Once rich in resources, this mine fell out of use in recent years, and serves as little more than a watering hole for wild beasts. According to Cor, however, a royal tomb lies in the quarry's depths, waiting to be uncovered.
—Description, Final Fantasy XV

Fodina Caestino is a location in Final Fantasy XV. It is northwest of Cartanica in the region of Succarpe in Niflheim. It is an abandoned quarry, but Prince Noctis and his friends believe it hides a royal tomb.


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Upon hearing recon info from Cor Leonis that a royal tomb lies in its depths, Noctis and his friends decide to explore the quarry to obtain the royal arm within. Due to Noctis's bereavement after Lunafreya's death, Gladiolus's is indignant at the future king not focusing to his mission to reclaim the Crystal and the throne of Lucis. Ignis had been injured and become blind, giving him a vulnerable handicap. The majority of the trip proves to be a low point of their journey, as the group is fractured in morale and uneasy with each other.


Tree in Fodina Caestino.

The nights have been getting longer and the great tree within Fodina Caestino is reported to be in bloom. A newspaper in the train writes that scientists are puzzled by Fodina Caestino being overrun by an enormous tree. Some see it as a paranormal prelude to the awakening and annihilation of the gods.

Forced to go slowly for the sake of Ignis, the journey through the rainy quarry requires the group to maneuver to the bottom of the tree. They operate the abandoned machinery blocking the path into the tomb, but the tomb's gates are breeding grounds of a family of Malboros, which attack the group. Ignis's genius returns to guide the party, and has him unleash a new Technique onto the parent Malboro, Libra Elementalis, setting it on fire with a Magic Flask and making it vulnerable for its defeat. Ridding of the eggs laid onto the gates of the tomb, Noctis enters and obtains the tomb's royal arm, the Katana of the Warrior.


The party at Fodina Caestino.

Ignis can no longer remain silent and see his friends in shambles. He wants to mend the tensions that have come between them, especially between Noctis and Gladiolus. Ignis encourages Noctis, imploring that though his wounds and loss of his fiancee are great, he must move on since the fate of the world depends on him fulfilling his legacy and destiny. Ignis in turn implores Gladiolus to be merciful and patient with Noctis who will be ready when the time is right. Ignis asks the group to not patronize him nor wait on him, wishing to stand on his own, even with what he predicts to be a permanent blindness. He wishes to not be a burden on his friends, even in the face of great danger.

With their morale restored, the party leaves Fodina Caestino and boards the train at Cartanica to continue to Tenebrae.

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