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Echoes of Strife

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The World of Echoes of StrifeEdit

Light and DarkEdit

In the world of Echoes of Strife, there are two types of forces: Light and Dark. They are two equal and opposite forces, always striving against each other, and together they form and are found in all the elements, objects and living things in the world. Light and Dark are always found in equal pairs at birth, however, some people have more of both, which allows them to cast magic. Over time, many people begin to favour one element over another, resulting in an unbalance, which gradually becomes worse as the stronger force feeds on the weaker. A strong unbalance causes a myriad of problems, physical and mental. In addition, the unbalance will begin to seep into the surroundings, warping them as well. However, a slight unbalance will always occur naturally, and leads to a natural death.

The Light is the magic of Creation and Healing. In the scheme of things, the Light creates everything, recycling what the Dark has destroyed. A seed sprouting, a baby being born, these are all works of the Light. It works to keep everything alive. Those of the Light element strive for that, and develop close bonds with others. They work to keep the whole together, and have a great sense of Justice and Responsibility. It is associated with White Magic. Beware, however: a great imbalance of Light twists the aims to keeping everything eternally the same, and attempting to remove or assimilate anything that does not comply. They will become paranoid and distrustful of any who are different; becoming completely narrowminded. Intelligence and imagination tend to degenerate severely.

The Dark is the magic of Destruction and Decay. It is used to break down all things, to return them to the Earth for the Light's use. Waves wearing down rock to sand, carrion decaying into soil, these are works of the Dark. It works to facilitate change. Those of the Dark tend to be lonely types, who do a dirty job. They see beyond death, and have great Discipline and Honour in their works. It is associated with Black Magic. An imbalance of the Dark is far more visible than that of the Light - it shows itself in a destructive madness, a raging bloodlust that forces the person to commit sadistic acts. All one will want is to create death, and pain; they will glory in it. The destructive urges tend to destroy the body, but leave behind a savage cunning.

At the time of Echoes of Stife, the world is a far more dark and dangerous place. Almost everyone has been focusing on Dark magic for hundreds of years. The Light has all but vanished from the Land, leaving behind only death and decay. From this imbalance arises an evil - the physical and mental manifestation of the Dark, and all the misery and pain the imbalance brings. It haunts the line of the Emperors of Tensendar, for the evil they have caused, rendering each utterly insane. What Light remains is weak, and being consumed by the Dark. White Magic is less effective, and all who are born in the land are of the Dark...


Everyone in the world of Echoes of Strife has the potential for magic. The magic is the ability to manipulate Dark and/or Light in the world around oneself, allowing diverse activities like healing and casting spells. However, most people generally do not have significant amounts of the Light or Dark components within them to use this magic effectively. It is estimated that 1 in every 100 people have enough magic to be even a weak mage. Generally speaking, Paladins and Dark Knights have 5 times the amount of Light and Dark, weak mages 10 times, normal mages 20 times and extremely strong mages up to 100 times the amount of Light and Dark of normal people. The excess is what allows them to manipulate Light and Dark elsewhere. As the mage continues to use magic, their balance within them tips further, causing the effect known humorously as "Squishy Wizard Syndrome", where the mage becomes frail in either body or mind.

Due to the lack of Light in the current era, White Mages are far rarer now, and far weaker. It is estimated that currently 1 in 200 can be White Mages of any strength at all, whilst Black Mages are found at an approximate rate of 1 in every 50 people. This is due to the balance of a new born child shifting to approximately 30% Light to 70% Dark, hence a possible White Mage may waste much of their potential just attempting to equal the amount of Dark within themselves. In addition, this has boosted the number of Red Mages, people who can manipulate both forces due to having an equal amount of Dark and Light within themselves.


Diablo's WeaponEdit

Only when Light and Dark work together do they form miracles. Diablo's weapon takes advantage of that. He seeks to destroy the evil that haunts his line, but madness stalks him as well. The weapon needs 6 things:

  • A focus (ie, a lens)
  • A control, or main body section
  • Two users, powerful mages of Light and Dark respectively
  • A catalyst
  • A source of Dark force (contained, needs to be equal to about 10 000 Black Mages)
  • A source of Light force (contained, needs to be equal to about 10 000 White Mages)

As death extracts the main force within each person, Diablo has a steady stream of sacrifices for the Dark part. However, the lack of Light has stalled his advance for the moment...


An ancient instrument a little like a small harp. The alqutha is traditionally the instrument used by priests of the Light and White Mages. Despite its innocent appearance, it can be used as a deadly weapon. Training in the alqutha takes many years, and requires a high degree of control over the Light. The player must be able to play the instrument itself, sing the harmonies of the world and manipulate the magic which weaves it together and binds instrument, player, audience and Light together.

Pearl StaffEdit