I want to make them pay! All of them! Everyone who ever mocked, or looked down on me -- I want the power to make them pay!
—Fordola rem Lupis

Fordola rem Lupis is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. She is a traitor to her homeland of Ala Mhigo and now serving under the Garlean Empire, stationing in Ala Mhigan own territories as commander of the Cania Lupi.



Fordola boasts both the dominating physique and unflinching stance of an Ala Mhigan warrior. Fordola wears light, segmented armor -- a lack of ornamentation denotes her status as both a conscript and a commander. In battle she wields a scimitar, as well as a small buckler shield. Fordola's face is consistently wrought into intense, determined expressions, complemented by a warrior's facepaint and orange hair, streaked with yellow.


Fordola is a woman forged in hardship and tempered by suffering. Fordola carries a single-minded desire to see Ala Mhigans accepted by mainstream Garlean society. Rather than liberation, Fordola finds collaboration with the Empire to be her peoples' only hope. After years of conscription and servitude to the Garlean military -- one who treated her as dispensable cannon fodder -- she has become brutal and unrelenting in her loyalty to the empire. However, this in turn manifests in bitterness, rashness, and a fear of her own self-sacrifice. Above all else, Fordola desires to survive to see her people raised above their current squalor.


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When Ala Mhigo was previously under the command of Gaius van Baelsar, he appointed Fordola and other Ala Mhigans born from digitaries as honorary citizens of the Empire by serving in the Garlean militant group known as the Cania Lupi. However, despite their rank, they are looked down upon as traitors to their people (who call them "Skulls") and as savages by most Imperials. Fordola and her comrades believe their actions are for the good of the Ala Mhigan people and work towards their goal of being accepted by both Ala Mhigans and Imperials alike, regardless of what it takes.

During the events of Stormblood, after overseeing an Ala Gannha villager give tributium to her platoon, Fordola was present when Zenos yae Galvus arrived to Ala Mhigo Castle and peaked his interest when she offered a means to eliminate the Ala Mhigan Resistance following that action of working with Raubahn Aldynn to take out prototype Magitek. This involved a direct attack on Rhalgr's Reach, with Fordola spearheading the assault as she dealt a blow to the rebels by killing Meffrid and injuring Conrad Kemp.

Later capturing Krile Mayer Baldesion, Forbola was awarded by Zenos with one of his men's gunblades and is entrusted with Castellum Velodyna. There, either out of ignorance or to ensure the Beastmens' loyalty would not sway to their Vira cousins, Fordola takes the Qalyana broodmother's daughter Anamika hostage. After losing Velodyna when the Resistence and the Alliance stage Operation Rhalgr's Beacon, Fordola is forced to fall back with Anamika before being surrounded by the Qalyana. The confrontation results in Anamika's accidental death and the summoning of the Anatata Primal Lakshmi, forcing Fordola and her men to flee. Forbola returned to Ala Mhigo palace to accept whatever punishment awaited her. But Zenos spares her instead once having admit her deepest desire is to make those who looked down on her suffer, having her be turned into a Resonant by Aulus mal Asina.

Arriving to Castrum Abania during the attack on the Specula Imperatorius, Fordola relays Zenos's order to fire on Imperatorius' main tower knowing that her own people would be killed in the process. When the Warrior and Scions infiltrate Castrum Abania and storm the control center, Fordola admits her actions to Lyse while revealing her new powers. Fordola then wounds Alisaie before escaping in a Magirek while giving the Warrior's group Zeno's invite to Ala Mhigo castle for a "royal hunt". When the Scions infiltrate the Resonatium where Krile is held as the alliance and resistance capture the capital city, Fordola confronts them. The group use Urianger Augurelt's aetheric syphon to weaken Fordola for Lyse to subdue while others free Krile. Soon after, Fordola is taken to Alliance custody and she lives as a prisoner to see Ala Mhigo no longer under Garlean occupancy.

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