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hey, i thought that maybe we could have a discussion 'bout the best job class overall. i vote for either white mage, or geomancer. any ideas?

BlueHighwind TA

zerobandwidth (talk) / 17:52, 10 March 2008 (UTC)
  • Generic: I was a huge fan of Samurai during the walkthrough. It has healing abilities, protection abilities, area attacks, and 8-space line attacks, and wears heavy armor for higher HP and evasion. I especially favored it as a subjob for my heavy melee units because of this versatility. The Monk job offers many of the same benefits, with arguably stronger attack potential, but lacks the high defense and evasion granted by Samurai. While I can agree that at least one unit with mastered White Magic is vital, you can't have a successful party with five White Mages; however, a party of five Samurai with carefully-chosen "subjobs" can be made viable. Geomancer is a great job, with its long-range 100%-accurate attacks, great melee attack power, and good armor selection, including shields; with the right secondary commands, it too can be a universal melee job. Ninja are great for fast-attack troops, but lack durability. Black Mage and Dark Knight... well, there's just nothing more fun than blowing stuff up; it's just a question of surviving long enough to get there. One of these days, I might add a commentary on jobs to the walkthrough, but I have been too engrossed in Disgaea and FFXI to get back to it...
  • Special: Orlandeau can one-shot just about anything. No other character can say that, with the possible exception of Agrias, but she takes a lot of work (and a tough-to-find side-quest) to even approach Orlandeau's damage potential. Balthier's Piracy abilities are great too, combining the entire Thief ability set with Aimed Shot enfeebling (at higher accuracy rates) and the amazing Barrage ability.
BlueHighwind TA
zerobandwidth (talk) / 17:37, 11 March 2008 (UTC)

@Boo: You have an excellent point -- Balthier set as Monk or Ninja with Piracy secondary commands would unleash some outrageous melee damage with Barrage. Still, the Ras Algethi is one big, booming reason to keep Balthier in the ranged attack force...

@BH: If you hand the Excalibur to Agrias, and get the Tynar Rouge from her birthday sidequest, she's actually more powerful than Orlandeau in similar gear. The two of them together, with some creative ability assignments, can even beat the final series of story missions as a duo (with Ramza standing the background eating popcorn or whatever). And yeah, there is just something about the lady knight... whatever charm it is, I feel like Celes, Beatrix, and Ashe have it too.