Foret de Hennetiel.

Foret de Hennetiel is an area in Final Fantasy XI. This river delta forms at the mouth of the contaminated Zoldeff River, and is the lowest-lying area of Eastern Ulbuka. Foret de Hennetiel is said to be home to the Naakual known as Tchakka.

Location Edit

Located in the East Ulbuka Territory, the Foret de Hennetiel can be first reached by traversing through the Sih Gates from Ceizak Battlegrounds. As this area is made up of a number of islet amid the contaminated Zoldeff River, it is not possible to reach many parts of the Foret by foot. Owing to the toxity of the purple river's water, pioneers are required to cross the river by cutting down palms to walk on or by using a watercraft. The survival skill "logging" is required to chop down the Broadleaf Palms, whereas "watercrafting" is required to pilot a watercraft. A number of sere stumps that spawn Ulbuka's multifarious menaces can also be found in the area.

Landmarks Edit

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Sere Stump
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Tchakka's Lair Edit

Hennetiel Tchakka

Tchakka's lair.

Tchakka's lair is an islet that lies on the far bank of the Zoldeff River in Foret de Hennetiel. It is the lair of Tchakka, the Riptide Naakual, and is surrounded by violent waters. Pioneers must band together to defeat Tchakka in Wildskeeper Reives to free the land of its terror.

Pioneers require a compass of transference in order to navigate the river and reach Tchakka's lair.

Connected Areas Edit

Two tunnels in the west of this area lead to the Dho Gates.
Two tunnels in this area lead to the Sih Gates.

Enemies Edit

  • Bashful Heartwing
  • Bellicose Tarichuk
  • Careening Twitherym
  • Epigean Leafkin
  • Famished Jagil*caught fishing
  • Glutinous Clot
  • Gurgling Crab*caught fishing
  • Hoary Craklaw
  • Perfidious Crab
  • Phantasmagoric Umbril*during dead of night
  • Primordial Orobon
  • Riverwashed Toad
  • Scummy Slug
  • Shrouded Obdella
  • Skinsipper Chigoe
  • Treefrost Gefyrst*during rain/squalls
  • Vampire Leech
  • Velkk Destructeur
  • Velkk Sage
  • Vorst Gnat
  • Zoldeff Jagil

Notorious Monsters Edit

  • Aberrant Uragnite*spawned by items / Delve
  • Cunning Craklaw*spawned during quest
  • Delectable Orobon*caught fishing
  • Divagating Jagil*spawned by items / Delve
  • Faded Craklaw*spawned by items / Delve
  • Krabakarpo*spawned by items / Delve
  • Nerrivik*spawned by items / Delve
  • Numbing Blossom

Reive Enemies Edit

  • Blood Toad
  • Broadleaf Palm
  • Cinder Crab
  • Craklaw
  • Primrose Jagil
  • Sere Stump
  • Tchakka
  • Wetlands Orobon

Music Edit

"Into Lands Primeval - Ulbuka" plays while exploring the Foret de Hennetiel. For normal battles, the track "Steel Sings, Blades Dance" is used, whereas "Breaking Ground" is played during Colonization and Lair Reives. "Keepers of the Wild" plays when taking part in Wildskeeper Reives.

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