tanegashima (FFXI, FFT0, D012)
  • The Tower (FFIX, FFXIII-2, DFF, D012)
  • Tinker Bell (FFV, FFT0)
  • Tomahawk (FFIV: TAY, FFXI, DFF, D012, FFLIII)
  • Tyrfing (FFIII, FFXII: RW, DFF, D012)
  • Uchigatana (FFXI, DFF, D012)
  • Valhalla (FFT, FFD)
  • Valkyrie (FFVIII, FFX, FFT0, DFF, D012)
  • Vega (FFXII, FFXIII, D012)
  • Wild Rose (FFII, DFF, D012)
  • Windslash Bow (FFT, FFTA, FFTA2, FFT0)
  • Wonder Wand (FFV, FFX, FFCC, FFD)
  • Work Glove (FFVII, D012)
  • World Champion (FFX, DFF, D012)
  • Zephyr Pole (FFXII, FFTA2, D012)
  • Zweihander (FFXI, FFCC, DFF, D012)


TALK - 23:43, June 25, 2012 (UTC)
Massive updates to the list above. Just letting you guys know, alright!?
TALK - 08:35, June 26, 2012 (UTC)
Now here's a question: Bracers and Armlets. Are they similar or the same enough to put stuff together, such as Jade Armlet and Jade Bracer?? If so then...well...yeah!

Female Exclusive EquipmentEdit

Shouldn't there be a Female Exclusive Equipment page? I know these type of equipment appeared in FFIV, FFV (Not sure), FFVI, FFIX, FFT, and probably more. It's a recurring type of equipment. Fenrir9 03:23, June 26, 2012 (UTC)

TALK - 03:36, June 26, 2012 (UTC)
Hmmmm....that would be interesting I think. Though before it's made, need to hear any other opinions on this, but I'd be up for it. Problem is, would there...wait, are there even really any Male exclusive stuff? I don't...think there is???
FFVII Cait Sith Battle
14px-Life.png Catuse says at 04:07, June 26, 2012 (UTC) 14px-Life.png
"Somewhere a zealous god threads these strings between the clouds and the earth, preparing for a symphony it fears impossible to play. And so it threads on, and on, delaying the raise of the conductor's baton."
There's the Escort Band from VII, but that's hardly worth making a page for. Females, on the other hand... (and according to that, Cloud's a girl)

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