Fort Ghelsba

Fort Ghelsba is a dungeon area in Final Fantasy XI.

Location Edit

Fort Ghelsba is a well fortified foothold for the Orcish Empire in the Elvaan dominated region of Ronfaure (Final Fantasy XI), located very close to the capital of the Kingdom of San d'Oria.

There are far more tents here than in the outer zone, Ghelsba Outpost, suggesting that the Orcs actually live here as opposed to merely patrolling the area. Moderately powerful orcs are quite common here. The third, cave-like area, Yughott Grotto, can be accessed from both Ghelsba Outpost and Fort Ghelsba.

On the whole, Ghelsba is considered a low-level area due to the general weakness of the monsters. It is uncommon to find players grinding here beyond level 15.

Connected Areas Edit

Fort Ghelsba connects to Ghelsba Outpost and Yughott Grotto.

Enemies Edit

  • Cheiroptera (Lv.6-8)
Bat Trio
  • Spectacled Bat (Lv.6-8)
  • Sentry Lizard (Lv.11-14)
  • Orcish Cursemaker (Lv.21 BLM)
  • Orcish Fighter (Lv.21 WAR)
  • Orcish Fodder (Lv.8-10 WAR)
  • Orcish Grappler (Lv.8-10 MNK
  • Orcish Grunt (Lv.11-17 DRG)
  • Orcish Mesmerizer (Lv.8-10 BLM)
  • Orcish Neckchoper (Lv.11-17 DRK)
  • Orcish Serjeant (Lv.21-23 PLD)
  • Orcish Stonechucker (Lv.11-17 RNG)
Orcish Warmachine
  • Orcish Flamethrower (Lv.16-18)

Notorious Monsters Edit

Orcish Warmachine

Gallery Edit

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