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La ResistanceTwilight OrderEdit


Introducing from left to right, Guy with Sea-Salt Ice-Cream, Girl with a Prada Bag Fetish, The Napoleon, Smooth Criminal, Sadako (minus bangs), and Lord Asspull the Magnificent.

Captain Magnus HexedEdit

Age: 34
Job Class: Paladin (primary), Dragoon (secondary)
Alignment: Light
One of the Order's higher-ranked commanders. 15 years before the start of the story, he applied for entry into the Imperial Academy and was accepted, but was soon expulsed and charged for practicing Light magic in a public place, an offense that is heavily punishable in the Empire. He escaped from Tesendar before the Blackguard corps got to him. He then evenually found the Order of the Twilight and quickly rose through the ranks.

It is during this time he developed his unique and unpredictable style of using a sword in one hand and a spear in the other. The two weapons he holds are the Excalibur and the Gungnir. The Excalibur is a holysword of which Hexed refuses to say how he obtained it. His personality traits include a hate of being proven wrong and constantly being protective of his underlings.

Prince Darren CoulEdit

Age: 19
Job Class: Paladin
Alignment: Light
He is a new recruit to the Twilight Sky. He is young, but he has much potential, he wields a heavy sword with surprising speed, but since he is so young, he often doesn't think things through. He wields the "Defender" with surprising ease, often with one hand. Has surprising control of dark, even though he's a paladin.

This ability was the sole purpose of Coul's journey into darkness, which began about four years before the story begins and lasts for about two years. During this time, he was completely unable to be found, and his mother died in his absence, leaving King Ester alone to govern.

Telluri Senic Duncen (TSD)Edit

Alchemist TSD

Age: 27
Job Class: Alchemist
Alignment: Light
Telluri was born into a family of alchemists which served the Empire, to an Alchemist father and a White Mage mother. On her fourth birthday, she went into training as an alchemist with her grandfather, the brother of Dr. Duncan Duncen. In her spare time, she was always with her cousin of the same age and best friend, Britomart, who was training to be a female knight, like her namesake.

Growing up, Telluri and her cousin noticed the harsh rule of the Empire and suffered partially from it-one of their friends were framed by an official of the Empire and executed despite the efforts of the two girls' families. Finally, on their ninth birthdays, they promised each other that they would somehow try to end the rule of the Empire when they grew up. On their tenth birthday, Telluri left the Empire to join the Order. Her parents didn't know where she was going, but their suspicions drove them to disown her to defend themselves, although her grandfather and Britomart still acknowledged her as family. To hide her identity, TSD shed her real name and took on an alias-the abbreviation of her childhood nickname for Britomart.

Saldo Colla Mailao (SCM)Edit

Age: 29
Job Class: Red Mage
Alignment: Light
A Red Mage, working as a mercenary for the Order. His latest mission was to infiltrate the Tesendarian Castle, but it backfired horribly. Altough he prefers to use a staff (or a dagger if necessary), he will often enchant heavy swords he comes across.


Diplomat Yuan

Age: 21 (appearance) 29 (actual)
Job Class: White Mage (primary), Summoner (secondary)
Alignment: Light
The Order's diplomat, a White Mage. Somewhat absentminded, she is an academic type. She fights using an enchanted jian and various White Magic spells. It is hinted that she has mystical power beyond that of normal White Mages. She is never seen without the two silver bands around her wrists.


Age: Twenties (appearance) Thirties (actual)
Job Class: Asshole (?)
Alignment: Varies
A ruthless and aloof recruit who joined the order not long ago. Generally a sardonic character who doesn't likes to fool around, many argued that where his loyalty lies, though he seems to know more than it meets to eye. Apparently hates stairs.
Nelo seems to have the ability to teleport from one place to another, calling them 'short cuts'. It is unknown whether this is an inherent ability or possibly the work of an item he possesses. He seems to be fixated upon searching something, which seemingly something Diablo himself is searching as well.


Age: 46
Job Class: Knight
Alignment: Light
A high commander of the Order of Twilight. He was present during the Battle of the Central Plaza and was the first to realize the true nature of Nelo.

The Empire TessendarEdit


Introducing from left to right, The Lovechild of Auron and Xigbar, Anonymous, GeGe Kitaro on Acid, The Pope, Dude looks like my Grandma, and JesusChristLookAtHerHair.

Ser Micheal AeonEdit

Age: 26 (appears older due to darkness)
Job Class: Dark Knight
Alignment: Dark
Currently the last living member of the noble Aeon family, almost all of his family and friends were killed in an assault on the weapons manufacture in his home village by TSD and Nelo of the Twilight sky while he was training for the Tesendarian military. The grief this caused him drove him to give up his right eye to a dark entitiey for the power to control darkness. But the ends do not always justify the means, as the darkness slowly turns him into a blood thirsty monster and drains his sanity the more it is used. He quickly rose through the ranks due to his new power, earning the ire of Adam, a dark knight that had to train for his power. he grew tired of the fighting however, and has since defected from the army. He is now branded as a traitor in the eyes of Tesendar, and has been marked for death. He is a skilled swordsman, fighting with a heavy-rapier that has been passed down in his family called the Vorpal Blade, and a claymore named Hrunting received from the dark deiety that he is in service to.


SCM and 8

Age: ?
Job Class: Black Mage
Alignment: Dark
A quiet Black Mage & one of the two Commanders of the empire, however, despite being quiet he is also know to be merciless & quite sadistic. He isn't much of a physical fighter; he's a mage through & through. His only friend is Adam & he is on speaking terms with Emperor Diala, so despite being quiet he is never lonely. The name '8' is known to be an alias though not even Adam or the emperor knows his true name. His entire body is concealed by his clothes meaning no one truely knows what he looks like.


On Duty
Adam - Off Duty
Off Duty

Age: 26
Job Class: Dark Knight
Alignment: Dark
One of the Tesendarian Empire's two commanders. Though he is a Dark Knight he is not evil; he fights and trains with honour and despises those that don't. Strangely, despite dabbling in the Dark Arts, he does not sucumb to their effects. His weapon is the Ragnarok, a Dark Sword named after the legendary blade of Dark Knights long gone, however, he also uses his Dark Spells, Arcana, too. His only two friends are 8 and Emperor Diablo, who he met whilst rising through the ranks of the Tesendarian army, and will do anything for them.

In his past he attempted to hunt down the person he believed had killed his Father (though he had really committed suicide) and developed an insatiable bloodlust by dabbling into darkness and losing his sanity. He has been 'healed' by a mysterious light, a light that restored his mind, prevented him from being affected by Darkness and also turned his Hair Blue, possibly as as a sign that he dabbled far into Darkness but has been saved.

Emperor DiabloEdit


Real Name: Grant Diala
Age: 30
Job Class: Emperor
Alignment: Dark
Emperor of the Tesendarian Empire, he seeks to create an all powerful weapon to destroy an ancient evil haunting the land. However, the evil taints his line and causes periodic fits of madness and destructive sadism, needing many deaths to settle it. The Order holds what he needs, and he loathes them for it. His powers are unknown, but presumed to be great. Likes cats. He appears to know something about Yuan's powers.

Doctor Duncan DuncenEdit

Age: 50-60s
Job Class: Scientist
Alignment: Dark

A mad scientist working for the Empire, Doctor Duncen is responsible for a lot of the recent technological marvels in the Empire. However, while the military has benefited from his work, few others have. Rumours are abound that he has experimented on lots of people in his lab, but no one has come back from there to tell the tales. One popular rumour is that he keeps trying to create a super soldier, and has recently taken an interest in Espers in order to help his research on this. Of course, these are just rumours...

Padma De'RadEdit

Age: Early 30s (appearance)
Job Class: Black Mage
Alignment: Dark
Dramatic to the point of melodramatic. She likes to write poetry which no one can stand. A general in the Empire, she was hired to replace Aeon, and to hunt him down. However, she doesn't really like to fight, and has her soldiers fight for her, while she observes and writes more poetry. However, when push comes to shove, she turns into a mean fighter. Armed with her Scythe, the Equinox (which consists of two scythes merged together, the Vernal and the Autumnus), she can easily mow down a group of unprepared fighters. However, her refusal to wear any decent clothing makes her vulnerable to attacks, especially magic attacks. It's rumoured she was easily defeated by a level 1 fire spell. (Glass Cannon all the way baby). She also loves naming all her attacks with ridiculously long names (SPINNING DEATH OF THE WINTER BLOSSOM, for example).



Age: 8 (appearance)
Job Class: Princess
Alignment: Light
The Emperor's daughter. Considering the Emperor has never been married, rumours are abound as to where she actually came from. Adoption is the more popular theory. She is very innocent, but seems to be a little bit emotionally detached. Seems to carry Maggot's doll Holy around with her. Her eyes are completely black, including the pupil.


Jack 2

Age: 28
Job Class: Soldier/Machinist
Alignment: Dark
The leader of the elite Blackguard devision Netherith frequently heads the Tesendarian Empire's army into battles of conquest when the Commanders or the Emperor is not present. A forboding figure in black and gold armor his face under the helmet is rarely seen. His weapon is a gunblade that was said to be handed down within his family, it has a lion-like motif engraved into the blade.
Netherith has a great capacity to lead his forces, always seeming to make the best out of a bad situation due to his back-up plans, contigencies and ability to improvise. He is usually seen amongst the tactical council planning out attacks despite his relatively low rank. There are some rumours that he may well be a Sorceress's Knight although no-one could confirm due to the lack of Sorceresses in Tesendaria, although perhaps Emperor Diablo himself may know more about this knight then he shares with others.


King Ester CoulEdit

Age: 63
Job Class: King
Alignment: Light
Leader of the Kingdom of Labradia, and Dark Cloud's father. Is simply a puppet to Tesendria. He resides in the Divine City, Vellaten, where Labradia Castle is situated.

Terry AeroEdit


Age: 19
Job Class: Warrior
Alignment: Dark
A Mysterious young man, who washed ashore without a memory before it. he is determined to find out what happened before then. every night he has the same reacuring dream. his latest bounty was for Nelo And Hexed. He is a mercenary who will work for whoever bids the highest. he has studied the art of sitan (sigh-tin) a special kind of sword skills. a great swordsman who wields the crystal shard as his weapon. after the bounty on nelo's head. he has a loyal wolf he named fenrir.



Age: 33
Job Class: Monk
Alignment: Light
A prisoner in the imperial dungeons, he has been tortured for years. He is extremely powerful, but his power drove him insane. He was experimented on by the emperor as a new type of super soldiers, a project that was stopped due to the instability of the prototype. He has a doll called Holy, who he thinks is his dead sister. During the course of the story, he partially regained his memories and identity as the monk Alain and joined forces with Yuan.


Age: 45
Job Class: Gadgeteer
Alignment: Light
One of Hexed's old friends from the town of Frux. He appears to have a great passion for building and inventing boats and, possibly, other vehicles, however they frequently break or do not work right.


Age: 35
Job Class: Pirate (?)
Alignment: Dark
A pirate from the town of Frux. His deeds have not gone unnoticed by the law and therefore, while his face is not commonly known, his name is. He appears to have some mystical powers such that he has been known to bring himself back from the dead.


Samurai Faethin

Age: 29
Job Class: Samurai
Alignment: Light
A samurai who lives on the land of Oreko. He is actually from a distant country to the east and doesn't speak the other characters' language natively, having learnt it according to the old, deferential manner. This has led some people of the Order of the Twilight to believe he is always trying to act dignified and polite. He is a devout servant of the Light and, at times, a bit of a fundamentalist. Loyal and fierce when the need calls for it, he will follow Yuan the White Mage to the very ends of the world and beyond. As many of the servants of the Light do, he considers Alain the Monk's beliefs to be heretical.

Faethin is able to cast but a few, basic spells, relying mostly on his blade, Basilissa, to cut through difficulties.

Gaiden CharactersEdit

Britamort (Alternate)Edit

One of Netherith's friends from his world. Had received the name 'The Sword of Doubt' from a naming ceremony. Died when her world was consumed by the darkness.

Cloud (Alternate)Edit

One of Netherith's friends from his world. Had received the name 'Dark Cloud' from a naming ceremony. Died when his world was consumed by the darkness.

Jack De'RadEdit

One of Netherith's friends from his world. Had received the name 'Sir Jack De'Rad' from a naming ceremony. Died when his world was consumed by the darkness.


A famed warrior in Netherith's world he wielded the Lionheart Gunblade. He was Netherith's idol while growing up. Believed dead when the world was consumed by darkness.


A sorceress apprentice from Netherith's world. Fell into a coma shortly after escaping the darkness. Is the alternate version of Faina (adult).


Afnia's niece, she was but a baby when she, Afnia and Netherith escaped from their world. She is the alternate version of Faina (child).


An alter-ego of Netherith that he uses when dealing with private matters.